The Best Time To Visit The Smoky Mountains [Everything You Should Know About]

Are you planning a tour to the Great Smoky Mountains but don’t know the best time to go there? Indeed, an unplanned tour can sometimes create a mess. You might miss some beautiful features on Smoky Mountain if you visit at the wrong time. Researching a bit about the place you are going to visit won’t hurt. Rather you might discover some hidden gems. What is the best time to visit the smoky mountains?

The best time to visit the Smoky Mountain is Summer, Spring and, Autumn. If we are talking about months, then June, July, August, October is most popular. Although it depends on the visitors’ preferences, Smoky Mountain is enchanting all year round.

The Great Smoky Mountain is the oldest in the USA. More than 10 million people visit this tourist spot every day. However, the number has reduced due to the pandemic situation. When to visit Smoky Mountain is a generalized question. People visit this spell-bounding mountain based on their choices and the benefits that come along.

The Best Time To Visit The Smoky Mountains

The Best Time To Visit The Smoky Mountains – Details


Spend Your Spring Break in the Smoky Mountains

My personal preference is Spring. I love hiking. The mountain is the most perfect at that time. It is not too crowded then. Here I pointed out why you should visit the Smoky Mountain in Spring-

  • Wildflower bloom
  • Volumnous waterfall
  • Less crowdy
  • Hiking

If you like wildflowers like me, then Spring should be your go-to season. There are over 1400 types of wildflowers in the Great Smoky Mountain. Flowers and trees grow new leaves. Everything is fresh, and the scenery is ethereal. Flame azalea, fire pink, wild ginger. There are tons of beautiful wildflowers all cross the mountain.

You can also follow the published schedule of the national park. Which flower will bloom when everything is listed there. The best thing I enjoyed is the rhododendron bloom. The mountain turns to a pink canvas, with small green freckles in between them, a captivating scenery. Also, the waterfall becomes wild then, very voluminous. If these aesthetics attract you, March, April, May is the best month for you. Don’t forget to pack some raincoats too, as it sometimes rains in the Spring.

Is March A Good Time To Visit The Smoky Mountains?

March is a great month to see the early Spring of the Smoky mountain. With wildflowers and waterfalls all around, you can do everything you could in the summer.



The most popular and crowded time in Smoky Mountain is the summer and the autumn. People can explore and taste every kind of amusement at that time.

Why You Should Visit The Smoky Mountain in Summer?

  • No bad weather
  • Hiking
  • Outdoor activities

People who like outdoor activities most choose these times. All sorts of activities, fishing, hiking are available. Festivals and concerts are arranged in summer, as the national park week is declared at that time. But if you don’t like too much traffic, avoid June, July, October, and August.

The summer is mostly crowded because there is no snow. As a result, there is no restriction on amusement rides or hiking places. But you have to book earlier for these months. Hotels and lodges also charge more in these seasons. So you have to keep that in mind.



Autumn is very popular like summer, because of how gorgeously the trees are adorned in that time. Red, Orange, yellow, the whole mountain is vibrant. People enjoy the fall vibe.

Why you should visit the Smoky Mountain in Autumn?

  • Fall scenery
  • Good weather
  • Outdoor opportunities

If you want to enjoy the fall, the best time to visit the smoky mountain would be September, October. In this case, you should book in advance too.



Winter comes fast and heavy in the mountains, as they are close to the clouds. Smoky Mountain contains fewer visitors in the winter. But it remains open. Winter can be your best decision if you like to enjoy things by yourself, and too much traffic disturbs you.

Why you Should Visit The Smoky Mountain in Winter?

  • Less crowd
  • Snowfall
  • Lodges charge less
  • No pre booking

My suggestion should be to visit Smoky Mountain a couple of days before the Christmas holiday. There is Christmas special light all over the mountain, crowds are very low, and lodges charge less in winter. Gazing at snowfall from the mountain with small lights everywhere is something worth experiencing.

Every roads and trail are not available in winter; keep that in mind. You can go hiking, but not in some particular areas where heavy snowfall has closed the path. Don’t forget to pack a heavy jacket and winter outfit, as it is really cold out there.

Is November December a good time to visit the Smoky Mountains?

November and December are ideal months for visitors who don’t like crowds and still want to explore the beauty of Smoky Mountain.

The Fall

In addition to the busy summer holiday season, fall is an excellent time to visit. The cool autumn air is refreshing, and the colorful fall foliage is breathtaking. In mid-September, the first signs of fall color appear on the trees. This is also the time when accommodation rates drop to low-season levels. Peak fall colors appear in October, and this is when tourists and high-season hotel rates temporarily increase on weekends.

During the weekdays in October, you can still get great rates and have fewer tourists to compete with at key viewpoints in the national park. Temperatures start to drop considerably by November, and several roads in higher elevations may close. Many visitors hesitate to visit in November as it is the shoulder season, but it is still a pleasant time to visit and you can get great deals on room and board.

All through the fall, jackets and layers will be required, but the scenic drives and hiking trails in the cool air will be enjoyable. Some other benefit of visiting in the fall is the chance to see wildlife in locations like Cades Cove on the Tennessee side. In North Carolina, drop marks the beginning of the monarch butterfly migration and sometimes the elk rut, so expect to see wildlife activity, particularly in the early morning and at dusk.

Least Crowded Time to Visit The Smoky Mountains

Least Crowded Time to Visit The Smoky Mountains

The Great Smoky Mountain is least crowded in Spring and winter. The season refers to the month March, April, November, and December. Less crowded doesn’t mean there is nothing to see in these months. Rather, you can experience many exclusive things, such as wildflower bloom and fireflies sparkles in March and April. Snowfall in November, December.


I hope now you know what is the best time to visit the smoky mountains.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1.Is It Illegal To Take Rocks From The Smoky Mountains?

Ans: Yes, it is illegal to take rocks from the mountain to your home. More than 10 million people visit the mountain every day. If it were legal, then everyone would bring at least one rock as a souvenir. Also, mountain rock provides home for fish and other creatures.

2.Is There A Volcano In The Smoky Mountains?

Ans: There I no active volcano in Smoky Mountain. A volcano is created by the collision of plates, which happened 200+ million years ago.

3.Are There Any Unexplored Caves In The Smoky Mountains?

Ans: There might be unexplored caves. As Smoky Mountain is huge, and not every part of it has been explored. Many caves have been explored recently, including bones of old animals inside them. But don’t try to explore caves on your own. Most of the caves have their outside closed with stones. It requires professional digging to explore or open the caves.

4.How Often Do You See A Bear In The Smoky Mountains?

Ans: Black bears are very common in Smoky Mountain. This 800 square feet mountain has over 1500 bears in it. If you encounter one, try not to disturb it or get too close to the bear.

5.Are There Alligators In The Smoky Mountains?

Ans: Alligators cannot live in the Mountains. It is very cold in Smoky Mountain. Also, the water is very clear. Alligators live in warm temperatures and muddy water.

6.How Cold Does It Get In The Smoky Mountains?

Ans: Mountains are naturally very cold, even in summer. On Jan 13th, 1986, the lowest temperature was recorded in Smoky Mountain. It was -32F to -35F.

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