How Do Guys Feel When You Cut Them Off? [Discussion Explained]

Have you ever wondered how a person feels after getting rejected from his loved one? Imagine you love someone exquisitely and the person dumped you. How would it feel? Or, assume that one of your friends got cut by a girl he wanted in his life; how does he feel?

If you don’t know any answers to the questions above, then this article might help you. This article will discuss some how do guys feel when you cut them off and the feelings that a man feels the most after getting cut by his beloved one. So, let’s look forward to it.

How Do Guys Feel When You Cut Them Off

Give The Exact Time Of Cutting People Off

  • You feel like the other person is draining you of your time and energy, to the point where it becomes exhausting to be around them and you’re finding yourself becoming more and more negative when they come around.
  • They do something that makes you really uncomfortable or unsafe, e.g. touching you without your consent or groping/harassing you in a way that makes you feel intimidated and threatened – this should be pretty obvious but it needs to be said.
  • They start talking about or doing something that is triggering to you, e.g. if they talk incessantly about a person who recently died and it makes you very upset because a close family member just passed away.
  • The thing to keep in mind with all these points is that you should always feel safe and respected, which you can’t do if someone is draining or triggering you.
  • If they don’t then it may be time to telling a little white lie and say that you’re feeling sick or that you have plans. If they keep persisting then it’s best to either remove yourself from the situation quickly by saying something .
  • They constantly bring up a topic that makes you uncomfortable, e.g. constantly talking about their ex or always bringing up that they’re single. If they do this when you’re in a relationship then it’s best to tell the person why this makes you uncomfortable.

As with all these points, if someone is making you feel unsafe or uncomfortable then they don’t deserve to be around you, and if their reason for cutting you off isn’t one of the four reasons above then that should be respected – It doesn’t matter if they just want to spend time with you or that they think your reason for cutting them off isn’t a good one. You can cut anyone off for any reason, and if someone respects you enough then they will accept it and move on.

Sometimes friendships are hard work, and they require you to be able to talk about things so that you can resolve any conflict. But if someone turns against you or is being mean towards you then it’s important to step back and look at why this is happening – are they feeling like you’re pulling away from the friendship?

Are they acting this way because they want more attention than you’re giving them? Are they acting this way because something’s going on in their life or someone has said something to them about you and so now this is their form of ‘blowing off steam’? If it’s any of these things then talk to them about it, but if it’s not then they need to move on.

How To Cutting People? Some Tips Are:

  •  Limit the time you spend with this person
  • Tell the person that you need some time for yourself, then do things that make you happy and busy.
  • Don’t respond to their calls or texts
  • Only communicate through third party (a friend, sibling, parent), so they will not able to confront you directly.
  • Delay your response when replying their messages

If you can do these steps then you will be able to handle this problem in a healthy way. People who cutting people usually want a result that is predictable and easy to control. They want the other person to be in pain and suffer like them. Make sure that whatever you do is not bad in any way and it should not hurt others, including their close friends and family.

Describe Some Feelings When You Cut Them Off

Unlike every other creature existing in the world, man also has emotions. They also want to love someone and want to get love in return. When a man loves someone so deeply and passionately, he usually thinks of many hypothetical situations which might not occur in real life. He started surfing into a realm of imagination. Some feelings are

Get Emotionally Broken

As soon as the girl dumps him or cuts him, he started feeling lonely. This loneliness is often so severe. The person started harming himself in some of the cases. Moreover, the person gets emotionally affected. And he starts feeling left out for absolutely no reason. He loses himself in a transcending loophole of loneliness.

Get Sick

When a person gets dumped or gets cheated by his beloved ones, he gets mentally and physically sick. He often gets traumatized and faces insomnia in some cases. It affects his sleeping cycle and causes some significant skin related problems.

Apart from these, when a person overreacts to something, some nerve starts responding abnormally. It can be the primary cause of high blood pressure, heart blockage and even death like a massive problem. After getting dumped by his beloved one, a person stays in a dilemma for few days. This perplexity often turns into superior diseases. And the person starts getting sick repeatedly.

Start Blaming Himself

After getting rejected, a person thinks that he is incompatible with society as he couldn’t get along with his loved one. But apparently, it’s a pure myth that has to be busted as soon as possible. The person starts thinking about what’s happening with him, happening for his own mistakes and wrongdoings. But it’s entirely a wrong idea. After having a severe breakup issue, a person lives alone most often. He doesn’t like social gatherings and stuff. He retracts himself from social events and starts living alone, literally.

Lack Of Concentration

After a severe break up issue, the person goes through a lot of misery and trouble. Amongst them, lack of concentration is one of the topmost problems. The person can’t even perform appropriately on his regular tasks. Depletion of concentration might occur in some severe cases. The person might get failed in his exams.

Or, sometimes, he misses his essential deadlines and submission. It affects not only his career but his daily life and social life as well. To omit this problem permanently, a person can consult with an expert psychiatrist or a specialist. Otherwise, it would be so chronic that the person would never get rid of this.

Become More Mature

When a person walks through an alley of the road, he observes many things and usually learns. Our life is also the same. We experience several things throughout our whole life and learn from those incidents. After getting cut by his beloved person, a guy can achieve some persuasive nature, which is a positive side of getting dumped.

A person got to realize how things work and how he should adapt to things. And which things he should prioritize and which things he should ignore from the core. The person gets older in mentality. He becomes more mature and more to relent. It helps him observe everything and go to the deep of things, undeniably a positive side.

Tend To Build A Future

In most cases, a breakup mostly happens for fear of thinking of an unstable future. One party fears a lot about the future, and another one stays calm. In the meantime, they have a conflict and brokes their relationship into pieces. This case is not very rare. Even in some scenarios, a married couple takes refuge from divorce for this significant cause. They can’t think of anything and becomes so reckless.

For this reason, a person tends to his future after the breakup. Fear of loss makes him more violent in building a better future for himself and his family. Apart from these, the person becomes more active in sports and takes much more care of his body than ever before. It makes him more confident and enthusiastic.

Make A Better Decision

After playing the “mind vs self” game for a long time, a person gets bored and tries to get rid of its handcuffs. He learns many things in the meantime and implies them in most cases. Getting dumped and cut off by a person you love the most will always make you feel inferior.

Despite having bad times, you will learn some essential basic life hacks that you would miss. Amongst them, decision-making ability is top-notch. A man can make perfect decisions in his bad times. Or, after a man goes through a breakup, he feels absolutely nothing but a good decision-making ability. His mind becomes the repository of excellent and practical ideas.


Getting dumped or cut off is not a very immeasurable thing at all. Instead, it’s a natural matter of sorrow and sadness as well. But it can lead someone to get good things and acquire solid moral values. At this very last segment of the article, you might have a question- “Is getting cut off bad?” and I won’t say it’s terrible.

Not very pleasant to witness either. Getting cut off makes a man mature, helps him make better decisions, help him to think more transparently and what not? Altogether, it’s not a pleasant thing to witness, but it has some positive side that we should acknowledge the most. I hope now you know how do guys feel when you cut them off.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How To Deal With The Person Who Your Beloved One Dumps?

Ans: It’s tough to deal with someone who is emotionally shattered. Sometimes it gets even harder to gratify them with advice. Their depression phase takes a lot of time to go away. All you can do is, listen to them with all of your attention. It helps a depressed person a lot to get rid of depression.

2. How To Get Rid Of A Toxic Relationship?

Ans: Toxic relationships are the most dangerous of all things. It can demolish two-person. To get rid of this curse- firstly, you can warn the person not to spread toxicity. Then, if he won’t agree with you, get yourself away from that relationship and never look back ever again.

3. Is Cutting Off A Guy Mandatory?

Ans: The answer is “no”. Not at all. But if the relationship gets way too vile and toxic, then cutting off is an inevitable task. However, nobody wants to get cut off. It’s just sometimes we had to cut off people from our life, and we do it for our improvement in a sense.

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