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Ben Affleck’s 2-year-old movie, The Town, ends alternately. Imho, the ending in a theatrical cut, where Doug mysteriously escapes for Florida from Charlestown and ultimately ended up in small house that overlooks Florida’s bayo at sunset, Anticipating that Lady Claire will appear after she had already left her loads of dirty money for her, and a tangerine for her just to hint at his location. It presents many different sides of human psychology and how it affects the relationship and our activities to a great extent. The director presented it incredibly.

Review On The Town Alternate Ending

Facts About The Town Alternate Ending Movie

The Legend of Zelda Link’s Awakening Cutting Room Floor The Town Alternate Ending movie production. The Town Alternate Ending movie is in pre-production in 2014 in Hollywood USA, written and directed by American film director Francesco Clark.

This picture contains many facts about the original story, pictures, concept art of locations, characters and costumes. The production of the Town Alternate Ending movie is on hold and will resume in 2018. Let’s know more on Review on The Town Alternate Ending and explore the story from a different angle.

Review On The Town Alternate Ending: An Unimaginable Plot

Review On The Town Alternate Ending An Unimaginable Plot

Frankly, I feel the Town would have been a much better movie if this ending had already been left there in movie. In this connection, once the dominican men who had also been dumb enough to move a housing complex by themselves, Doug and Jem, wearing  sporting hockey masks, beat them up and permanently paralyzed them for throwing bottles at Claire, Doug, who was attempting to run from Boston to Florida, eventually took vengeance.

As Doug attempts to get to his car Doug and Jem are waiting for him, both men who also had permanently paralyzed him earlier in the series. Following the exchanging of fine words, Dug and Jem unload his gun into Doug and kill him, whose leg remained permanently wounded. When Fergie asked Doug to join in the Fenway Robbery and had Doug killed by Dominicans he and Jem beat up and permanently smashed before and who also worked for Fergie he did not like Doug’s answer.

Alex and also the other two Dominican men who beat and killed Doug and Jem in The Town were much too pleased to take vengeance on Doug because they were forever crippled. Doug died playing his own game like his teammates and friends. Have you ever heard the quotation “Those who live by the sword die by the sword”. It is completely the case here as well.

The Crime

The Crime

Like his partners in crime, Doug has his coming-up, and I hope Claire will not be so dumb in the future. I really don’t like Claire’s expenses on rebuilding the C-Town ice hockey arena, rather than being handed over secretly to the proper government with the support of the FBI Agt. And discover honest ways to gain hockey rink funding Adam Frawley.

It is all too unfortunate that Claire was not charged or, at least not, terminated for obstructing justice (helping Doug to escape from the Feds, found and arrested by him, with his code of “sunny days” tip-off) or to collect robbed goods, but that he was not allowed to do it anyway. I should have spared the City for me and I had this alternative end because I wasted less time mostly on romances from Doug/Claire.

Bottom Line

The Alternative Ending to The Town also delivers a different message;

I agree that acts and conduct carry consequences, people must take responsibility for what they do, regardless of their lifestyle and their educational needs, and that it would be much, much easier to avoid or attempts to flee a crime and therefore a home, parental and cultural upbringing. Hope you enjoyed the entire movie and the Review on The Town Alternate Ending as I have tried to present it in an elaborative manner.

 Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What If The Town Is A Dream And Not Reality? 

Ans: A lot of things happen in there. The alternate ending will be revealed and the complete story of alternate cut and what happens inside it after Jack goes back to reality.

2. How Many Versions Of The Town Are There?

Ans: There are 2 versions of the town, one is a dream and another is reality.

3. Who Was The Director Of The Movie The Town Alternate Ending Movie?

Ans: The director is the famous American film director Francesco Clark. Francesco Clark born in New York, USA in 1980. He was a member of the Directors Guild of America and has been directing films for more than 10 years since 1998.

5. What Was In The Bag At The End Of The Town?

Ans: What was inside the bag at the end of the town, find it out in The Town Alternate Ending movie.

6.Who Played Jack?

Ans: The lead role is played by an American actor named Louis Mandylor, his brothers are actors Costas and Peter Mandylor.

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