When He Realizes You Blocked Him – A Expert Guideline

What happens after a person is blocked? When do they realize that you blocked him from everywhere. When you start a relationship, it seems like a dream world. At first, all things seem perfect, and your social media is full of pictures with him. So, when he realizes you blocked him?

Constantly messaging and staying connected through calls. The first valuable thing to do when you wake up every morning is to give him a message or a call. But over time the relationship can indeed be severed. Maybe the bitterness of your relationship will go away and you will experience it.

However, you believe that things will work out for you and that everything will be fine. If he doesn’t appreciate you, it will work great if you stop talking to him or block him.

How would he feel if you blocked him? In a relationship, there is never a problem with a responsible and dutiful person. When an issue arises in a relationship, you usually have to deal with a narcissist.

When he realizes that you have blocked him, he can react in different ways. He will never let you down easily from his life when you want to move on. So, when he realizes you block him. Let’s see.

When He Realizes You Blocked Him


How He Will Respond Once He Discovers You Have Blocked Him

How He Will Respond Once He Discovers You Have Blocked Him

When a man is blocked from a woman, it makes them think emotionally. Usually, a woman blocks a man only when the man treats her badly.

Well, he will not want you anymore because he treated you as if he hated you before blocking. You had bad experience when you were in a connection with him.

But you were valuable to him when you gave him enough attention and legitimacy. But sometimes he could hurt you and fight with you. And succeeded in it all the time. However, a bad-tempered man will always want to overwhelm a woman.

He always wants that kind of assurance. Never feel that he adores you, but rather that he responds in a particular way. He is addicted to the feelings you have been able to make with him.

So when he realizes that you have blocked him, he can react in different ways, but it depends on how much broken down he is.

In addition, reactions may vary from person to person and from relationship to relationship. Some men do not react because it does not affect them.

But if the person is a narcissist, then you can look for the symptoms to know his reaction. But keep in mind that it doesn’t depend on the person’s reaction that he loved you or never loved you.

He Will Not Be Affected If He Has Other Options

He Will Not Be Affected If He Has Other Options

There are very few men who cry for the love of a woman. And most men don’t have time to cry all night for a woman. So if his relationship with you is not deep and you have only been out for some days, he will move on very quickly.

Maybe he’s busy with another woman right now. And for him, it could be the exact time to dedicate all his interest to that woman.

Earlier he realized that you have blocked him, it doesn’t matter to him. However, if you spend a long time together, it is very unlikely to happen.

When a guy is attracted to another woman, he gives her too much importance and likes to chase. It seems so exciting to him, and he likes to chase as long as he can.

You blocked him, it doesn’t make him feel awful, he’s busy hunting for someone else. And even though this makes him irritated for a period, and later he will realize that there is nothing to be upset about.

He doesn’t care because there are so many birds to hunt. You may never expect to hear that, but it is true for most men, especially for narcissists. Your absence may not overwhelm his emotions, but rather he will be preoccupied with another woman.

He Will Enjoy This Chase

He Will Enjoy This Chase

You stopped talking with him, but the funny thing is that he will show more interest in you now. Some men like to chase. Especially when it comes to girls, they think it’s a manly predator. He will start to think that you are the girl he wants, and then he will want to go with you.

When he realizes you have blocked him, this thing will give him demonic pleasure. He will show interest in you and pay more attention to you than before. It doesn’t bother him that you block him, but it only increases his attraction towards you.

According to the nature of men, they do not like to give up or move on. Even if you don’t tell them directly, they won’t understand the hint. He will think you are playing mind games with him and showing him an interest in chasing you again.

He Will Contact You

He Will Contact You

When he realizes that you have blocked him, he may not show any immediate response. He will try to communicate with you in any way. This is because narcissists do not know how to deal with situations, especially when you do not have your full kindness.

You were his only source of assurance and to take care of all the time. And if you suddenly lose contact with him, and he has no replacement, he will make effort to reach you at any cost.

He will try to explain all the mistakes he has made or the things that have happened. In the meantime, he will apologize to you for resuming your relationship.

If you block his number or even block social media accounts, he will find a way to contact you. He will even email you or try to contact someone you know. If he doesn’t get your kindness, he’ll call all your friends or family members until you decide to communicate with him again.

A guy can be ultimately stable if he thinks you are his. Then he thinks you are just him, and you can’t breathe a single day without him.

If this happens, he will try to contact you even after he has broken up with you. Without him, you are useless, and you cannot make any decision on your own.

But when he sees you moving without him, he can’t stand it, and it will disappoint him very badly. It will seem like a nightmare to him and make him worry about where you are and why you are not responding to him.

Even if he creates numerous fake accounts just to contact you, don’t be surprised at all.

He Will Try To Make You Feel Guilty

He Will Try To Make You Feel Guilty

After blocking, he will communicate with you using any means, and his main purpose will be to make you feel guilty about why you blocked him.

Like saying how you stayed happy without him and did it because you didn’t care from the beginning of the relationship. Through these allegations, you will feel guilty if you try to convince yourself that he was wrong.

Not only that, if you go on a date with a guy, he will say a lot of scribbles to keep you close. First, he will try to blackmail you emotionally and try to get your kindness. He will try to convince you that you are very important to him and that he is not fine without you.

If he sees it is not effective enough, then he will try not to make you feel terrible. He will trigger you to get your attention and care as before. He just wants to get your attention and show ownership over you.

He May Be Very Angry

He May Be Very Angry

If he has a tendency to get angry easily and behaves aggressively, then it is very scary. When you have an idea that he is behaving in an offensive and aggressive manner, you will not be sure of any kind of behavior.

Even if you want to expect that he will take it calmly because you have blocked him, it is very unlikely that this will happen.

You want to get away from him because of his abuse. But he does not want to leave you easily. When he realizes that you have blocked him, he may treat you badly and even be aggressive.

He may appear in front of the gate of your house and demand that you block him. Or it may be that he wants to talk to you and tell you to go back to him.

However, if he has aggressive behaviour, be careful because he may get angry and raise his hand against you. But those who are offensive have a tendency not to abuse anyone in public. They will always want their abuse to be hidden with no evidence.

So he will never attack you in your office or a public place because of the witnesses. But he can prove it wrong. Since he thinks he is right and appreciates it, you should always be careful.

But especially if you have a weakness as your kids go to school, and you may think that they can go to school, it can hurt your kids. Then you should secure these before blocking him. Because once he knows what your weakness is, he will take advantage of your weakness.

Lying And Pretending

The first thing he do is maybe, acting like you never happened. He might even say that it didn’t mean anything to him and you were just an easy girl who fell for his charm.

Well, most likely the second after you blocked him on social media, he went to his group of male friends and told them about the hot girl he has seduced or maybe even didn’t.

You were just an easy lay for him, but when your name comes up in conversation, it will be in a negative way. He will say you are psycho, clingy or that he had to break it off with you because he felt like you were going to get pregnant any time soon.

He will also say you were crazy and he can’t believe you blocked him because of some little thing.

Make Him Jealous Or Regret His Decision

This is the moment when the truth comes out. When talking about what happened between you two, it will be a sad story. Maybe he even tells that he had a great time with you and wasn’t expecting it to end so soon.

He might even say that you seemed like the one until he found out some things about your past, but at this point, it doesn’t matter anymore. He might even talk about how guilty he feels for ending it so abruptly and you didn’t deserve this. But after a while, he seems to forget all of his promises.

He Moves On Super Fast

When he realizes that blocking him was the right decision, he will move on before you can even blink an eye. When you see your ex-boyfriend with someone else, it will hurt like hell and the worst part is that you probably won’t even know how he looked like since you blocked him on social media.

He might be dating a girl who is 10 years older than him or one of his friends’ sisters – anything seems possible here.

At least, he doesn’t seem to be the type who would cry over you for months after breaking up. And that’s probably why he tried to get in touch with you again soon, but it’s too late because you are no longer an option or a choice anymore.

He Is Really Sorry When Your Break Up

As you can see, he doesn’t seem to be sorry at all. He might even make it looks like this was the best thing you could have decided to do. But deep inside, he feels guilty for breaking up with you, but it didn’t stop him from acting like a dick afterwards.


Don’t let your small disagreements escalate into a big mess. Remember that you are both humans, and have feelings too! If he contacts you again after being blocked for an extended time, try to be friendly but firm.

You can say something like “I understand where you’re coming from, but I just want some space right now.” Once the dust settles down on this misunderstanding, don’t forget to unblock him so he’ll know his messages won’t go unanswered in the future. I hope now you know when he realizes you blocked him.

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