Mobile Home Security Camera – Which Is Suitable For You?

Almost all of us at home have at least one old Smartphone, which we have left behind and not used for any purpose. However, if it is still running, you can use it for various purposes.

For example, you can use it as a small webcam monitor or Google speaker if you want. But the best way to use the old Smartphone is to convert it into a mobile home security camera. Especially for those who want to use a webcam but can’t afford it right now, this is the best solution. Here how to set it up:


Mobile Home Security CameraWhat Is The Mobile Home Security System?

What is The Mobile Home Security System

A versatile observation unit is self-maintaining security hardware and can spontaneously move from one area to another, contingent upon your necessities. A few areas where you may probably see these units incorporate:

  • Temporary office
  • Construction area
  • Classroom

To make your security system follows these steps:-

Step 1: Download And Install The Security Camera App

Step 1: Download and Install the Security Camera App

The first thing you need to do is choose a good security camera app for your mobile phone. However, all security cameras contain almost the same feature: recording video, storing video footage, cloud streaming, alerts, motion detection, etc. Once the setup has been done, you can control and monitor it from anywhere. You can find lots of security camera applications in the app store. Alfred’s security camera app is the best among them.

The security camera app is permitted to exert and delivers you a far good view on your live field, movement location with a warning, a 2-way sound, free storage, and you can also use both the back and front cameras. You can also use some extra option, as higher-goal recording and survey, advertisement expulsion, zoom in capacities, and free storage, if you buy the premium version of Alfred.

New Phone Setup

New Phone Setup:

  1. Download the security camera app on both your new and old smartphones and tablets.
  2. First, run the app on your new phone, go to the Introduction option, and press Start.
  3. Now select View and press Next Click on Sign in with Google.

Old Phone Setup

Old Phone Setup:

  1. Download the security camera app on both your new and old smartphones and tablets.
  2. First, run the app on your new phone, go to the Introduction option, and press Start.
  3. Now select Camera and press Next
  4. Click login with Google

When both smartphones are logging into the security camera app, you’re done with the installation process. Alfred is working on few more settings. Other operating systems like IOS permitted only choosing between the back and front cameras, motion detection, and up or down sound system. If you’re using an Android device, you can reboot from the phone, set a goal, and set up password protection.

You can use some more settings from your new Android mobile like turning notices on or off, setting a user name or camera, adding people to your Trust group (giving others admittance to your security camera app), Checking how often a camera has separated, eliminating a camera, setting movement of the camera and turn night vision mode.

Step 2: Choosing an Appropriate Space

Step 2: Choosing an Appropriate Space

After installing the app, you have to choose a good-looking place to place the assigned camera. It would be best if you chose a place to set up the camera, whether it is your main gate, storeroom or where there are important things are stored. If you have a few old mobiles, you can use each one in a different place.

Step 3: Use Power and Mount

Step 3: Use Power and Mount

A little phone stand or attractions vehicle mounts can do some amazing things and assist you in placing the mobile in a hidden position. To widen the area of view, think about buying a wide-point for your Smartphone. The web-based motion picture is very force concentrated, and the mobile will be on all day.

To hold the telephone back from kicking the bucket in the first few hours, you should situate it’s anything but a force generator. A ten-foot USB link will provide you more accommodation in where you want to put it. Furthermore, that is it! Presently you can utilize the security cam application on your new telephone to see the feed from your old telephone’s camera, and you’ve made your home safer without spending a dime.

Step 4: Security Camera App for Android

Security Camera App for Android

  1. Alfred home security camera
  2. IP webcam
  3. At home camera
  4. Track view
  5. Warden cam
  6. Hardware security camera app

Step 5: Types of Mobile Home Security Camera

  1. Traditional Camera
  2. IP Security Camera
  3. IP Home Security Camera
  4. Dome Camera

Step 6: Advantage of Mobile Home Security Camera

Advantage of Mobile Home Security Camera

  1. Instant Alerts
  2. Wire-free
  3. Home Automation
  4. Interactive Monitoring
  5. Home Insurance
  6. Low cost
  7. Connected to the cloud
  8. Live Monitored Video
  9. Self-sustaining security system
  10. Fast setup

Portable reconnaissance security frameworks are more advantageous than ordinary observation cameras, particularly when groups make them of time-and experience-tried specialists. Contact Mobile Video Guard today to study how you can give your site the best safety efforts. Our experts can hardly wait to talk with you about versatile reconnaissance or other security questions you may have.


These tasks are much easier to do with a new dedicated camera, but if you don’t want to buy a new security camera or use your old phone for good instead of selling it, setting it up is a great idea. And we have informed you all that needs to make a mobile home security camera. After that, if you have any problem or anything to know, let us know in the comments. We will do our best to help you.

Frequently Asked Question:

1.Do I Even Need A Security Camera?

Ans: Security cameras are not very popular. People do not actively think of installing one because they don’t know its benefits and potential advantages. Because it allows you to decrease your risk, learn what is happening through them, see things that you used to miss and – last but not least: they increase your home safety.

There are several instances where installing security cameras would be beneficial (see what we consider to be the most critical reasons in the table above):

1) To ensure no one enters or exits unwanted areas of your house.

2) Keep an eye on your small children when you aren’t home.

3) Watch the dark areas of your house at night

4) Have a surveillance camera in place to watch you when you lock yourself out

2.Should I Get A Motion Sensor Or An Alarm For My Mobile Home Security Camera?

Ans: Though they look very similar, the two types of sensors and alarms greatly differ in their quality and functionality. There are both advantages and disadvantages to each system:  Motion activated – these detect one or more moving objects within a designated distance (however large).

They operate under full “continuous” power, i.e. no detection time before starting recording.  Thus there is almost 0 power consumption for this type of detector, such as Adams Creation Sensor, Honey well ADMS-6400. 

3.Can You Use A Hotspot For Security Cameras?

Ans: A hotspot is a wireless area that offers Internet access to all devices within range. Hotspots can be thought of as wireless Internet access points which provide Internet connection sharing, typically without the user being aware it’s even happening.

Most people use a hotspot for their own convenience, accessing the Internet from a laptop or mobile device on the go. Hotspots are popular with mobile workers who don’t want to deal with the hassle of signing up for a cellular data plan and in public spaces where it’s free for anyone to connect.

4.How Do I Choose A Good Mobile Home Security Camera?

Ans: The first thing to consider when choosing a Wi-Fi security camera is how you plan to access it. Many cameras connect directly to your home’s wireless network, while others may require the use of an Ethernet cable for connection.  Some cameras can be accessed through a smartphone or tablet application, allowing you to monitor your home from anywhere, at any time.

5.Can I Monitor My Home Through A Hotspot?

Ans: Yes, you can check your camera with hotspot coverage. However, some issues may occur. The major issue is that not all cameras can work with hotspots due to poor signal quality. This means you may have a limited monitoring range, or the camera could stop working completely in some areas of your home or business.

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