5 Best Home Security Alarm System [Thief Keep Away From your Home]

Are you looking for a home security system? But you are very confused about which security system will be suitable for your home. Don’t worry about it. We’re here to help you.   The Internet of things has made setting up a smart home more comfortable than ever. With the help of your smartphone and an app, you can easily control your door locks, lights, thermostats, vacuums, and so many things. You can easily monitor your home from anywhere, and that is the best advantage.  To help you, we’ve found the Best Home Security Alarm System that protects your home and your family.  Here is the list below:

Best Home Security Alarm System

Best Home Security Alarm System – To Secure Your Sweet House

1. SimpliSafe


This modern, attractive home security comes from SimpliSafe that will protect your house. This SimpliSafe comes with Alexa and Google Assistant that supports voice commands.  The best features that are easy-to-install. So anyone can easily install it and set it up. SimpliSafe offers a stress-free online shopping experience. It provides professional monitoring on customer demand that means no contracts. 

SimpliSafe is the best security system for those who have smaller homes and apartments. If you have the low square footage, then this simple package is perfect for you. And it has a wireless installation connection so it can be installed very easily.  And if you have a large apartment and you want to monitor it all the time, Simplify will give you that facility. There is no inclination towards the front of SimpliSafe tools. You can get everything from window sensors to detector leaks, to carbon monoxide sensors.


1. No long-term contracts to sign

2. Affordable monthly monitoring

3. Great options for renters

4. Customizable plans and equipment

5. Easiest installation of any system

6. Award-winning professional monitoring


1. Limited home automation capabilities

2. No outdoor security camera options

3. Maybe too simple for some homes

2. Footprint Best Home Security Alarm System

Footprint Best Home Security Alarm System

This high recommend home security system comes from Frontprint that impresses the customers ever. This system comes with a do-it-yourself setup and also supported burglary prevention, environmental protection, or home automation.   This alarm has a smoke and carbon monoxide monitoring system than many other home security alarm. It also offers a mobile app control of your system with every plan.

FrontPoint provides high-end equipment and gives you the option to pay directly for your equipment or use its consumer financing option. And you can also easily set up the security system.  The home security company carries a mobile app. It will be able to manage security services easily. The FrontPoint smartphone app has a simple interface that is easy to navigate, and it receives consistently high ratings from both Android and iOS users. You do not need to upgrade your phone to get this app. 


1. No-cost DIY installation

2. Smoke, CO monitoring in all plans

3. Easy, preprogrammed equipment

4. Smart home integration

5. Mobile app in all plans

6. No contracts for monitoring


1. No professional installation option

2. Higher monitoring fees

3. Vivint


This wire-free home security system comes from Vivint, which is easy to install and monitor. Vivint comes with a basic security system and environmental protection.  It has also home automation with voice commands that makes it unique and popular. This equipment supports Alexa and Google Assistant

This security control panel had artificial intelligence that allowing to adapt our routine automatically with our permission. So it knows when to turn on the heat or turn off the lights based on your routine and preferences. This security system provides full access to each package of your mobile app. But this security system does not have any payment like others. One of the major benefits of Vivint’s advanced home automation tech is the complete integration of smart home management and home security.


1. High-end technology and equipment

2. Customizable security packages

3. Short-term contract available

4. Highly-rated mobile app

5. Free in-home security consultation


1. A long-term contract is required

2. Equipment and service is more expensive than most

3. Costly to move equipment to a different home

4. Equipment pricing can be confusing

4. ADT


ADT is one of the best-experienced home security alarm. This security system comes with high-priced video monitoring and steep early termination fees. ADT is especially known for its hardwired. It has a wire-free alarm system and all professionally installed. So you don’t face any problem when this security system is installed. 

It has also home automation with voice commands that supports Alexa and Google Assistant. The advantage of this system that is allowing to used its system with your smartphone.  The system has also supported burglary prevention, environmental protection, or home automation. It also has a DIY installation that makes it perfect for a large home or apartment. ADT supports Lifeshield Home Security with customer service and professional monitoring 


1. Fast response times

2. 140+ years of experience

3. Free whole-home risk assessment

4. Six redundant monitoring centres

5. DIY option through Blue by ADT


1. Long contracts with no trial period

2. Expensive early termination fees

3. Limited outdoor camera options

5. Alder


This 24/7 professional monitoring security system comes from Alder. It has also home automation with voice commands that supports Alexa and Google Assistant. The advantage of this system that is allowing to used its system with your smartphone.

Alder comes with the GC2 touchscreen control panel, controlling our smart thermostats. It offers a DIY installation so that you can install its security system for less than 15 minutes. It provides professional installation. 


1. Quick installation

2. 30-day trial period

3. User-friendly mobile app

4. Free equipment


1. Three-year contracts

2. Not many equipment options

3. Pricing isn’t listed on the website

4. Expensive monthly fees

Frequently Asked Questions

1.What Really Puts Burglars Off?

Ans: The online security company, ADT has released a study that suggests criminals are most deterred from committing crimes by home security cameras.

In a seventh annual survey of 1,000 burglars whose job it is to break into people’s homes and steal their property, 70% said they would avoid a house if there was a camera prominently displayed

2.Is ADT Worth  Getting?

Ans: Although ADT is pretty expensive in terms of equipment and monitoring costs, we still think it’s worth the cost. The only thing you have to decide is whether or not you want to pay a monthly fee or get equipment reimbursement after a certain period of time.

3.Are Home  Alarm Systems  Worth  The  Money ?

Ans: If you ask those who have had their home broken into, or those that are considering having a home security system installed, they will both likely answer “Yes!” Home burglaries occur an average of 1.8 million times per year and cost homeowners $4.6 billion each year. Many homeowners feel safer.

4.What Do  Burglars Fear Most ?

Ans: What burglars fear most is not the police but rather home security, and burglaries can be prevented by improving security.

5.Do Security  Alarms Deter Burglars?

Ans: The answer is a resounding “Yes.” Studies have been conducted on the effect of the presence of a home security system. The results are in: as much as 60% of burglars casing a potential target would indeed be deterred by an alarm system.


We have provided you with the necessary information to purchase the Best Home Security Alarm System to match your needs. Those all are tested so that you can take it for your home without any worries. 

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