How to Secure a Door Without a Lock: 7 Tried and Tested methods

Do you know what the methods of secure your door are without a lock? If so, this article can be the solution. Doors are used for letting people in the home also to avoid unwanted people entering.

Sometimes in any situation, you may have to secure a door without a lock. And you may also need a short time solution to keep your door locked for a while. If you don’t know how to secure a door without a lock, read this article to the very end. Here we will discuss different trustable ideas.

How to Secure a Door Without a Lock

How To Secure A Door Without A Lock: Some Effective Way

How to Secure a Door Without a Lock: Some Effective Way

Several ways are available for the security door without a lock. Here we will talk about the best seven trusted ways to secure a door without a lock. Those methods are very effective and affordable for all classes of people.

Use A Wedge To Secure The Door

Use a Wedge to Secure the Door

You can use a wedge to secure your door without lock it. It is one of the easiest yet workable ways to connect a door. Maybe many of you know about this method, but I will show you how to use this trick effectively in an effortless way.

For Locking Your Door With A Wedge:

For Locking your Door with a Wedge:

First of all, you will need a wedge. Wedge is available in every home improvement store. If you don’t have time to buy, you can use a DIY door wedge. Don’t worry, and I will also tell you how to make a DIY wedge with cardboard. You can make it in a minute. Things you have to do is take a piece of cardboard and fold it into a wedge shape. You will need only two bucks off the Wedge, and that’s Good enough.

Now time to know how to use this Wedge. When You want to keep your door shut, slide the Wedge. You can also use wedges for both inside and outside of the door. For commercial door stoppers, ensure the Wedge is made of rubber. Of course, you can’t replace it with the absolute lock, but trust me, it works perfectly superbly.

Use A Fork

Use a Fork

It maybe sounds a little bit Wired, but trust me, an ordinary fork can be your door protector and keep an unwanted person from entering the house. Well, you stop puzzled, let me solve your confusion. For making a DIY lock with a fork, you might change some parts of the fork. Make sure you are taking a new fork.

  • first bend over about 0.4 inches of the fork. Do it with a plier or a hammer.
  • Cut the fork handle. The edges can be sharp, so be careful.

Once everything is done perfectly, let’s jump to the next step, which is how to use it as a door lock:

  • Open the door, hook the head of the fork into the hole of the strike plate. Make sure the handle of the fork is flat for better output.
  • now Closed the door.
  • Then slide the fork handle in between the middle tines. Then You will lock the door well.

Using Chair

Using Chair

Then another tried and tested way to secure your door without being locked is putting a chair under the door handle. I am addressing it as the best way cause for doing this, and you won’t have to modify anything. Maybe you have had heard about it, but here I will show you how to do this effectively.

  • Things you have to do is place the back of the chair under the handle of the chair
  • It will help to keep the bolt in place. The chair will prevent pushing the handle down from the inside and outside too.

For best output, you can use an office chair because it quickly adjusts the back height. However, you can use a normal one by putting a solid object under the legs if the non-adjustable chair is unavailable. Remember, this trick only works on doors that don’t have a knob.

Portable Door Lock

Portable Door Lock

There are several reasons for using portable door locks hugely. And one of the popular reasons is you can add this as an extra lock. And it also ensures nobody can enter through the door. Those types of locks are known for travelling purposes. But you can use this just the way you like. But, remember, it doesn’t allow you to secure a door from the outside.

I love portable door locks and also prefer everyone. It’s effortless and requires no installation. Secure your door with this one in a matter of a second. A portable lock is also workable for those who already have their door lock but need extra security. It is perfect for hotels, rented rooms and college dorms, and apartment doors.

Tie It Down

Tie It Down

If your lock is not working or broken, you can use this trick. You will have to find something to secure the ground and have the sturdiness to support heavyweight like roofing beams, pillars, or decorative columns. Then find out like a rope. Now take a natural twine, old extension cords, or tightly braided rags? Directly tie one side of the string to the door handle and the other side of the rope around your strong pillar.

The pillar will act like an anchor, and when someone force to open the door, it won’t open. It works amazingly great. But if your door handle strength is not more muscular doesn’t matter how strong your pillar is- the door will still doesn’t work.

Strike Plate Door

Strike Plate Door

Strike plate lock works almost the same as a standard door chain. But strike plate is sturdier and aesthetic. It will blow your mind undoubtedly. But, you don’t need to worry about your precious door cause it causes no damage. The using method is also straightforward. The thing you will have to do is place the ring part over the door handle to lock your door tightly. It can install on doors that don’t have any other lock. So even you can also use it as an extra lock.

Door Barricade

Door Barricade

It is a proven way to keep an unauthorized person’s from entering your home. There are a lot of reasons for its becoming an ideal solution for secure doors without the lock. Let me explain how it works. It is a device anchored to the floor with two parts: the baseplate and the solid barrier.

For locking the door, slide the wall into the baseplate. The door barricade is durable, which can give you reliable protection. You can easily install and operate it. You can use it anywhere. It also works amazingly in double doors or any French door.

Is It Possible To Secure Door Without A Lock?

Is it Possible to Secure Door Without a Lock

There are so many tricks to lock a door without a lock. But, first, you need to decide if you need a long-term or a short time solution. Because the locking method may be different depending on your needs, you can see many options. For a short-term solution, you can choose wedges and chairs.

You can use the door barricade and portable door lock of the two mentioned protection devices for a permanent solution. I want to clarify that things can be used as an alternative, but it will never work as an absolute lock. So please remember those things in mind. There are different ways to lock a door without a lock.

First, you decide if you need a temporary solution or a permanent fix cause for both; the locking method can be different. But, then, there are so many options for quick answers. When you want a temporary solution, you can choose a wedge and chair. You can use the two mentioned security device door barricades and portable door locks for a permanent solution. I want to clarify that those things can be used as options, but they will never work as an absolute lock. So you have to remember those things.

Bottom Line

How to secure a door without a lock? I know it sounds impossible, but in this content, we have proved it’s possible. And you maybe think it’s not easy, but it’s possible. Do not depend on the security system without safety. It would help if you were more careful about your home security. It can only give you protection for few times. I hope you will find something beneficial after reading this article.

Frequently Asked Question:

1.How Long Can You Secure Your Door Without a Lock?

Ans: It depends on what kind of method you want to follow. There are many permanent solutions as well as temporary solutions. So you should choose one as your need.

2.What Is The Method To Secure the Door From The Inside?

Ans: For locking inside, you can use a door brace because it requires no special door modification. When you install it, nobody can be forced to open the door, so it’s safe. In addition, it is effortless to install and remove.

3.How Do You Rig A Door So It Can’t Be Opened?

Ans: You drill a hole through the door frame and your wall, install a metal pin in the hole, make sure you can’t see it. When someone tries to open the door, the pin will bend into their fingers or hands before they have time to turn the knob to open it.  You can even attach fake paper clips at regular intervals. They will only find the pin when they try to open it further and get injured.

4.How Can I Keep A Door Closed From The Inside?  

Ans: There are many ways to keep a door closed from the inside, but remember that if someone is pushing against it, it will be impossible to stay shut.  If you want to make sure nobody gets in without your knowledge, use duct tape or anything else as padding so you can slam it shut with all your force and not worry about breaking things.

5.How Do You Lock A Door With A Sock?

Ans: You can use a shoelace or any similar thin rope. Tie the ends together to make an overhand knot. Pass the knotted end of the string through the door hole and tie another knot on top of it.  And that’s it, not possible to open! An alternative is threading two strings through the hole instead of one, but make sure you use the same number of strings on both sides.

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