Turtle Beach Recon 70 Mic Not Working | What Should I Do?

Turtle beach recon 70 is a very lightweight headset that you can use for many hours comfortably. This fantastic headset has a high sensitive mic for picking up your voice loud and is noise-free.

So your command will be crystal clear to your listener. But you have no guarantee that your product will always work correctly. Sometimes you may face difficulty. If your turtle beach recon 70 mic is not working, then this article is for you.

Here you will get the most straightforward way to fix your turtle beach recon 70 mic. There could be different reasons for not working your turtle beach recon 70 mic. We try to describe some common and problematic situations. Besides, in the end, you will get five powerful tips by which you will be a pro to solve turtle beach recon 70 mic not working problems.

Turtle Beach Recon 70 Mic Not Working

How Do You Operate Your Turtle Beach Recon 70 PC Microphone?

In the taskbar, right-click the Speaker icon and select ‘Recording devices.’ Right-click the Microphone/Line In input to which the headset is connected. If there is no green check next to the device, select ‘Set as Default.’ NOTE: In the Playback and Recording lists, the headset will not display as a separate device.

Why Is Your Turtle Beach Recon 70 Mic Not Working?

There could be many reasons for this problem and most of the software problems. Some reasons are-

  • Your hardware could be physically damaged and not functioning. It could be your headset problem, Jack problem, and port problem. So use the correct and fine one for your device.
  • Your drivers may be backdated. You always oblige updated drivers for any gaming program. If you use a system that needs to be updated, your turtle beach recon 70 mic will not work.
  • Your microphone device settings may be incorrect, so you have to fix your microphone settings suitably. We will describe the settings stage process below. Do not worry about that.
  • Your microphone can remain mute during talking. It is normal. Do not think you a stupid for that, dear.

You may face this problem on PC, ps 4 or ps 5. So, we are trying to fix all of your concerns. You will get all the solutions here in an article.

Turtle Beach Recon 70 Mic Not Working PC

I think this is a common problem all over the world. We are here to tell you the manageable solution for you.

Solution 1

First, you have to confirm your turtle beach recon 70 mic is unmute. It could happen, your mic is mute, and you are busy checking all the settings. It sounds funny, but this is a legal issue for this problem.

Solution 2

Your mic is unmuted, but your mic is not working, then you have to see if your PC is connected with your device or not. To check this, you have to click the speaker option on your PC monitor. You can attach your device from there effortlessly.

Solution 3

Sometimes you could not find your device on your PC for some issues. After clicking the speaker option, if you could not see any green check beside your turtle beach recon 70, you should click on set as the default. Then I hope you can find your device there.

Solution 4

After taking all the three solutions, if your turtle beach recon 70 mic is still not working and your players can not listen to you, you should check your internet connection. You need to provide a strong network connection. Moreover, you can analyze your game chat settings because some chat programs have their privacy settings for audio.

Turtle Beach Recon 70 Mic Not Working ps 4

When your turtle beach recon 70 mic is not working on ps 4 and does not work the mic appropriately. And you do not know how to fix turtle beach recon 70 mic not working. You can try this step-by-step solution. It will work for you indeed.

  1. Checking Hardware

Before starting gaming, you are required to check all of your hardware carefully to ensure that the work is correct or they have no physical damage. If your mic boom has no damage, then the problem is with your ps 4 settings.

  1. Attached Are Your Device Tops 4

As your hardware has no issue, you should attach your turtle beach recon 70 on your ps 4. Your ps 4 will automatically find your device and will connect.

  1. Checking Your PS 4 Settings

If your players could not hear your voice, you need to go to your ps 4 setting option, then press devices, and see the audio devices. Now you have to select the headset connected to the controller option for both input and output devices.

After that, you should click the volume control and if you have a sound problem, then set the volume level to the maximum. If your setting has chat audio but plays with a group, select all audio and adjust your microphone level.

  1. Additional Setting

Some gaming programs have their additional setting. You can go to their setting option and fix the problem.

Turtle Beach Recon 70 Mic Not Working ps 5

You can follow the steps to set your turtle beach recon 70 headset to your ps 5 if you face a problem with the mic. This solution is partially similar to the ps 4.

  1. Plugin Your Headset

You should plugin your turtle beach recon 70 to the port of your ps 5. After the plugin mic function will automatically connect to your headset.

  1. Change Settings On Your ps5

In the settings option, you will see the “sound,” press audio output, select the output device, and ser the headset connected to the controller. Also, change the outcome to headphones to all audio. Now you need to maximize the volume and adjust your microphone according to your demand.

You have the function to enable 3D audio in ps 5. It will take your gaming sound to another level.

Tips For Solving This Problem Like A Pro

  • You can update your audio driver before starting your task.
  • Your input device needs to be your headset which is turtle beach recon 70. So set it.
  • If your PC shows a turn-on icon for connecting your microphone, turn it on.
  • You can re-enable your headset setting by going to your device manager.
  • If any of this solution does not work for you, you can get help from contact support.


You can find it a three-in-one article and incredibly beneficial for you if you face turtle beach recon 70 mics not working. The super tips will completely solve your complex situation.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1.Does Turtle Beach Recon 70 Function On Xbox Series X?

Ans: Yes, turtle beach recon 70 functions on Xbox series X. You can use Xbox series X using turtle beach recon 70 headsets. It has 40 mm drivers for superior audio quality and is extremely lightweight with a sleek design with soft ear cups and a headband.

2.How To Fix Your Turtle Beach Recon 70 Mic Not Working Xbox Series X?

  • Initially, check your devices if they physically work nicely or not. Check out properly if your devices have any damage. After that, when you discover all devices are okay, you can be sure they will work.
  • If they do not work then hold the power button on your Xbox series x for some seconds until it shuts down entirely
  • Then again press the power button to turn it on. If you hear a sound effect and Xbox logo on display, now you should verify that your turtle beach recon 70 is selected to your profile then test the microphone. It should work. If not then take help from the support team.
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