Noteworthy Things Guys Like Girlfriend To Do [Facts You Should Know]

Surprising your partner with doing something he likes can be the best tool to keep the flame of your love burning. It is no secret to anyone that relationships are built with details. 

These, in turn, become symbols that are associated with experiences with your partner to create unforgettable memories. Thinking about this, we are going to discuss simple but noticeable Things Guys Like Girlfriend To Do. Have a look in brief: 

Noteworthy Things Guys Like Girlfriend To Do

Things Guys Like Girlfriend To Do-12 Special ThingsThings Guys Like Girlfriend To Do-12 Special Things

We live in a capitalist world that makes us believe that doing something special for our partner doesn’t have any benefits. However, nothing is further from reality than that. It has been proven that almost always, it brightens up a couple’s bonding.

1. Make A Romantic Playlist


Create a playlist to share with your love. You can do it on YouTube or another music platform. It includes the most representative songs for your relationship. 

Those musical pieces that make up the soundtrack of his love, and other new ones that brings a surprise factor. You can also include a small description in which you put why it is important or what reminds you when you listen to it.

2. Magic Envelope

Magic Envelope

This idea to surprise your partner is a gift that you can enjoy for a long time. Get an envelope or make it yourself (you can decorate it as you wish) you can also use a small wooden trunk or decorated cardboard box.

Give it a name, and it could be “Emergency kit” or some other that seems creative and relevant to you. Then cut many pieces of paper where you can write sentences and get to work!

On each piece of paper, write different thoughts. They can be motivational phrases, thoughts of love, feelings, and event invitations. Type things: “You can get everything you set your mind to,” “Remember that I love you,” “Love makes us invincible,” or “Okay for a relaxing massage.” 

Fold the sentences, put them in the envelope and give it to your partner, tell them that the idea is to take out a piece of paper every time they are stressed, sad, or just when they need one of your words of love.

3. Things You Love About Him

Things You Love About Him

Fill the house with notes of love. You can title the project as “Things I love about you.” Then write something related to the subject on each note. Example “I love your ability to cope with problems,” “I love your sense of humor,” or “I love watching movies with you.” 

He will surely love it! We all like to be reminded of the things we do well, and also feeling valued strengthens our ties with others.

4. Anonymous Calls

Anonymous Calls

Wondering about things guys like girlfriends to do? Here is your most perfect answer. To surprise your partner with anonymous calls, you will need some accomplices. First, find some friends who want to help you. 

Then write some love messages for your partner and send them to each of your accomplices. The idea is that during the day, everyone calls you and reads a different message, using a specific script. An example of this would be:

“Hello my love, someone who loves you sent you this message: Thank you because next to you I feel that I can caress the sky with both hands” And voila!

5. Relaxing Massage

Relaxing Massage

Create a relaxing SPA to give your love a surprise. Adapt a magical atmosphere, light candles, light incenses, put your best music playlist, get a body oil, and get your best masseuse skills!

6. Love Movie

Love Movie

Create a love video in which you include the best photos they have together. Here you can display all your creativity and combine several of the previous surprises.

It can include songs, love phrases, poems, and even some messages narrated with your voice. You don’t need to be a film director to do it. There are many applications and web pages where you can make these types of videos for free.

7. All Control


We know that for a couple to work, you have to learn to reach a consensus in which both of you feel comfortable. However, it is not at all bad that you decide to give him full control for a day.

On that day, your love will be in charge of making the decisions. What to eat, what to do, where to go, and you will simply be there to fulfill their wishes.

8.  Couple Night


Create an unforgettable couple’s night to get out of the routine. You can use a different couple of games to make your love have an enjoyable time. Try, for example, with an RPG.

Dress up for the occasion, organize the house differently, and pretend that you are a doctor, teacher, or the new neighbor who wants to ask her for some sugar. Don’t get out of your role! And make your partner’s imagination run wild.

9. Romantic Walk


A great way to surprise your partner is by taking her on a surprise ride. It doesn’t matter if they don’t have a lot of money, they can go for walks in places they don’t normally travel or apply the following technique, which is phenomenal.

Take a walk, and when you find a division of streets, one of the two will decide where to go, and so on. In this way, they will not only have a nice walk with their partner, but they will also discover new places in the city.

10. Rapture In Limousine


Surely you have ever dreamed that your partner covered your eyes and put you in a limo by surprise. You must know that men are not as different from us as they seem. 

That is why if you want to leave your words to your partner, speed it up and take it for a limousine ride. I can assure you that he will be crazy about the fantastic plan.

11. Books


Another first thing to do for your partner is to gift a book dedicated to him. It can be a copy that tells a story similar to yours or something that has meaning in the life of your loved one. 

Include some of your photos, leave some notes in the middle of the book, and make a bookmark with snapshots of both. Surely it is a detail that will last in your memory forever.

12. Special Dinner


A romantic dinner is a classic among the things to do for your love. However, it never fails because we all love food. Create a romantic atmosphere with candles, flowers, and music. Cook your love’s favorite dish or prepare a new dish to surprise your palate.

If you do not have money to buy many ingredients, you can take out your culinary skills and invent a new recipe using the ingredients you have in your kitchen, and if you also baptize the recipe with its name, it is a detail of fine coquetry.

Additional Things To Do For Your Partner


Analyze the tastes of your partner, so you can personalize each of the surprises with themes or motifs according to the passions of your love. It will make them much more special!

Don’t be ashamed to express your feelings. Some people say they don’t like surprises, but they don’t exactly mean what love is.

If the thing you decide to give your partner involves time, such as a walk in the city or a romantic dinner. Choose a day when you are sure it does not interfere with your work.

If your partner has accumulated work or must study for an exam, worry will not let him enjoy the surprise to the fullest. You already know things guys like girlfriends to do. Now run and create memorable moments of love!

10 Ways to Win a Girl’s Heart

  1. Manage your breath – Avoid coffee, cigarettes and alcohol as they can all cause bad breath
  2. Bathe daily – If you want to be intimate with a girl, she will definitely notice if you haven’t showered or bathed for days
  3. Shower – Girls are visually stimulated. They are naturally drawn to good looking guys, so shower every day before work or school
  4. If you have body hair, keep it trimmed – Trim your beard if possible. The last thing you want is a girl thinking you’re her father when she’s in bed with you! Also take care of nose and ear hair if you have any
  5. Wear clean clothes – For a productive day at work or school
  6. Use cologne sparingly – In moderation, not enough so that she smells it all over you after hugging you
  7. Smile! It’s contagious and will definitely win a girl over if she sees how happy you are to see her 
  8. Make her smile. Be witty and funny, but save the corny jokes for the first date 
  9. Kiss her on the forehead good night before you go to sleep – If she likes you, she will appreciate this gesture.
  10. Make eye contact and smile

That’s it! Remember these 10 simple techniques for winning any girl over. I hope these tips will help you score with the girl you like.

How Can an Average-Looking Shy Guy Get a Girlfriend?

Many men (including myself) would like to know the answer to this question. I believe that everyone deserves a loving partner in life, and I’m convinced that there is someone for everyone out there – it’s just a matter of finding them.

And since we’re all different, there are multiple routes to finding that special someone for each of us.

However, the question is worth asking because many shy guys feel that they have less options than other men when it comes to meeting women – or attracting a woman if someone has already taken an interest in them. There are surprisingly simple steps you can follow to increase your chances even if you’re shy.


Every guy wants to have some special moments with his special one. It is not a rule that a guy always has to do something for his partner. A girl can do this too.

You just need to do it with real feelings and do something which your boy likes! So, that’s all on Things Guys Like Girlfriend To Do . I hope that it will help you in your cause to do something for your beloved one!

Frequently Asked Question:

1. What Do  Guys Want Their  Girlfriends To Do?

Ans: 1. They wish girls would stop expecting them to read their minds, especially after they’ve broken up!
2. Guys want you to be supportive of their goals and dream to cheer for him when he succeeds and not complain when he spends long nights in the office working on a new business idea instead of coming home early.

2. What Are  Things  Guys Should Know  About  Girls?

Ans: 1. You will always look more attractive when you smile – it lights up your whole face and makes others want to smile too!
2. A guy would fall in love with you if he knows that you’re the one who gives his life meaning and purpose, not what you can do for him.
3. Guys like it when you playfully touch him instead of asking him to massage your shoulders.

3. What Qualities Do  Guys Like Most  In a Girl?

Ans: 1. They like girls who are affectionate, but not clingy or possessive of them which can make the guys feel smothered and might make them run away!

2. Girls should understand that guys need to be with their friends more than they need to spend every minute of the day with you-it doesn’t mean he doesn’t care about you.

3. Guys like girls who are independent and don’t expect them to pay for everything, even if they’re rich!
4.They like girls to show interest in what he does or likes.

4. How Do  I Attract a Guy Attention?

Ans: 1. A shy guy will not approach you first so you are going to have to take the initiative by walking up, giving him a compliment and starting a conversation with him

2. Girls always ask guys what they do for fun, but he doesn’t really know because they’re trying to figure it out themselves
3. Guys love playful banter, so have fun with it! It’s a great way to flirt. Try making up nicknames for him and then use those nicknames when you’re around him

5. What Type  Of  Girl  Do  Guys Find  Most  Attractive?

Ans: 1. Guys love it when girls are confident and don’t try too hard. They think the most beautiful, attractive thing in a girl is her inner beauty

2. Girls should always make it easy for guys to approach them and start conversations with them by smiling and giving them a compliment like: “I like your necklace/bracelet”

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