Duffel Bag Carry On Size [Airline Rules & Regulations]

When traveling international flights we are always tensed that the flight will not be delayed. Think again about what will happen to the food or what will happen if there is a narrow seat.

But these tensions will seem valueless to you. When you see your cute little one duffel bag being rejected from the carry-on sizer. So, what will be the duffle bag carry on size?

It will be seen again that your over size bag is being sent to the line for checking. But no one is ever taking care of your bag. But yes the extra tax will hit you.

This can lead to spoilage of any important items in your bag. But you can save your cute little duffel bag from being ruined by applying some common sense.

For this you need to spend some extra time on the amount of tape and packing. Your little contribution will save your favorite bag from being ruined.

Duffel Bag Carry On Size

What Is The Duffel Bag Carry On Size?

What Is The Duffel Bag Carry On Size

Airline Baggage Rules

Airline Baggage Rules

Although they have specific rules for each airline. That’s actually the size of the check and how big the carry-on bag will be. And they usually deal with the same type of aircraft.

So while it’s a bit of a surprise, the shape instructions are fairly standard. And almost all airlines allow the same size bags. According to the general rule, a maximum of 62 linear size bags can be carried on all the airlines.

However, many do not understand what a linear inch is. Linear inches are the sum of three dimensions such as length, width and depth. And the sum of these three dimensions must be 62 linear inches.

However, the size of the carry-on bag may change a little. However, it must be between 22 to 24 and 14 to 17 inches in length and 10 inches deep.

Lastly though we don’t know how to carry the carry on bag on the plane because it depends entirely on the airline staff. Although you were able to squash your over-sized duffel person technically from Carry On Gate.

If you want more success than this, use a small size duffel bag as a carry on bag. If you want your oversized duffel bag to look safe then strap well.

Measuring Your Luggage

Measuring Your Luggage

I think when you travel internationally you should check the websites of the airlines that they allow carry on bags of any measure. Because each airline has specific rules about the size of the carry-on bag.

So I think if you follow some rules it will be very easy to follow their guidelines. Measure your bags over a wide area. After measuring length, width and depth separately, add three and you will get the correct size.

But when you are dealing with floppy like duffel bags it will be a bit complicated for you. The size will usually depend on how tightly you pack the duffel bag.

Or the bag is measured according to whether you are holding it in your hand or on the ground. But there is an easy way you need to apply some common sense Measure the bag after you keep it flat because airlines measure it to keep it flat. However, the bag you use should be noted that it is measured separately when carrying some liquids.

Measuring Floppy Duffel Bags

Measuring Floppy Duffel Bags

When you go to measure duffel bags, be sure to measure each dimension separately. For example, when you measure, take note of how tight the zipper and handles of the bag are.

Again, when measuring the height of the bag, do not forget to measure the height of the handles. Duffel bags must be placed on the table if possible to get the right size.

Don’t Believe The Manufacturers

Don't Believe the Manufacturers

You may think that when you buy the luggage, it seems that the sellers have measured your language correctly. And they measure luggage in exactly the same way that airlines measure luggage.

But it is wrong and it is not always right. Manufacturers do not measure inventory, including wheels and handles, when making a luggage.

I know you might be a little surprised to hear me because when you bought the bag you thought it would fit the airline’s measure rules. But in the end it turns out that the wheel and for that you have to provide extra charge.

Again some manufacturers do not measure the outside only by measuring the inside of the bag. So I think when you go to buy luggage, you should take the specific tape and there is no reason to be embarrassed. This will allow you to pick the right size luggage for travel. And don’t forget to check these labels to buy luggage.

Measuring Length, Width And DepthMeasuring Length, Width And Depth

We don’t understand the exact size when we measure luggage. And we just measure the height. But I think everyone should know how to measure correctly.

It doesn’t matter where you are at home or in a store. However, a measure tape is required to measure your luggage. Now you take the tape and measure around the bag. Withdraw the luggage handle when measuring.

Then measure from the top of the luggage to the ground. Then measure the luggage from one end to the other. Be sure to note down the numbers after measuring. Some bags are tapped for durability so make sure you are measuring in details.

Then you should measure from front to back of the bag. Because in this way the depth of the bag is measured. Then take your measurements more broadly, so that if there is a pocket outside the bag or if you have packed something, will it measure correctly.

Carry-On Size Limits

Carry-On Size Limits

When you travel international flights, notice that most airlines carry a certain size bag. And the bags have limited measurements of their specific length, width and depth to carry. However, in some cases, the size of the bag is determined by their carry-on provisions in linear inches.

However, according to the Check Bag Rules, these may vary from airline to airline. But for all airlines, a maximum of 45 inches in linear inches is acceptable.

The Result of Oversize Bags

The Result of Oversize Bags

Usually the check bag rule is enforced by the airlines. It has been observed in any airline that over-sized bags are directly rejected. However, if you give them a large amount, they will agree to check. I have already informed you that the check bag fee will vary according to the airlines.

It can easily increase the amount. So before going to the ticket counter you should check the check bag fee from the airlines. After checking the fee structure of the airline, you can see for yourself how much the over size bag fee is. Then you will realize for yourself that what you have packed is not really necessary.

I hope I have been able to help you enough. If you think this is helpful then be sure to stay by our side. I hope I can help you with more information. Thank you for your patience.

What Is The Problem If I Carry a Big Size Duffle Bag?

is it illegal to carry a big size duffle bag on the subway? I mean if I sit down with my legs spread out a lot can someone say something to me for breaking the MTA rules?

Can I get summonsed or arrested for doing this? or what are the consequences of carrying a big size duffle bag on the subway while doing this? I don’t mean violating another law on top of the MTA rules by having too big size bags on the subway, right?

The only thing you can be summonsed for on the subway is breaking a rule of the transit authority. It’s usually not illegal to break some other law while using public transportation unless there is something about it in the T.A.’s rules.

Thus, if you violate some other law by having a duffel bag on the subway and stretch your legs out, you’re not going to be arrested for that.

However, there is such a ban as well as rules against placing bags on empty adjacent seats and against lying down on the floor of the train. I don’t know if there are any rules against putting bags next to you on an empty seat, but it’s another thing that can get you summonsed.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1.How Big Is A Carry-on Duffel?

Ans: The size restrictions for carry-on bags varies quite a bit per airline, but the roughly standard sizes are 22 x 14 x 9 inches (56 x 36 x 23 centimeters) for major carriers, and 22 x 16 x 8 inches (35 x 20 x 20 centimeters) for budget airlines.

2.Are Duffle Bags Allowed On Airplanes?
Ans: Per their policy, no, you cannot bring a bag larger than specified even if it is soft and can be squished into the overheads. Slightly oversized is still oversized. Yes it will fit, but it is still against policy and they could force you to gate check it.
3.Is Duffel Bag A Personal Item?
Ans: The short answer is yes. However, a duffle bag isn’t the most common type of personal item. Briefcases, handbags, and small backpacks are more popular styles. Keep the size of your duffle within the airline’s personal item dimensions and make sure the duffle will fit below the seat in front of you.
4.How Do You Pack A Large Duffle Bag?
Ans: The order of a well-packed duffel bag should be as follows:
  1. Large, bulky items on the bottom. Line the bottom with shoes, hard cases, camera bags, boxes and your laptop (in a protective laptop hard case).
  2. Rolled clothes in the middle.
  3. Awkward, heavy items on the top.
5.How Big Is A Nike Duffel Bag?
Ans: Nike Brasilia Medium Duffel Bag is 24″ L x 11″ W x 13″ H and available in a variety of colors you’ll love.


I hope now you know what will be the duffle bag carry on size.
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