How Painful Is Pepper Spray? Effects And Treatment

You know for sure how painful pepper spray is if you ever had it in your eyes. Pepper spray is an anthropogenic suspension of liquid droplets of Pepper in the air. It consists of a kind of inflammatory element called Capsaicin.

So, how painful is pepper spray? You will have tears out of burning pains if it catches your eyes. Usually, you probably keep it for personal safety to get rid of any assault. You are now going to know how painful is peeper spray and the probable treatment for its exposure.

How Painful Is Pepper Spray

What Effects Can Pepper Spray Result In

What Effects can Pepper Spray result in

This inflammatory agent causes inflammation in the mucous membranes. So, your eyes, nose, throat, and lungs will be in danger when they come in contact with the spray. Eventually, instant closing eyes, breathing problems, running nose, and coughing will occur. This burning lasts from 0.5-1.5 hours, depending on how strong the spray is. But the hurting of your eyes can extend up to even 24 hours.

One-time exposure of your eye to spray may not pose that much harm. But remember, multiple exposures can change your corneal sensitivity. It can last long enough to destroy your vision. There is a deadly risk for drug addicts. Mild and mutagenic is the characteristic of Capsaicin.

Direct spray in the closure range leads to intensive eye irritation. In this case, the hydraulic needle effect occurs. It means fluid contaminants that can’t pass the reverse osmosis membrane. This hydraulic needle attaches to your cornea. Sometimes this problem is created as a spray like an elliptical cone.

Just after getting sprayed, your eyes will automatically be closed. It is the initial reaction that will come in involuntarily. It will lead to rapid restricting airways, intense pain on the face, throat, and nose. All of these happen because of hurting mucous membranes.

People often face fear and senselessness due to temporary vision problems all of a sudden. Some got in a situation of breathing issues. Although asthma patients are not in danger, they need a proper inspection. In the case of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, people may face some breathing effects. However, you can also hear some other discomforting issues. But here are the significant effects listed for you to take precautions.

  • Dry coughing or sneezing
  • The inability of natural breathing
  • Hurting in throat
  • Pain in chest
  • Feeling of choking
  • Running nose
  • Panting for air
  • Getting panicked
  • Having troubles in speaking
  • Having an immense dizziness
  • Being senseless
  • Getting rashes and burning after contacting with the skin

Scratches or abrasions aren’t long-lasting, but they may lead a person to rub their eyes. The pain gets resolve gradually. It naturally takes up to 30 minutes. Coughing or breathing problems may remain in the worst situations. It matters especially for those people who have severe lung conditions. Pepper spray doesn’t cause cyanosis and color fading of the skin. It results in a scarcity of oxygen and blood flow.

What Type Of Treatment Can Be Taken

What Type of Treatment Can be Taken

You won’t have any desired cure from this type of spray exposure instantly. Mainly, you can degrade the time and severeness of the impacts. The following activities can be handy for the treatment of being Pepper sprayed.

  • Move into a place of open-air as soon as possible
  • Wash the wounded area of the body thoroughly with water
  • Don’t use soap to wash the site around your eyes as you know that it has enough irritant elements
  • Remove the cloths that have been sprayed. Try to avoid all sorts of contaminants.
  • Don’t touch the sprayed area. When you rub your burning zone, the oil mixture quickly spreads to the body.
  • You can blink your eyes. It may flush the chemicals out and clean your eyes.

Moreover, you can follow the common ways to remove the pepper spray by using baby shampoo, antacids, lidocaine, and milk. But water is more effective in comparison to these products. You can use a mixture of saline and wipes in emergencies. It will be a lot of relief from burning.

It is capable of helping you with several chemicals, including pepper spray catching your skin or eyes. It is named Diphoterine. It may not be effective, but you can use it to reduce the preliminary impacts in emergency cases. After all, the pepper spray effects are often neutralized within half an hour where no medical treatment is needed.

Necessary Precautions To Take

Necessary Precautions to Take

As it is airborne, the necessary precaution will get you help from it and COVID-19 contraction. So, there are some initiatives you can adhere to right before forwarding to the place where is a chance to get Pepper sprayed.

Keep Yourself Out Of The Overcrowded Area

Keep Yourself out of the Overcrowded Area

To be on the safe side is the best strategy. Keeping distance will reduce the chance of getting Pepper sprayed. Violence in crowds is dangerous. Anything could happen. Hence, keep yourself at least six feet distance.

Keep Your Face Covered

Keep Your Face Covered

Wearing goggles is another effective way. It will not only protect you from pepper spray but also rubber bullets and tear gas. So, you will have no chance to get blind at the first shock. Pepper spray can’t penetrate through the protective glasses.

Wear A Face Mask

Wear a Face Mask

It will be lots of help if you bring a couple of masks with you. Keep a spare for further needs.

Cover Up Your Skin As Much As Possible

Cover Up your Skin as Much as Possible

Wear a full T-shirt with long sleeves. Don’t wear three or four-quarter pants. It would increase the chance of getting your bare skin exposed to pepper spray. Putting layers on would be the best choice. Besides pepper spray, it will save you from potential sunburn and unexpected weather changes. You will be prepared for any situation.

Buckle up

Buckle up

You certainly try to avoid the road having a possibility to get Pepper sprayed as you know how painful is pepper spray. However, you can’t be sure about what will be happening next. But it would help if you thought first before involving any violence. It would be best if you put your life over everything because nothing is precious more than life.


Have you ever wondered how painful pepper spray is? How does it affect affects your body and mind? Is it really safe to use on pets? There are many misconceptions about pepper spray. But, the truth behind it is much more fascinating than what we think. Here’s a breakdown of the facts behind pepper spray and its safety. I hope now you know how painful is pepper spray.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1.How Long Does it Take for Pepper Spray to Stop Hurting?

 Ans: You’ll feel the effects of pepper spray approximately one to three minutes after you’ve been sprayed. You may still be able to move about and run, if you’re suffering severe irritation, it’s best not to do so. Before retreating over 100 yards away is advisable as prolonged exposure can cause permanent damage, including blindness. With repeated attacks, you will likely go blind.

2.Can Pepper Spray Reach Through Clothing?

 Ans: Direct contact is the only way to bear the full force of pepper spray; however, over time, there may be significant skin absorption, so even within 10 feet can cause irritation and poisoning. Clothing should always be removed upon exposure! If you have not prematurely terminated your date by spraying her, she could leave with a big smile after administering.

3.How Bad Does Pepper Spray Hurt?

 Ans: You don’t “feel” pepper spray; you feel the effects of it. When sprayed in the face, the natural reaction is blinking your eyes and turning your head away.  The more you rub your eyes or try to wipe the spray off with your hands, the more pepper spray residue will be spread across your face causing additional burning on top of the initial burning.

Pepper spray enters pores in your skin that are open, which is why hands are most affected by pepper spray.  Your mucous membranes (lips, nostrils, eyelids) swell up when they come into contact with pepper spray. When sprayed on an open wound or burn, it can cause more severe pain.

4.Does Pepper Spray Cause Permanent Damage?

 Ans: Permanent damage is not likely unless you were sprayed in the eyes and it caused your cornea to burn. If pepper spray gets on an open wound or into your eyes, rinse immediately with cold water for about 15 minutes because hot water will make it worse. The best way to treat a pepper spray burn is by holding ice over the skin as soon as possible.

5.Does Pepper Spray Leave a Bruise?

 Ans: Pepper spray can cause severe bruising to the area it is sprayed, especially if you struggle with your assailant or law enforcement officer and they have to subdue you by hitting you with their hands or other objects.  The best way to reduce swelling and help ease pain from pepper spray is to apply ice, elevate the area if possible, and take ibuprofen.

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