Where Does It Snow In December? [Amazing Places Revealed]

There is somewhat hypnotized about snow, more or less. It is looking like white feathers. When white rain coming down, it may seem entirely supernatural.

Sometimes, you can hear the murmuring sound of its falling, a very soft burbling sound, and feel the cold. It’s magical to see snow falling and getting busy to collect, or you may make a snowman.

You can also play snowball fights and go skiing on the snow, which makes you worth loving in a snowy region. If you love snow and lives in warm regions, you might want to visit there, especially in December.

Undeniably December is an enormously busy time to travel throughout the year because of Christmas, New Year eve, and year ending long vacation. In this blog, here I revealed some fascinating places where does it snow in December. Let’s have a look

For your assistance, I am providing you some all-inclusive spots to grasp snow in December given below. By visiting these places, you can keep amused to view supreme picturesque snow sights and, at the same time, winter atmosphere.Where Does It Snow In December

Where Does It Snow In December-10 Best PlacesWhere Does It Snow In December-10 Best Places

1. Zermatt, Switzerland

Zermatt, Switzerland

Nevertheless in Switzerland snow starts in late December. But some old Swiss village consistently snows all year-round. If you have a plan for the December ski trip, I assure you that Zermatt in Switzerland is the guaranteed place for snow.

It started to coming snowstorm too early in October or so lately at the end of November. However, the most famous ski resort is open 365 days per year in Switzerland.

2. Yellow Mountains, China 

Yellow Mountains, China 

The Yellow Mountain, China will be the perfect endpoint for your winter tour in December, where the snow-covered trees and peaks, seas of clouds, mind-blowing snowy sunrises, and rainbows will letting you experienced for unforgettable moments.

3. Uludag, Turkey

Uludag, Turkey

The winter season formally begins on Dec 20 in Uludag and ongoing in January. If you want, you may have a wonderful Christmas dinner served in the hotels there. It is a fun place but not so cheap.

Those who are the beginners and actually don’t know how to ski will be easily facilitated to get the ski equipment and proper training the most shops in there. It is located in the city of Busra and 2 hours left from the Istambul city in Turkey. Mountains are so stunningly beautiful and rocky. 

4. Colorado, USA

Colorado, USA

If you want to be part of perfect snowfall, incredible view, welcoming hospitality, or an outstanding skiing trip, you will get all the combinations in Colorado. You might not see a considerable amount of snowfall, but it’s a fantastic time to go skiing in Colorado in December.

If you are looking for a pleasant family trip, I suggest you go to Colorado in December as many of the resorts are being fully Christmas decorations by this time.

5. Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Tourists who are coming from the other countries are frequently astonished to see the short days and snowstorms that brought the city or and most of the country, make a standstill in December. The sun rises at about 8.30 am and the sun falls within 4.30 pm on average.

It is not the coldest or the rainiest month in Amsterdam. In December, you might see some Christmas markets or canal houses which enhance the charm of the city covering with the white snow. If you would like to attend seasonal festivals or discovering museums, it might be the best option for you to visit.

6. Niseko, Japan

Niseko, Japan

In Niseko, Japan, the snow springs over five months from late November to early May. Mid-December to March is naturally the snowiest season and the most delicate snow around in late December.

If you want to go there within the 1st week, you will get off season and no crowds, cheap lodging, or limited skiing. From Dec 7 – Dec 20, you might see low groups, reasonable accommodation, and night skiing is available from Dec 14.

The peak season is started around Dec 20 to mid-Feb. At that period peoples visited mostly, and snow conditions are getting admirable. If you want a remarkable ski experience, I might suggest you visit Niseko, Japan, where does it snow in December must and nightlife has a decent festivity aroma.

7. Quebec City, Canada

Quebec City, Canada

Quebec City, Canada, is well known for its December snowfall, which is one of North America’s last outstanding cities. You may enjoy its passionate and colorful buildings, narrow cobble-stoned streets covering of white snow while walking.

8. Lapland, Finland

Lapland, Finland

If you’re going to travel to see snow this Christmas, then Lapland, Finland, will be the ideal choice for you to see the overwhelming beauty of snow in December.

9. KyrgyzstanKyrgyzstan


The position of Kyrgyzstan’s is in the heart of Central Asia. Winter is the best season to visit Kyrgyzstan.

In December, all the mountains and fields are covered with snow, lakes becoming ice-covered, and the nearby area seems to drop sleeping until the arrival of spring.  If you like to cuddle up in warm blankets with hot chocolates inside, you might select it.

 10. Gapyeong, South Korea

Gapyeong, South Korea

Gapyeong, South Korea, is a small county that is northeast of Seoul. If you prefer to see thousands of snowflakes causing overnight winds, transforming the scenery into a pure fairyland, I will suggest you go there in December. 


It seems to me snow is like nature’s costume party, whereas a blanket of snow covering the countryside is a bright, refreshing look. At the same time, apart from all the beauties, snow and ice can be dangerous while driving. To enjoy snow December is the hectic month to travel all over the year.

If you want to go abroad in December, I recommend you consult with your local travel agent as soon as possible. If possible, book your flight or hotel reservations at least 25-30 days in advance, no matter where you want to go; otherwise, you may face lots of hazards.

I hope now you know where does it snow in December. If really then let me know in a comment. You can comment to notify us about some other interesting places.

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