3 Year Relationship Is Not Progressing – Reasons & Solutions

When you go in a relationship, you make a lot of plans and goals regarding your relationship. You invest all of your dedication, enthusiasm, love, passion on your relationship and you expect to t an unbelievable amount of return from it.

But after a period of time, you discover that the excitement you used to feel towards your relationship is fizzling out and you start feeling like you are at a stalemate.

You get hopeless to find out that the progress you wanted for your relationship is not really being made and you can’t see the future of your relationship going strong. So, what should you do when your 3 year relationship is not progressing?

3 Year Relationship Is Not Progressing

There are many reasons why your relationship is not progressing. Maybe you both are facing the absence of proper communication in your relationship. Maybe all of a sudden, you have discovered that you and your partner are slowly drifting apart or you both start feeling suffocated in your relationship.  In order to get your relationship out of such problems, you need to start working for making things better.

Here Are Some Core Issues In Which You Need To Focus And The Ways Of Sorting These Issues Out

Here Are Some Core Issues In Which You Need To Focus And The Ways Of Sorting These Issues Out


You literally can’t imagine how much importance a good communication holds to keep your  relationship moving forward. If there is an outstanding communication between you and your partner, your relationship can go through thick and thin and still figure a way out.

Whatever issues you are facing in your relationship, talk it out with your partner.  Vent all your anger, problem, depression on your partner in order to make them understand what you are going through. And most importantly, do listen to all the things attentively what your partner has to say and go all the way to understand their issues. Maybe a small but meaningful conversation is what you need to refresh your relationship by clearing all those dust over it!

Spending Time Together

Spending Time Together

Starting to Spend a great amount of time together with your partner is maybe all you need to bring life back on your relationship. Try to spend as much as you can with your partner. Go to a walk with your partner while talking about some random things, Plan a dinner or launch with your partner where you guys can spend some quality time, talk with your partner over a phone call and spend a lot of time on that phone call just by sharing all of your thoughts, emotions, feelings, ideas with each  other.

Giving Space To Your Partner

Giving Space To Your Partner

We have talked about the importance of spending a great amount of time with your partner to keep your relationship in order. But yet, it is also a significant part of your relationship in which you need to give your partner proper space so that they can breathe. We don’t feel like doing regular things everyday.

Sometimes, we just need a break from all of it. And then we need to spend our time on our own while exploring ourselves and figuring things out. Allocate some time to your partner when they don’t need to call you up to check on you, when they can explore their hobbies, spend time alone, do things which make them feel like themselves.

And surely, after getting space, they will start glowing and your relationship will get a new head start! It is totally okay to feel that your relationship is not progressing after a particular period of time of the relationship. But that doesn’t mean your relationship is over and all you should do is moving on. Firstly, take some time to understand the current situation of your relationship, identify the core issues and take steps to solve them. And eventually, everything will be okay in your relationship.

When Should You Breakup

When Should You Breakup

Split up if in the relationship, you constantly feel ignored, unimportant, and/or uncared for. “If your partner is consistently inattentive and neglectful of your needs and wants, despite your best efforts in communicating your needs to them, Then it’s fair to say your partner is not valuing you and the relationship. “Partners who are absorbed or lack adequate relationship skills are incapable of ever meeting your emotional needs.” It’s time to say good-bye.


I hope now you know what should you do when your 3 year relationship is not progressing.

Frequently Asked Question:

1.Why Do Relationships Fail After 3 Years?

Ans: It’s usually the same reason why relationships fail after 1 year. The excitement and novelty of a new relationship has worn off so it no longer feels fresh and exciting. But there are other factors to consider, like whether or not you’re growing as individuals outside of each other.

2.Is 3 Years Considered A Long Relationship?

Ans: Compared to other relationships, sure. But the longer you’re together, the more difficult it becomes to maintain a good relationship. You’ll begin take each other for granted and feel less connected because of that. Plus, after 3 years your goals are probably different so it’s time to start thinking about what you really want out of life.

3.What Does 3 Years In A Relationship Mean?

Ans: 3 years means you’ve been together for half of your lives. It’s a huge amount of time and it probably feels like nothing can break you up at this point, but don’t be too confident. Because the older you get and the more experience you have with relationships, it will become easier to make mistakes and burn bridges with each other.

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