Does An Emotionally Unavailable Man Miss You?

Relationships are attachments and connections with your near ones. Does an emotionally unavailable man miss you? The relationship is the cause for that we miss our partners.

For the ties, after a break up of a relationship, we become overwhelmed by extreme emotions. Our emotions are the one factor that is causing all these incidents.

But emotionally unavailable men do not act like ordinary people. For example, do emotionally unavailable men miss you? What happens to him if you do not contact him? Does this even touch these men?

Does An Emotionally Unavailable Man Miss You

Does An Emotionally Unavailable Man Miss You? Know The Facts

Does An Emotionally Unavailable Man Miss You Know The Facts

An emotionally distant man does miss you, but the way is not the same. He might miss something that you did for him or miss getting you as an option while they need to pass his time. They never miss you in the same way that you are missing them.

It depends on the man and the situation. If he is a very hateful and cruel person, he will never do anything about how much his action is hurting you.

If he is a good person, he might feel bad for you, but he will hurt you due to his problems. This type of man will tell you frankly that he will never be emotionally available.

In either way, he does not love you and misses you in general terms. The emotionally unavailable man never misses you. It depends on several factors and situations whether an emotionally distant man misses you or not.

However, based on their personal experiences, many persons claim that emotionally unavailable men never miss their partners.

An emotionally stunted man does not even share the intimacy and is not even optimistic regarding the relationship. As he never wants to commit for his whole life thus, there is rationally no cause he would miss you even in your absence.

An emotionally absent man somehow cannot ignore the fact that you left him alone. He felt ignored, and this hurt his ego. Only, for this reason, he does several things to grab your attention, not for the emotion that he is missing you. Because feeling is absent in his character.

In most cases, emotionally absent men miss the needs or purpose you serve in their life. And for these needs (mostly physical relation), he comes back to you. In other cases, while continuing to be emotionally unavailable, they blame you for the breakup plus fast move on to new relations.

They REMORSE not having you around him as an alternative any longer. So they would never feel repentance the way that you and I will hope. As genuine regret from an average person would always contain remorse.

Regret needs maturity, empathy, emotional connectivity, and capable of impartially examining their activities for what they are (growth and evolution can genuinely occur). Poisonous persons are merely capable of selfish remorse, not selfless regret.

Their disconnection would never permit genuine regret. This very miserable and restricted range is the amount to which the emotionally could genuinely “miss” and “regret.” Somewhat, you deserve so many more than this, and indeed, you know it.

When you do decide to leave for good, remember that you have every right to be happy and deserve a better man who is not going to play games with your emotions. It might look scary but the best way to move on is just by staying away from him even if he texts miss you or misses you.

The bottom line is that it does not matter if he misses you or not because the only person who will get hurt is you when you stay in a relationship where there is no trust and intimacy. So be strong, move on and find a better man who really deserves your affection.

How Do Emotionally Absent Men React After A Breakup?

How Do Emotionally Absent Men React After A Breakup

You are continuously trying to change your man and hoping that he will somehow miss you, and This is a challenging situation for you. He might hurt you in many ways while he was in relation, and You never felt secure in that relationship.

He always blamed and gave you a feeling that you were never enough. He might cheat on you and never wanted to commit as he fears commitment. How could he miss you, honestly, as he was never in commitment? How could he feel sad after the breakup with you?

You want them to guilt what they did, fight for the relationship, miss you, blame themselves, make an apology, and be overwhelmed with remorse.

However, you have to understand that an emotionally distant man would never and ever do any of the above. There is no difference that you are completely gone from their life.

Will An Emotionally Absent Man Ever Remorse That He Broke Up With Somebody?

Will An Emotionally Absent Man Ever Remorse That He Broke Up With Somebody

They could regret it. Being emotionally absent does not certainly mean that emotionally absent are entirely emotionless. These men could experience regret and could make the difficult decision to break up otherwise not involved in a relationship.

It is also likely he sometimes uses this as an excuse for not continuing a relationship. He could also break up with somebody to hurt somebody as he never thinks of anything but himself.

How To Make An Emotionally Unavailable Man Come Back Fast?

It is possible to make him come back but first, you will need to know what drives him away in the first place. It could be insecurity, fear of becoming attached or simply just not being ready for a relationship.

Once you find out why he left, it becomes easier for you to deal with him without looking like someone desperate who is just trying to get him back. Just make sure that you will not contact him unless he contacts you first. This means that you need to stick with no contact.

You can also try the best way to make a man miss you after no contact because it is your best shot at getting him back without making things complicated for both of you. The important thing here is to just give him some time so that he can think about the kind of relationship you have.

He will soon realize that you are not going to beg for his affection which makes it easier for him to come back without feeling like he has lost something valuable.

This means that if he wants another chance with you, there will be no pressure on him to do so. To win him back, you have to show how much you have changed for the better since he left.

This is the best way of showing that things between you two will not return to being miserable and awkward as they were before. It takes a woman with confidence who knows what she wants in life to make a man come back fast.

When he finally comes back, you will know that you are in the right relationship because when an emotionally unavailable man misses you, there is also room for his vulnerability.

You might think that this is not possible but it really depends on how much you take action to get him back in your life. Such as:

  • Just remember that the only way to make your relationship work is if he becomes ready for a commitment. This means that you should never force him into doing something he is not ready to do just so you two will be back together again.
  • If he wants to be with you, there would be no resistance on his part and knowing how to get a man back can be a surefire way of making him miss you and want to come after you.
  • So if there is a chance that your relationship will work out, it is important to take action as soon as possible so he would realize how much you really care about the both of you.
  • The most important thing here is realizing what went wrong in the first place so you will never repeat the same mistakes again. This way, you can avoid making him feel like he is not important to you or that there are more emotionally unavailable men out there than the one you already have.
  • Remember that no matter what happens between you two, always be true to yourself and how to make an emotionally unavailable man miss you.
  • Just remember that holding on to the past will only give you more pain so it is best to just move on and begin your life with someone who knows how to appreciate what you have to offer.
  • It would be easy for both of you if he takes initiative first because this would show how much effort he is willing to make in order to get things right between you two.

Once your relationship gets better, remember that it is not a good idea to force him into saying the words ‘I love you’ because this could only scare him away again. When he finally says those three magical words, it would be a surefire sign of how much he respects you and how much he cares about your relationship.

It is also important to make sure that you will not say those three words back if he does not really mean them because this can only scare him away again.

Just remember that it takes a woman who knows what she wants in order for an emotionally unavailable man to come back to her life. This means that there are no more excuses for him not wanting to commit to you. Even if he still has his flaws, remember that this is part of life and having an emotionally unavailable man in your life comes with them.

Do not push him away because If you really want to be happy and have a long lasting relationship, you should know how to win an emotionally unavailable man back and appreciate everything he has to offer.

Frequently Asked Question

1.What Does It Mean While An Emotionally Absent Man Keeps Coming Back To You?

Ans: If a person returns to you, it does not mean he will commit to you. If he is emotionally unavailable at the first time, there is no guarantee that he will be available emotionally this time.

He might come back to you because he like to play games with you or maybe he doesn’t know what he wants. There is very little chance that he changes and will start to be committed with you

2.Why Losing The Emotionally Distant Man Is Never, Ever A Loss

Ans: You cannot be in a relationship depending that he will change for you. When you realize that you are not happy and he is not capable to make you secure, you should let him go.

You can choose a man who can give security and happiness in your life. Losing an emotionally stunted man is never a loss

3.How Do You Move On From A Man That Is Not Emotional Unavailable?

Ans: It may seem impossible right now to consider that you would ever be capable to get over this man, but you will. It will just take time plus patience with yourself.

You will have to be strong enough to face the breakup and also handle the weird activities that your emotionally unavailable ex will do. Just be prepared for that.

4.Can An  Emotionally Unavailable Man  Miss  You ?

Ans: An emotionally unavailable man might not spend time with you every day, which could make it difficult for him to miss you. An emotionally unavailable man could still feel sad about seeing you less and why he might have a hard time missing people.

It might not always show his feelings and you might find it hard to understand what he’s thinking.

5.How Do  You  Tell  If  An  Emotionally Unavailable Man  Likes  You ?

Ans: You might find it difficult to determine if your partner is interested in you and this could cause problems. This article discusses why a man might keep his feelings to himself and how you can tell whether he likes you or not.

An emotionally unavailable man might not always show his feelings and you might find it hard to understand what he’s thinking.

6.What Does  An  Emotionally Unavailable Man  Want?

Ans: An emotionally unavailable man might not be interested in commitment and you might feel that there’s no way to change his mind.

This kind of man wants, how he feels about relationships and whether or not he could ever love someone. There are many reasons why a guy has become emotionally unavailable and you might find it difficult to determine


It is now your decision that you want to continue the relationship with somebody showing signs of being unavailable emotionally. It would be best if you moved with great care. It is not your responsibility to change that person.

The other part of the coin is that emotional unavailability could the result of a person’s circumstances. And he could be changed with proper care and sympathy.

But always follow your instinct and take the step confidently. I hope now you understand Does an emotionally unavailable man miss you or not.

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