10 Best Home Security Camera [Ensure Your House Safety 100% ]

The best home security cameras do more than just keep an eye on your day and night home. This is because these cameras are connected to your home network and will send you an alert with live video of each person, animal, or step in front of them. Best of all, the home security camera has built-in speakers and microphones, so you can talk to the person on the other end. There are many things to consider when choosing the best home protection camera for your needs. Let’s know about 10 Best Home Security Cameras.

Best Home Security Camera

10 Best Home Security Camera – Keep Your House Secure

1. Ring Floodlight Camera

Ring Floodlight Camera

The Ring Floodlight camera has all the necessary devices such as a home protection camera and a motion-activated flood illumination. When the floodlight camera detects movement, it turns on its two powerful LED beams as well as the sharp 1080p camera and starts recording. It also has a loudspeaker, so you can talk to the camera in front of you and hear their feedback.

The Ring app offers a variety of settings. The ring lets users see what’s happening in your area from local police and the fire department. You’ll need to subscribe to Ring’s cloud storage plans for video recording and sharing, which will cost you money each month.


  1. It has a wide field
  2. Lets you determine the speed zone
  3. You can subscribe at an affordable price
  4. Can save videos


  1. You need to subscribe.

2. Nest Cam Indoor

Nest Cam Indoor

The Nest Cam Indoor camera is easy to set up and has a magnetic, swivel base. It can be installed almost anywhere inside the house. It can be used to make sharp videos. Night vision clear; The camera can be used as an intercom; And it communicates with Nest thermostats and Nest protected smoke detectors, as well as numerous third-party smart-home devices.


  1. Its video quality is 1080p.
  2. It has an impressive night vision.
  3. Easy to set up and Programmable with Nest Protect and Nest Thermostat.
  4. Make sharp videos.


  1. Speaker is not very powerful.

3. Arlo Pro 3

Arlo Pro 3

Best for Arlo Pro 3 wireless protection camera. No power cord is required for this and is still ahead of the competition. The Arlo Pro 3 can be a great choice for battery-powered cameras for you. If you want a quick setup, multiple cameras, and outstanding quality video then this is the best for you. It can capture 2K video 1080p in more detail than outdoor cameras and has infrared night vision. It has a built-in spotlight for recording clear video at any time of the day.


  1. Has 2K video resolution capacity.
  2. Its design is 100% wireless.
  3. Indoor/outdoor versatility.
  4. Moreover, it has a smart home integration system.


  1. Its price is so high.

4. Wyze Cam Pan

Wyze cam Pan

This little Wi-Fi camera can scan an entire house in just three seconds. This is the best indoor budget camera. With it, you can adjust the settings with the pan scan feature to automatically scan a region in the specifications. The motion tracking of Wyze Cam Pan is also great. If a child or something else goes through the room, the camera will be able to follow all the activities. Also, you can get Wyze Cam Pan at an affordable price.


  1. Very affordable price.
  2. There is a 360 coverage system with pan scan
  3. Can do smart speed tracking.
  4. It has a 14-day cloud storage free rolling system.


  1. It is available in the wire power cord.

5. Blink XT2

Blink XT2

This camera is for those who are looking for a real wireless alternative. The XT2’s camera is powered by two AA batteries and makes wireless communication with a small base station connected to your Wi-Fi network. The XT2’s case is weatherproof, so you can put it anywhere inside or out. It records 1080p video. The Blink app also has a connection to the Ring Neighbor app, where you can view feeds of other events in your neighborhood and post videos from your Blink camera. Blink’s app is fairly powerful.


  1. Blink XT2 is not expensive.
  2. It is weatherproof.
  3. No person recognition.
  4. 1080p video can capture.


  1. It has no local storage.

6. Canary Pro

canary pro camera

The Canary Pro provides home protection like a siren and environmental sensors. It integrates with a smart home security camera. And its small, objectionable design will fool you. Canary has packed many protection features so that it is eligible for home insurance discounts from many large insurers. It lets you know if the fireplace isn’t completely outside or if someone was running the tub. It gives a little more energy to see at night, although it only sees about 20 feet in the dark.


  1. You have the technology to adapt to your habits
  2. Alexa and Google could merge
  3. There is a direct connection to emergency services.
  4. It has cameras, sirens, and climate monitors.


  1.     For night vision, it has only a 20-foot range.

7. Google Nest Cam IQ Indoor

Google Nest Cam IQ Indoor

Google Nest Cam IQ can consider indoor images, videos, and sound. It also has Personal Alerts and the built-in Google Assistant so you can use it as a virtual assistant to control your smart home. We can choose it effortlessly when we need to adjust the Nest Cam IQ smart function and home automation.


  1. Video quality is great
  2. It is compatible with Google Assistant, Alexa, and other Nest products.
  3. Crystal can clear two-way audio.
  4. Its design is of aesthetic quality.


  1. It indicates high price.

8. Reolink Argus 2

Reolink Argus 2

Many people like Reolink Argus 2. One of the reasons I like it is that it works just as much outside as it does inside the house. It has Starlight Night Vision capability. Which gives a clear image up to 36 feet without any additional ambient light. This camera uses rechargeable batteries or solar energy. The battery drains fairly quickly if you do not use solar panel accessories.


  1. There is a built-in microSD card slot.
  2. You can play video for free through the Reolink app.
  3. Includes email and push notification systems.


  1. There is no base station.

9. Amcrest 4MP UltraHD Indoor

Amcrest 4MP UltraHD Indoor

At SafeWise, we are Amcrest fans so this wireless indoor security camera doesn’t disappoint us. It has a remote pan and tilt function, easy setup, and various video storage options. This is one of the best cameras. This camera can record video without issue. Unfortunately, however, the user manual is hard to follow and limits the rotation options of the wall-mounted Amcrest 4MP UltraHD camera. It allows you to add free cloud storage and two-way talk.


  1. It has a remote pan and tilt
  2. multiple storage options.
  3. bilateral communication systems
  4.  smart digital zoom options.


  1. Its user manual is very confusing.

10. Arlo Q Best Home Security Camera

Arlo Q

The Arlo Q has a scheduling and intuitive user interface. It serves as our best home security camera without a cloud-subscription plan. This gives you free for one week of recording. The square-shaped Arlo Q needs to be plugged into a power outlet and is not waterproof, but it is the best camera for monitoring the interior of your home or apartment. If you want to save videos longer and get additional features like customizable motion zones – you need to subscribe to one of Arlo’s cloud storage plans.


  1. It is very easy to use.
  2. Problem-free setup
  3. There are intuitive and flexible schedules
  4. This requires a subscription


  1. Not waterproof.


To help you, we have figure out the best security cameras. It comes with so many features including image quality. This camera is perfect for keep your home safe. Moreover it comes with easy to setup features and is perfect for home security. You can take security camera in your budget without any worries and be safe with home safety.

85 / 100

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