How To Lock A Door With Sock: Step by Step 

When you are in a sticky state, you need to lock your door immediately, but the door lock is not working? Still, don’t worry; we will tell you how to close any door without a lock through this article.

So, how to lock a door with a sock? Here we will discuss how to lock a door with a sock. Closing the door with socks, I know it sounds silly. However, this is not impossible.

If you know the actual method of locking doors with socks, it will work amazingly well. In this context, we will teach you the correct methods of using socks as your door lock. For your convenience, I will teach you step by step. So let’s jump into deeper discussions without wasting your precious time.

How To Lock A Door With Sock

How To Lock A Door With Sock – Follow Step By Step

How to Lock a Door With Sock - Follow Step By Step

Here’s what you need to do to lock a door with socks. We would try to describe everything soberly.

Step 1: Get a sock. I recommend winter socks. It can be thick or long. Take one of the socks which are available beside your hand in your home.

Step 2: And after that, you need to do is fold the socks. Try to fold it like a door wedge.

Step 3:  After folding the socks, grab the hose and place it next to the door. Be careful, and don’t let your finger pinch. Try to put the sock at the top when its opens times and closes times.

Step 4: pull the door and the sock simultaneously for unlocking the door.

Once you are done, trust me, your door will seem locked tightly. It helps most to keep the door jammed shut. Also, You will notify you if someone is forced to enter your home. for the best result, you should take enough time to do this.


  • You don’t need any money for it
  • You can also protect your children by locking them inside with socks
  • It causes no harm to your door
  • Very easy to remove from the door


  • Socks can hinge on the door

You Can Also Use Socks for Childproof Door Locks:

You Can Also Use Socks for Childproof Door Locks:

For doing this, you have to gather two things socks and a rubber band. Lets me know how to prepare this:

  • First, you will need to cut the sock 4 inches from the toe.
  • Next, slip it over your doorknob.
  • Then wrap the toe with a rubber band tightly around the base of the knob that they can’t pull it off.

It would work well to wrap the toe perfectly in your doorknob and make it secure with a rubber band.

Locked A Door With Socks From Inside?

Locked a Door With Socks From Inside

There are so many several methods to protect your door from the inside. But do you think those are effective? Well, if you don’t think so, then here is a piece of advice for you. First, you can use socks for locking your door from inside. It works well for inside locking.

Still, socks are a quick and effortless way to secure your door from inside. All you have to do is take a sock and stuff it under the door perfectly. You will be happy by knowing that your thickest woolly hiking socks are unlikely to stand up to extreme force. So the overall thing is you can use this.

Is This a Temporary Solution Long-Term Solution?

Is This a Temporary Solution Long-Term Solution

You can lock the door with a sock but remember this is impossible to replace with an actual lock. If you desperately need to secure your door, but you don’t have a key, you can take your old socks. Using socks is a fast and effortless way. However, locking doors with socks is not recommended for long time security. You can mess it up.

You apply this method on your door, not more than twice. After, you will need to search for a new way to lock your door. Otherwise, you have to face such complex problems. So make sure you know all the good sides and wrong sides before using this.

People think they shouldn’t use security for their doors because they use socks most of the time. If you build yourself up as one of them, you are wrong. For a permanent solution, you can look for a proper door lock that gives you a long-time service. Socks are a very cheap but readily available thing, that’s why they can be your perfect temporary solution.

Final word

Sometimes it is seen that your door lock does not work, and you may have to resort to different ways to lock the door. And these, you know, are temporary. So obviously you don’t want to use anything expensive and rarely found. Socks are an easy way to secure your home without a key. In this article, we tried to discuss how to lock a door with a sock.  You can expect an excellent output if you follow the steps below correctly. to latch a door with a sock. I hope now you know how to lock a door with a sock.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1.Why Do People Put Socks on the Doorknob?

Ans: No one will be able to see what you are doing inside the house when you put socks on the doorbell. Most of the college students do this while they do party in hostel room. So put socks on the doorknob so that nobody can watch them.

2.Does Sock on the Door Mean Anything to the Visitors?

Ans: Yes, when you put socks on your door, it has a significant meaning. It means do not disturb. In old fashion put socks indoors means be quiet because saying shut up is not sounds polite.

3.Is Socks Can Be Harmful to the Doorknob?

Ans: As you know, socks are a temporary solution for a locked door; you shouldn’t depend on them all the time. If you use the same process to lock your door, again and again, it can harm the doorknob. So be careful about it.

4.Which Kinds of Socks Are Better for Use at the Door?

Ans: You can any types of socks which are available. But it would be best if you take winter socks because those types of socks are durable. You can also take thick socks.

5.How Do You Make a Homemade Door Lock?

Ans: To make a homemade door lock, first cut the head off an old screwdriver. File down one side so it can fit in-between the floor and door jambs. Widen the gap by using a wedge to keep it open. Once it’s open, replace or remove your existing doorknob with a wooden dowel running through the handle and use the screwdriver to jam it.

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