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Over three or four times in my life, I saw Meet Joe Black, even though it came out first. Death arrives in life to experience life in a better way. I liked the idea. I enjoy all kind of films where “awkward” moments are taking place, when viewers are stunned about learning about a plot, anything impossible.

That involves great strengths or super natural stuff. At any case, probably because we are super bored of it, this time the end of the Meet Joe Black puts me in mind differently of it. At the very end they walk away from the group and across the bridge where Joe carries him to his grave, and they are then out of view. Let’s know more about Meet Joe Black Ending Explanation.

Meet Joe Black Ending Explanation

Facts About Meet Joe Black Movie

Meet Joe Black is a 1998 American fantasy-romantic comedy-drama film. It features Brad Pitt, Anthony Hopkins and Claire Forlani. The movie was written by Bo Goldman and Ron Osborn, and directed by Martin Brest. It tells the story of a man who is granted more time on Earth to get his life in order.

The movie was filmed at Coit Tower, San Francisco, California, USA; Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, California; City Hall and other parts of Civic Center (San Francisco), and University of San Francisco. The soundtrack to the film was composed by Thomas Newman and released in 1998. It won a Grammy Award for Best Instrumental Composition Written for a Motion Picture or for Television in 1999.

Meet Joe Black Ending Explanation: The Challenging And Interesting Points Of The Movie

The movie does not even challenge you to care about the consequences, just they’re gone. The truth is, Joe heads back over the bridge after they’re gone because he’s the one for whom the body Death has used it all. He and Susan encounter once more, and they just go back to the party with their hands. It is soft, bitter love. A warm ending, really pleasant to me.

Have a second, though. When Death takes a human away we have seen what he does, they just die where they have been, and body is where he has gone. Therefore, the body of Bill is lying over there Just beyond the bridge outside from sight.

Imagine how it looks to witnesses, or even Susan, whether she stops to ponder, that her dad’s been all right, went over Joe’s bridge, and Joe showed up alone, with brief amnesia and a new Name from his witnesses, and unexpectedly her father died of a heavy heart attack.

What are the coroners or the police going to describe it? The consequences were also astounding, as we all know, “Joe” might end up in a rehab institution with suspects who were delusional over Bill’s death. And would Susan look at Joe’s face without worrying, because although Joe is a mad man who has caused a heart attack to her dad and murdered her dad?

Obviously, I really love the show. I will watch it and embrace the movie’s message, “and they all lived happily ever after” This is how the director implies, but I will agree. However with you, I’ll be truthful; my thoughts about the end have changed this alternative situation, at the very least for this moment.

Different Interpretation From Another Perspective:

Different Interpretation From Another Perspective

Since she danced with him being on the birthday of her father, Susan fell madly in love with Death but she knew his identity, and feared calling him. You are Joe.” You are Joe.” She remembered that her father told her goodbye and in retrospect, this is straightforward to see.

All this happens as the asshole arrives back from the coffee shop. Susan thinks at first that she likes Dying. It’s Death. Indeed, Idiot’s special response reveals that he had no recollection of Susan behind the coffee shop. Finally realizing it is not a Burial, Susan takes a couple of minutes to react. She looks over him, Death and her father went to and literally puts all the bits of the jigsaw on the head, as idiot said what Susan says.



But don’t make the mistakes, she won’t love him like she appears to have done the Death. And she will definitely marry fool. Will’s been mistaken. She fell in love with Death, because she had been fool in the coffee place. And oh, Death was also falling in love with her. That’s why he let go of her. Probably she already knows that. Hope you liked Meet Joe Black Ending Explanation to a great extent.


I hope now you know about Meet Joe Black Ending Explanation.

 Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How Did Susan Know Joe Black Was Death?

Ans: Susan confronts Joe Black, telling him that because he has been with her since October 1998 she knows that he is not really her boyfriend. His surprise at this gives him away – Susan having never mentioned it before. And then his real name is revealed as “Death.”

2. Does Joe Die In Meet Joe Black?

Ans: No. It is revealed that he has four more chances to live beyond his original quota of 80 years, if he can learn the lessons that will allow him to feel alive again, and someone falls in love with him.

3. What Is The Point Of Meet Joe Black?

Ans: This movie is meant to be a moral tale, in my opinion. It’s about having a life where you feel meaning and a sense of making a difference, instead of just going through the motions or being consumed with material things that have no real purpose in life.

4. How Old Was Claire Forlani In Meet Joe Black?

Ans: Claire Forlani was 27 years old when she appeared in Meet Joe Black (1998).

5. Did Claire Forlani Marry Someone Famous In Real Life?

Ans: Yes, she briefly dated James Franco. Subsequently she married Stephen Dillane. They have two children together.

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