15 Reasons Why I Like Traveling [My Experience Exlpained]

We are living in a vast beautiful world. We are not born to stay in a single place, bounded by the walls. We are here to explore the beauty of every corner of the Earth, our home sweet home. Now, this is easier more than ever.

We can travel from one end of this world to another within hours. This is made possible by the revolution of science. Now we have wheels to roll and wings to fly.

This was unthinkable even a century ago. Only a fool does not love traveling in this world blessed with modernity. In this age of technological advancement, we have the internet and smartphones in every hand to watch and know about beautiful places around us. But traveling is more than just pictures or perfect video shots of a place.

Traveling is more meaningful, exciting, adventurous, thrilling, inspiring, educative, and the list goes on. It allows us to meet new people and know different cultures.Moreover, traveling gives us unforgettable memories to carry all through our life. Here in this article, we will like to explore some benefits of traveling. Following is a list of 15 reasons I like traveling.

15 Reasons I Like Traveling

New People And New Culture

One of the prime reasons for traveling is to meet new people and know different cultures all around the world. People like to see the unseen and know the unknown. This thirst for newer things is what defines human beings. And traveling is the only way to satisfy this thirst.

Traveling is the way of gaining first-hand experiences about new things. It can be a new language, new food, new traditional festival, new custom, new spiritual belief, and a new way of living. This way, we can learn the similarities and dissimilarities between different people of different regions and learn to embrace them.

Observation And Perspective

Traveling allows us to know how the world works and how to love humanity. It makes us great observers. Traveling helps us to judge everything from a whole new perspective. This is because, traveling gives us deep knowledge about peoples, their way of living, cultures, and customs. We learn to understand that not everyone is rich. Life is not all about drinking and disco. There are peoples in the world who do not have any shelter to live or food to eat. It makes us consider everything from a different perspective. Traveling makes us love humans. It changes us inside out.

Traveling Is Education

Traveling Is Education

Traveling is the source of first-hand education. What we observe and learn through traveling the world, cannot be learned by reading or watching documentaries. This learning is everlasting. Traveling is more educational than academic classes. It provides us huge historical insight and geographical knowledge. We can also learn a thing or two about sociology and politics through traveling to different nations.

Escaping From Stress

Escaping From Stress

Traveling is a way of escaping from stress. We are stuck in our daily tasks. Wake up in the morning, go to work, come back home, sleep, again wake up in the morning, and go to work round and round again. Human beings can take this workload and a boring life for so long.

We need a break from this routine and stressful life. Believe me, traveling can remove all your stress. Again, in our day-to-day life, we fall victim to troubles, breakups, family issues, or sometimes the death of someone close. In these stressful situations, traveling can play a lifesaving role. It can make us forgetful of every trouble for the time being. Again, in this world of chaos and corruption, traveling is a great way of breaking free.

Traveling Is Reviving

Living our everyday life or carrying our workload without a break for so long gives us tiredness and makes us fatigue. Surveys show that the productivity of a human decreases drastically for tiredness and fatigue. This is why we should travel to different places on a regular break for reviving ourselves.

It refreshes our minds. Imagine, sunbathing on a seabeach, standing right next to a waterfall, hiking, or sea surfing, setting a table and having a cup of hot coffee on a snowy mountain or forest, what can be more beautiful and refreshing than these! These things remove all our stresses and revive us.

It gives us a new beginning, a new working spirit to start our day-to-day life fresh once again. A good distraction is what you need and traveling exactly gives you this. When you return, you will be surprised by your attention to the works. It also increases creativity and productivity. This is the exact reason why many organizations arrange travel tours for their employees.

Challenging Yourself

Traveling to new places is not a walk in the park. Traveling is very much challenging. To go for a travel tour, you need to make time for yourself which is in crisis in this busy world of ours. Moreover, you have to come out of your comfort zone to go for a travel.

Going to a new place, talking to new people and knowing them, roaming around unknown streets, eating the foods you never have tasted before, coping with the weather is nothing but challenging. So, if you seek to challenge and thrill, traveling to new places is what you are looking for. Only then you would understand how beautiful and resourceful the world is!

Traveling Improves Communicating Skills And Tolerance

Traveling to an alien land is full of uncertainty. After a long and tiring flight, finally, you have reached your destination. Now you have to check in a hotel for the night. Then you realize that nobody speaks or understands your language, neither do you.

Trouble in paradise, right? Yes, traveling is full of uncertainty. And this very reason increases your tolerance for uncertainty. You have to find people who speak, or at least understand you. Or, you have to communicate with your gesture. Communicating with a foreigner improves your communicating skills. In an alien land, where everything is unknown and uncertain, this can be the opportunity to venture into the unknown.

Traveling Boosts Creativity

Sometimes, we suffer from a lack of creativity and new ideas in our professional life. Imagine, you are a chef or the owner of a restaurant. You want to introduce a unique and delicious recipe in your locality. Traveling to a new place can help you in this regard.

Traveling allows us to know about a lot of foreign foods, and maybe this will enlighten you with an idea. Now, you are a writer, trying to write a story but nothing comes out of your head. Gear up and set out for traveling. Maybe a new place, new people, or a new culture will give a story, or give you a place setting for your story. Traveling to new places gives us new ideas and boosts our creativity undoubtedly.

Strengthen Bonds

Traveling together can strengthen family and friendship bonds. While traveling together and staying at a new place, all the family members must help each other. In an alien land, where you do not know anybody but your family members, you will feel the need for them more than ever. By helping, sharing, and caring, a strong bond develops. Traveling together with family members also means a great vacation and family gathering. Where a lot of gossiping and joking make everyone happy and cheerful.

It also removes any grudges among them if there are any. Traveling is also a great opportunity for groups of friends to spend quality vacations. It allows a high school gang to reunite and go for a tour together as well. Traveling together defines why we make friends and we like each other’s company. It deepens friendship than ever before. Again, traveling is an opportunity to meet new people and befriend them.

Traveling Helps Appreciating Home And Love

Traveling is the means of leaving behind home and loved ones for a while. When we go to a foreign land for traveling, we miss the warmth of comfort and love of our family. In a city that is full of uncertainty, with no idea where to board, what to eat, or how to talk, then we understand the real value of our warm bedrooms, regular foods, and the hugs of loved ones. We cannot feel this love while staying at our home. Because we take it for granted. So, it is safe to say that traveling teaches us to love and care for our homes and loved ones more.


Traveling is a great way of celebrating something. Let’s think it is a marriage anniversary or the birthday of someone we love. Or it can be a relationship anniversary or any kind of special occasion. What could be better than travel and go to a dream location for celebrating it! Let’s think you are having a candlelight dinner with your beloved and watching the beautiful lighting of the Eiffel Tower. It also gives us special memories of that celebration trip.

Travel To Eat

Many peoples are fond of food. They always try to find newer tastes and new recipes. Again, there are food bloggers who always try to explore the food world. Traveling is the best way for food lovers and food bloggers to know about newer recipes. People are different and their food habits are different in every second region. Traveling to different regions will allow you to sense newer tastes and learn about tons of newer recipes that you could not finish counting.

Travel Makes You Healthier

Travel makes you physically and mentally stronger. Think of the physical stress you have to take while catching a train or getting onboard a flight. Or think about the hard work while climbing a mountain, or hiking through a forest, camping for a night. All these things increase our endurance and make us physically and mentally healthier. A study by US Travel Association shows that traveling decreases the risks of heart disease. Yearly vacation decreases the risk of dying from heart disease up to 30%.

Live Your Dream

We, human beings, have many fantasies and dreams. This is because we are hungry for knowing more and seeing the beauty of this world. Everybody has a dream of sunbathing on a seabeach, witnessing the majestic sun setting into the sea, watching the reflection of the Taj Mahal,

Standing right next to a Waterfall or the great Eiffel Tower, ride on a boat on the water city of Venice, roaming around the ancient structures of Rome, and many more. We can only fulfill these dreams by traveling. Traveling is all about living your life in a better way. Traveling is the way of living every moment by touching your dreams.

Make Memories

Traveling helps us to make golden memories. We travel to new lands, meet new people, taste new foods, make new friends, and all of these are golden memories we can remember forever. Moreover, we have the technology to frame these moments and store them as well as share them on social media. So, it is safe to say that traveling helps us making great memories.

Advantages Of Traveling

Traveling may take you away from your everyday routine and into new environments and activities, which can reset your body and mind. Even planning a vacation may have a positive impact on the body, since it increases enjoyment and feels fulfilling. Travel not only relieves tension, but it also broadens the intellect.

Travel promotes self-development, the formation of new friendships, the renewal of one’s mind, and the generation of new ideas. Traveling also keeps stress, despair, and anxiety at bay. It gives a new environment that takes a person out of their comfort zone. Overall, traveling broadens one’s horizon.

The Bottom Lines

It is safe to say that traveling has a lot to offer us. It is we who need to make time for traveling. It allows us to meet new peoples, cultures, customs, festivals, recipes, beliefs, and many more. Traveling changes our perspective and opens doors to creativity and new business ideas. It teaches us to love humanity. It is traveling that strengthens us physically and revives our spiritual strength. Moreover, it offers us golden memories to remember all through our busy lives. There are countless reasons why I like Travelling.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1.Is It Possible To Learn New Culture By Traveling?

Ans: This question has been asked by many people. I strongly believe that you can not learn culture by traveling. You can only see the exterior of culture, but not the core.

2.Does Travel Give You Mental Satisfaction?

Ans: Traveling is not just an escape but also a way to discover the unknown. That’s why I think it gives mental satisfaction because you get out of your normal surroundings and life experiences which you can’t have at home.

3.What Are The Benefits Of Traveling?

Ans: Traveling is one of the most thrilling experiences you can have. You learn so much about new cultures, languages, environments and how to adapt and survive in them. Very few things bring you the same sensations and excitement as traveling does.

4.Love To Travel Meaning?

Ans: New life stories. Want to explore unique new things? Really feel excited when you are on the road? Love to travel meaning has another part of your life, full of things that attract you.

5.What Are Some Good Reasons To Travel?

Ans: Getting away from what you know and exploring new places is a good reason to travel. You’ll meet new people in different cultures, see a different perspective of a place, and gain a deeper understanding of the world.

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