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When a person does something for the safety of his body and property, it includes self-defense or personal defense. Especially ladies have to keep their feet outside the house to fight for their existence.

On the train bus, taking advantage of the crowd so that no hand can run towards him, if adversity is present so that he can respond, this self-defense is called self-defense. So, what are the best self-defense tools for ladies?

Let’s Know About Some Facts:

  1. Time 11 p.m. Tanvi is returning home after tuition. Suddenly there was a strong pull on his neck. Before he knew it, two boys grabbed his handbag, pushed him into the street, and fled.
  2. This time the incident took place at noon. Farabi is standing on the train ticket counter, talking on the phone. After a while, Farabi noticed that his head was in excruciating pain; who knows, something hit him in the head. Before he knew it, someone snatched the phone from his ear and slammed into the crowd.

Almost all of us are more or less familiar with such incidents. We always read this news in papers and magazines. It may be that you are a victim of such a situation, then?

Now you might be wondering what can be done at that time. Let’s know self-defense tools for a ladies.

Self-Defense Tools For Ladies

14 Self Defense Tools For ladies

14 Self Defense Tools For ladies

1. Personal keychain Alarm: Personal keychain looks like a key. It’s a tiny size and easy to carry with a bag or attach with a house key. Personal keychain alarm price range is high, like 10-15 dollars. If someone comes to attack you, you will be able to detect the machine at the sound of a scream and give an alarm. You can call the police when the alarm goes off.

2. Defender Ring: A defender ring is a ring that you can use as Jewellery. You can use it every day in the day. It’s tiny and lightweight. Its have sharp blades that you can cut skin and try to heat him.

It’s easily carried in your hand don’t need to hold it in a bag. If you are wearing this ring to protect yourself from someone who suddenly attacks you, you can hit immediately.

3. Kubaton: Kubatan is also a self-defense device. It looks like a long stick like a pen, pencil. Kubatons look like a keychain that you can keep with your other keys.

You can use it as you wish, but many use it as a knife. Holding it like a knife and bit your Attacker. It’s a cost-effective weapon. Kubaton is the most helpful weapon for a girl to protect himself or self-defense.

4. Spray: You can use the paper spray in the spray. Currently, the paper spray is the most popular self-defense spray for everyone. Hitting this spray in the Attacker’s eyes will make the Attacker look like a temporary blind man, and at that point, you can ask someone else for help.

If this spray falls on the eyes of the Attacker, it will start burning like pepper. It’s a liquid spray and very effective. You can see this spray from afar in the eyes of the Attacker, so you don’t have to go in front of them and kill them. You can easily carry it in a bag.

5. Knife: Knife is one of the famous weapons for everyone. Its purchase is low cost, effective, easily can use everyone. It can buy knives of any size.

You can always keep a small size knife in your pocket if you want, and you can also buy a slightly larger size knife which It can always carry in a bag for your protection.

Blades are available to buy in any store any place. But before using any of the weapons, it should be well known. For example, if you use it, you can protect yourself from it.

However, it is not always possible to keep it with you because a knife is always in the bag, and it looks different, and it isn’t easy to carry.

6. Gun: If you want to use a gun, you have to take ownership from the government first. However, using it, a woman can easily protect herself from an attacker from a distance.

This one of the best weapons for girls. But this song has to be hit from a distance so that it falls somewhere in the Attacker from where he will be very severely injured and can no longer attack you.

However, the gun is a high-cost weapon, effective, and requires a license and proper practice. If you misuse the weapon, then you have to go to jail. Moreover, due to a lack of ownership, it is impossible to keep this weapon with all the ladies.

7. Flashlight: Flashlight is also a self-defense device. Flashlights are very cost-effective, lightweight, easy to carry, and you can use them in two ways.

First, You can shine light into the Attacker’s eye, for that Attacker are temporary blind. Then you can run away. Second, You can distract Attacker and give attention to bystanders.

8. Cat Ears Key Chain: Cat ears key chain as alike keychain. This keychain is a straightforward, cheap, and daily uses weapon. You can also carry on your bag with your house key.

When Attacker attracts you, then you use this cat ears key chain. It used your hand and punched the Attacker. After the punch, you can run away. You can purchase it only from amazon.

9. Teaser: Teaser is an electric shock product. It’s a prevalent weapon for using a ladies. Its high cost for purchase and also can carry easily on your bag.

Its have a simple mini button. You can press it, and the Attacker’s body gets an electric shock. And after that, you can run away from there.

10. Sharp Pencil: It’s a very low price weapon for self-defense a girl and can easily carry anywhere with your bag. A short pencil is very painful. Suppose you can use its proper place in the Attacker’s body. But you can sharpen a pencil in all-time in your bag.

11. GPS Tracker: You also can use a GPS tracker with you. You can use apps on your phone to control GPS. For example, if you broke your phone, your GPS could message the police. It handled a convenient situation. You can also attach GPS with your dress, shoes or bag, etc.

12. Whistle: Whistle is a very effective weapon for a ladies. Also, you can carry it with your bag easily. If you have any whistle, nothing to say for defending; use your whistle and grab the attention of bystanders for help.

13. Folding Button: It’s a very effective fighting weapon. If you know played badminton or cricket then you can use this weapon easily. But, on the other hand, it’s a very hurt weapon if you can pull in the right place.

14. Comb knife: Comb knife is a two in one weapon for self-defense In a ladies.  It’s every girl can easily use with a ladies bag. It’s very cheap and small. When an attacker attacks you, then you use your comb knife to protect yourself. An attacker can understand what you do. He is surprised by your self-defense.

Self-defense is essential to any person of any age in the world. No one likes to be insecure. Therefore, the right to self-defense or personal defense is everyone’s birthright.

Any action taken by a person to exercise his right to protect his body and property includes self-defense or personal defense.

If there is any harm in doing this, it is not a crime in the eyes of the law. According to the law, it is not a crime to do anything while exercising the right to personal defense.

Frequently Asked Question

1.Is There Any Way To Use Martial Arts In Self-defence Without Getting Hurt Yourself?

Ans: Yes, there are move combinations/techniques that can be used against attacks without touching the attacker. There’s also self-defence by using provocations or intentional “probing” of an opponent while deflecting an attack with a defender’s intention to cause harm.

2.What Self-Defence Weapons Could A Teenager Own?  

Ans: A teenager can purchase a baton, but there are very few situations where an officer who pulls you over for speeding would want their hands on your baton. Most self-defense weapons have to be purchased at training centres or martial arts dojos.

3.What Are Effective Self-Defense Tools for Females?  

Ans: I believe that women need to develop the skills in taking punches, kicks and strikes. If you can take a punch or kick without falling, then chances are very good.

There’s something else worse coming your way!  Our society teaches us not to hit boys – but don’t forget ladies have no rights when it comes to self-defense, so training with men may be beneficial for females.

4.Would You Recommend A Woman Carry A Knife For Self-defense?

Ans: Yes, if she can learn to throw a knife effectively. Anyone who carries a gun or BB’gun (airsoft/pneumatic weapons) cannot be expected to know how to use their weapon properly.

5.Can Ladies Use Self-Defense Weapons?

Ans: Of course. Any man and woman can use the gun for self-defense.

6.Why Needs Self-Defense Weapons?

Ans: If you are a ladies, you face problems every day. If anyone attacks you, then a self-defense weapon you can easily use.


I hope now you know what are the best self-defense tools for ladies.

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