PS Vita Won’t Turn On? PlayStation Vita, Restart, Reset, Backup, and Restore

Video Games give us tons of entertainment. People of every age play video games anywhere and anytime. The invention of online games drives this playing passion further. Nowadays, playing games is a mighty incoming source.  We can play video games using smartphones, laptops, PCs, etc. Some devices are used only to play video games. PlayStation is such a kind of gaming device.  The PS4 gaming device that Sony makes is most popular across the globe.

PlayStation Vita or PS Vita is a mini gaming machine. Sony has developed it. They released it back in 2011. After that, it is greatly upgraded. If you are visiting us, then you must be facing issues with the PS Vita device. Your PS Vita won’t turn on? Your problems may be solved here. We will discuss some processes that may troubleshoot your problems. But before that, we will introduce the PlayStation Vita first.  As many people here may not know about this gaming device. Stay with us. Hope you don’t have to return empty-handed.

PS Vita Won’t Turn On

What Is PlayStation Vita Or PS Vita?

This machine is a handy gaming device. Sony Entertainment Network has developed this device. It is comparably an analog device with buttons in it. You have to press button-controls to play the games. The PS Vita has a touch display. But the touch cannot be used for the gameplay.

Using it, we can play tons of games. You can download games like PES, FIFA, GTA games, and many more as you like. If you love games and like to keep a separate device for playing games, this device is for you. Let’s scroll down and take a glimpse at the features.

Features Of PS Vita

This device has some excellent features. For the features, many gamers still like it very much even today.

  • Slimmer and Lighter: This device was coined about a decade ago. But it is made slimmer and lighter. For this reason, it still copes with the present word.
  • Colors: This device has several colors. There are blue, glacier white, black, orange, and red colors available for you to choose from.
  • Buttons: This device consists of many buttons. These buttons help to control the games. There is a D-pad on your left side. Action keys are on your right side. There are two triggers as well. We can see the power key top of the device. You can find a PlayStation button at the left that has a charging status light in it.
  • Charging: The battery life duration is pretty good on the PS Vita. For charging, you have a USB cable that you can connect with an AC adapter. It is also possible to charge your device by your laptop or PC via USB. To make a full charge, it takes about 2 hours and 40 minutes. Charging is faster with the AC Adapter.
  • Wi-Fi: Now, you can connect your device to Wi-Fi networks. We are no longer need to use sim cards. Wi-Fi connection helps to download exciting games from the store.
  • Store: This gaming device has an exciting store service. Visit the store and download tons of games. Keep yourself up to date with the gaming world.

PS Vita is not available in every store since people generally don’t buy this device. It is maybe available on Amazon or eBay. 

PS Vita Won’t Turn On?

In this section, we will guide you to solve some issues with the PS Vita. The troubleshooting processes we discuss here may come in handy. We will discuss the charging issue, restart, and reset processes here.

Charging Issue

Your device may not turn on because of the charging issue. You have to charge your PS Vita properly. Sometimes, it may be tricky if you don’t know it.

  • Connect the USB cable with your PS Vita and the AC adapter. Then put the adapter into your electric source. Note that, AC adapter charges your device faster than a laptop or PC.
  • If the status light of the PlayStation button keeps blinking, it means that your PS Vita is very low on charge. Keep charging it. The status light would stand solid after some charging.
  • It may take about 2 hours and 40 minutes to charge it fully. If you use your USB and a Laptop or PC for charging, it may take longer. If it is fully charged, the status light will go off. So, no status light means fully charged.
  • Note that you can only charge your device with another device when your PS Vita is turned off.
  • If your device doesn’t charge, please check your USB cable for damage and debris. Try changing the cable.
  • Now try turning on your device. Hold your power key that you will find at the top of the device. Hopefully, your device turns on this time.

If still, you cannot turn on the PS Vita, it is maybe due to some system failure. Then try the next process.

Force Restart

A force restart does not erase any data. It is a very handy process that may be able to turn on your PS Vita.

  • To initiate, you have to tap and hold some buttons together. Make sure to charge your device first. The three buttons are the Power Key, PlayStation Key, and the Right Trigger Key. You can find the Power key at the top of your device. The PlayStation has a PlayStation logo in it. And the Right Trigger key is at the top-right corner.
  • Tap and keep holding them together. Could you do it for some time? Then the safe mode screen will appear. Now your touch control would not work. Navigate with the D-pad. Select with the X button (One of the action buttons).
  • Now navigate and select Restart This System option. Hopefully, your device might restart now, and the issue is solved.

Still, won’t turn on? Then scroll down to follow the next steps. And try resetting your device.

Force Reset

Force reset refers to a factory data reset. It wipes out the games and progresses that you have made. All the installed games will be wiped out. Your PS Vita will be turned into a factory fresh device. But this process does not erase the software updates your device has.

  • To force reset, you have to follow the above process and hold the same three buttons.
  • After a few seconds, the PS logo comes up. Then the safe mode will appear. This time, navigate and select the Reset This System option.
  • They will ask for confirmation. If you press yes, the process will continue.
  • After some time, your fresh PS Vita might turn on.

If you still cannot turn on your PS Vita, we recommend seeking help from Sony’s PS Vita support.

Backup And Restore

Now we will discuss the backup and restore process of PS Vita. Backup means safekeeping your files, game data, and progress. So that you can regain them in time of need, restore means to regain your backed-up files once again. You can back up your PS Vita files and store them on a PS4, Laptop, or/and on a PC.

For the backup to PS4, make sure that both your PS Vita and PS4 are signed in to the same Sony Entertainment Network Account.  For backup to a laptop or PC, you must download a free soft. Download the Content Manager Assistant soft from the PlayStation official website and install it. Now follow the steps.

  • Connect your PS Vita with PS4, Laptop, or PC through the USB cable. 
  • Then tap the content manager icon of your PS Vita. Then press start.
  • There you can find the Backup option. Now back up your files. After some time, your files will be stored on your intended device.

Restoring is useful after resetting the device. So, do a backup for the safety of the files. Then, you can regain your files by this restore process. The restore process is nearly the same as the backup.

  • Connect your PS Vita with the device that has your backup files via USB cable.
  • Go to the content manager icon of your PS Vita and press start.
  • There you can see the restore option. Note that restoring will delete all the files from your current PS Vita memory. And restore it with your previously backed up files.
  • Press restart. After some time, the process is done.

The Bottom Lines

PS Vita is a very handy gaming device for game lovers. Especially if someone wants an individual device for gaming, this device thrills us with exciting games and keeps us up to date as well. Though it is a back-dated device now, many people still love it. Besides, we are always available to help you with your PS Vita. I hope now you know what to do when your PS Vita won’t turn on.

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