When Does A Man Start To Miss You? [Man’s Psychology]

Most of the women complain that her man doesn’t miss her, even though they don’t care about her. Even if they don’t keep in touch for a week, nothing happens to them.

And it seems very painful to her. Because everyone wants her loved ones to miss her. But that’s a very difficult question, when he misses you. So, when does a man start to miss you? You might think that’s when he’ll start to miss you. If he loves you, he will miss you. But it is not the same for everyone. There are some people who will never miss you. But if you stay in touch with him for a week or so, he will start to miss you.

There are some people who miss you, but also recover very quickly. There is no special time here when she will actually start to miss you. Now the question may come to your mind then how will he start to miss you. Well, I have a solution for you. I have some ways, if you follow them, your people will miss you. Even he will start caring for you more than before.

Let’s discuss about these ways…

When Does A Man Start To Miss You

When Does A Man Start To Miss You? Learn Everything

When Does A Man Start To Miss You Learn Everything


1. First, You Have Stop To Text Him

First, You Have Stop To Text Him

The question may come to your mind that if you don’t text him, how will he miss you? If you don’t text him, he’ll forget about you. Well, stop thinking about this first.

How can he miss you if you text him constantly? You text him but he doesn’t respond or reply to the text. Then you should stop texting him. He will notice this when you stop texting.

That way if you stop texting for a few days then he will wait for your messages. Nature will make him think why don’t you text him. Then he will start to miss your text and you deeply. In the absence of something, people will start to miss the other person.

2. You Have To Stop Trying Too Hard

You Have To Stop Trying Too Hard

It will hurt you when you are getting desperate and continue to do the same thing. It will be embarrassing for you when you realize you are crossing your limits. And your man will be annoyed by it.

Excessive texting, or giving phone calls or asking for a compliment on your own, that will make you look down on him. You are trying to contact him but he is not responding. Texting him but he’s not replying quickly, rather he’s ignoring. This will make you feel very bad. You know you shouldn’t text so much, then you have to try too hard.

Because your needs are not being met. Because you want him to miss you, and you have to wait for him. And you have to control your emotions. Stop giving him extra calls or messages.

To get his attention, you have to stop giving emotional posts on social media. If you do these things you will see that you will be attracted to and will start to miss you.

If you do these favors then you will see how thing is working beautifully. So you should give him a chance to miss you.

3. Give Him Space

Give Him Space

You should give him space first. Now you may think that you don’t want space. You want him to miss you and spend time with you. How can a man miss you when you are by his side all the time?

Have you ever noticed the things you miss the most?

Long-distance friendship, where you rarely meet your friend. Favorite season like winter, which comes once a year.

We miss the things that are not always available. And so it will be with your man.

He will miss you when you are not close to his touch. In your absence he misses you. Absence makes the heart swell even more.

So give him a specific space. Both of you have different identities, different friends. You should also spend time with them. And he should be given space. This will never make him feel annoyed with you. And his respect for you will increase.

And he will miss you when you are not by his side. So give him a chance to miss you.

4. How Does He Emotionally React To You?

How Does He Emotionally React To You

A man will miss you when you have an emotional attachment with him. If you make him feel positive in his life then he will miss you in your absence.

He will remember you in your absence. But if you miss him all the time, he won’t miss you. Even if you leave his life, he will not miss you. Rather he will feel fresh and free. Because negativity does not attract anyone.

So it matters very well whether he is attached to you emotionally or not. Now you will know for yourself whether you have had a positive or negative effect on his life. Only then will you know if he will miss you.

 5. Know Your Value

Know Your Value

If you want someone to miss you, make them feel valued.

He will never miss you if you stick to him like glue. He will consider you worthless. After that he will not respect you, and will be upset to see you. So stop giving him calls or messages without any reason. The rudeness of wanting to meet him again and again.

You should stop waiting for him. Being stuck on them and being needy is not showing your worth. Show them you are not worthless and you have value. If he really loves you, he will miss you and want to meet you. And if he doesn’t love you, he won’t miss you. Then don’t be upset.

You will feel lucky that a fake man has left your life. Or a man of love who will get to the last moment of life. If you try these ways in your life, you will definitely find a solution.

Then your man will start to miss you. And when he misses you, your love grows day by day. I sincerely wish that your man would miss you after trying these tricks.

Frequently Asked Question

1. How Long Does It Take For a Man To Start Missing You?

Ans: A man can’t really be a friend to a woman after a breakup, no matter how much he might enjoy her company. He is going to miss the relationship that they had and that’s exactly why he wants what used to be between them back again.

He’ll try his best to get things back on track by doing as many romantic things as possible, but all it takes is some sort of negative reaction on her part to make him give up on the whole thing.

There are no clear-cut rules about this, even though many woman would love there to be. It depends on how strong the relationship was that they had before and what kind of response she gives his romantic gestures.

2. Why Men Come Back Months Later?

Ans: It’s important to understand the difference between men and women in this situation. Men are like hunters who can’t wait to get their prey while women want more of a connection before they make things more serious.

A man is going to appreciate any connection he has with her, no matter how small it is, because there’s always hope that she will start to feel the same way as he does.

He will keep coming back because it’s better than being without her and if she rejects him, it probably means something was missing from their relationship anyway. That makes it a lot easier for him to move on instead of beating his head against a brick wall.

3. How Long Does It Take a Guy To Realize He Wants You  Back?

Ans: He’ll realize that he wants to get back together with her as soon as he stops thinking about the relationship and starts wanting to be with her instead. That means it’s all over for him, and if she doesn’t take him back right away, he could miss his chance forever.

4. Does Silence Make a Man Miss You?

Ans: A man isn’t going to miss you because of silence; he’s missing her, and she can do anything she wants. Silence doesn’t matter to him at all, what matters is how he feels about the woman who left him.

women don’t realize that they are responsible for making a man miss them.
You may be hoping that you’ll make him miss you by not calling or texting him. That’s when you’ll find out how committed he really is to the relationship because his actions will speak louder than words.

5. How Do I Stay In His Mind?

Ans: The best way to stay in a man’s mind is to make it clear that you don’t want anything serious with him and then wait, no matter how long it takes.

Don’t change your mind because if there was something between you before, he will miss the relationship and come back to see what it’s all about.

6. What Makes Me Think About Him All The Time?

Ans: He’s going to be thinking about it because he wants her back, but she doesn’t have to do anything at all. If she has changed her mind and moved on then that would make a man think about what went wrong and why he couldn’t win her back.

All my friends say that I am wasting my time by doing this, but I know men and he will make a move when he is ready.


I hope now you know when does a man start to miss you.

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