Emotionally Unavailable Woman: [Things You Need To Know]

An emotionally unavailable woman is a person who is mentally destructed, and she always keeps her secret from others. They are unable to create healthy and life-long relationships because of their traumatic behaviors.

Someone practices the emotional unavailability according to their choice, and again, somebody performs this type of behavior, and all make them lonely and inaccessible.

Love and emotion are eternal and the main part of any relationship to lead a happy and enjoyable life. Everybody has special feelings, and this is needed to impress another mind to continue a relationship. But an emotionally unavailable woman fails to express her feelings, and this breaks any connection.

Emotionally Unavailable Woman

Why People Become Emotionally Unavailable?

If you realize that you or your spouse is emotionally unavailable, it is critical to try to identify the source of the problem. Fear is a common cause of emotional unavailability. People are sometimes afraid to share their entire selves with another person. This might be due to apprehension of rejection or scorn. Other times, they are afraid of being harmed in the connection, therefore they keep individuals at arm’s length.

It can also be caused by a sense of insecurity. In order to avoid emotional connection, insecure people seek to build barriers that prevent others from approaching them or sabotage relationships. These anxieties can be caused by a variety of factors, including prior trauma. Traumas from childhood or traumas from a previous relationship can frequently impede people from being emotionally open.

How To Identify An Emotionally Unavailable Woman

Everyone expects a good, communicating relationship, but it will lose the commitment in this connection if another person is emotionally unavailable. A partner can identify some significant signs that bear her partner and at last behave with him as an emotionally unavailable woman. But just one sign doesn’t express that she is an emotionally unavailable woman rather than some mixed signs known as emotionally unavailable.

Here some important signs are given below:

  • An emotionally unavailable woman doesn’t respond quickly to her partner. They avoid communicating and provide answers after a long time.
  • If someone wants to share a deep discussion, another ignores it and avoids this type of communication. The emotionally unavailable woman doesn’t show any interest in that type of conversation.
  • An emotionally unavailable woman wants to make her self-determining and self-supporting. Generally, she is speechless because she feels insecurities about expressing her emotions.
  • A partner desires to label his commitment in a relationship, but an emotionally unavailable woman doesn’t provide any name; rather, she refuses the date and pretends that she isn’t in any relationship.
  • An emotionally unavailable woman looks as if she is perfect.
  • An emotionally unavailable woman has a confused mind. Sometimes, she feels romantic, and again, she feels uncomfortable with her partner.
  • An emotionally unavailable woman can’t understand what she wants clearly.
  • An emotionally unavailable person, she doesn’t concern about other times and ignores the other love.
  • An emotionally unavailable woman thinks that other feelings, love, and emotions have no value and are weak.
  • A relationship needs some support from both sides, but an emotionally unavailable woman doesn’t afford any care to continue her relationship.
  • A person who is an emotionally unavailable woman wants a lot of space and makes him alone too much from others.
  • An emotionally unavailable man doesn’t want to make any mistakes on her shoulder, and all-time finds faults in other behavior.

The Secret Struggle Of The Emotionally Unavailable Woman

The Secret Struggle Of The Emotionally Unavailable Woman

An emotionally unavailable woman struggles with her that she can’t understand, and she faces these secret problems and tries to handle herself. A woman struggles to find her importance and emotions in any relationship, but she shall find many disturbances if she is emotionally unavailable.

Here some exceptional struggle topics are given below:

  • An emotionally unavailable woman thinks that she isn’t perfect for her partner and realizes that her emotions aren’t important to her partner.
  • An emotionally unavailable woman looks as if she may control her emotions and do the right thing.
  • She doesn’t take any failure in a relationship, and she thinks her partner wants to give up on her.
  • A good relationship supports each other mentally, but an emotionally unavailable woman tries to make him self-dependent and pressure her.
  • An emotionally unavailable woman has no regulation on her, and her mood swing suddenly increases and decreases. She has weak control over her mind.
  • Confidence is very important in a relationship, but an emotionally unavailable woman feels insecure, and her confidence is very low.

Is Emotional Unavailability A Mental Illness?

Is Emotional Unavailability a Mental Illness

Emotional unavailability is a psychological problem. It can be a temporary or chronic problem. For a different reason, a person created own special room and walled around and don’t have any permission to access another person in her area. Temporary emotional unavailability can be solved through proper support and caring, and to solve the chronic problem, a person needs doctor consultation.

This problem cause for many reasons such as:

  • Depression
  • Neglection
  • Avoidance
  • Lack of love and care
  • Lack of support
  • Fear of losing
  • Fearful relationship
  • Facing traumatic situation
  • Abusing through anyone

How To Make Emotionally Unavailable Woman Happy

How To Make Emotionally Unavailable Woman Happy

Emotion sharing is an important topic in a relationship. Everyone wants to express emotions in a good connection, but an emotionally unavailable person always fails to express her feeling with her partner. For this reason, you shouldn’t think that she can’t become happy and even she has no normal life. It’s a wrong idea that she is not a normal woman because she will lead a normal life if she gets proper caring and support. Again, she can understand another feeling and starts to love another.

Here some special steps are given below which helps to make an emotionally unavailable woman happy:

  • In the first step, a partner should provide more time to support her and give importance to her feelings because she needs a lot of mental support and a secure feeling.
  • A partner can express her feeling with her but takes a limitation because she has an allergy feeling on deep emotional talking. She needs time to open her expressions.
  • Day by day, a partner can tell her problem and identify the emotional unavailability to realize that she is in a disorder moment and recover from this situation.
  • Suppose someone thinks that her partner is not normal, but before thinking, he should concentrate on him because it is necessary to realize that he is okay. Then he can provide attention to the cause, which makes his partner emotionally unavailable, and can solve it easily.
  • Another doesn’t create a person’s emotions and feelings. It is God gifted and day by day, and the different situation turns into a man strong or weak mentality. So, a person shouldn’t try to change another behavior, but he can try to make it good.
  • If emotional unavailability is a mental disorder, a doctor is needed for counseling.

Emotionally unavailable is a traumatic situation, but it is not a great problem. Though emotional unapproachability causes many problems such as frustration and sorrow, it doesn’t mean breaking up a good relationship. An emotionally unavailable woman is a person who also wants to love someone and express her feelings, but she feels a wall between her and her partner. But if anyone supports an emotionally unavailable woman with small patience, she will recover her mind and start to care about her relationship.


I hope now you know about an emotionally unavailable women.

Frequently Asked Question:

1.What Does An Emotionally Unavailable Woman Act Like?

Ans: An emotionally unavailable woman seems like she has no problems. On the surface, she can act like everything is fine and that nothing bothers or upsets her. But when you start talking to this woman about how she feels, it’s almost like talking to a brick wall. There’s absolutely no feeling in her voice; instead of answering your questions with words, she’ll give you one word answers and tell you everything is “fine.” If you ask her if she’s feeling anything in particular, she’ll say no.

2.How Do You Deal With An Emotionally Unavailable Woman?

Ans: There’s one thing you need to realize about this type of woman: she isn’t going to open up and talk to you about how she feels, at least not right away. Women like this either have a hard time expressing their feelings or simply don’t know how to do it. If you fall for a girl who is emotionally unavailable, don’t push her to open up. Give her the space and quiet she needs, and let her approach you when she’s ready.

3.Can An Emotionally Unavailable Woman Change?

Ans: It’s possible for a woman who has always been emotionally unavailable to suddenly change her outlook on life and begin feeling things deeply. But more often than not, this is a result of a significant event that prompts a major internal change. For instance, if an emotionally unavailable person sees the death of a loved one, they may feel everything more intensely than ever before. This doesn’t mean they’ll embrace their feelings and open up to you right away, but it does create an opening where you can slowly break through their exterior wall.

4.What Causes Emotional Unavailability?

Ans: There are many different things that could cause a person to become emotionally unavailable. They may have been abused or suffered some form of trauma in the past, or they might simply be going through a phase in their life where they don’t want a man in it.

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