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Kekec’s Tricks (Slovenian: Kekec’s Ukane) is a 1968 Yugoslav/Slovenian experience movie coordinated by Joe Gal. The film is based on Joseph Vandot’s Kekec Mountain description, originally published in the Slovenian youth magazine Javone.

The film was made in Viba film and was originally distributed in Vesna film and is currently distributed in Viba film. It is the last of three Joey Gal film series with Kekec and has two predecessors: Kekec in 1951 and Good Luck, Kekec from 1963.

Kekec's Trick

A Complete Details About Kekec’s Tricks

Movies Plot

Movies Plot

In the third and final part of the film’s trilogy about Kekec (Zlatko Krasny), the evil wild hunter Bedanek (Polde Bibi) reappears. Kekec and his friends came there again to chase and hunt Bedanek and sent him far away. Bedanek catches Brinselj (Milorad Radovias) and Role (Boris Ivanovsky).

Kekek was very brave; with the help of his wisdom and tactics, he saved both Bedanek, who has trapped him in his trap. Kekec saved Bedanek from the trap because he asked him nicely, but he learns nothing from them about what wise man Vitrank (Joe Jupan) can bring peace to these places.



The story revolves around Bednek, who lives in an isolated good country, ruthlessly murdering the game to raise as much cash as possible. The solitary sage Vitrank threatens him with severe punishment on the off chance that he does not stop this work.

Bedanek is convinced that the dwarf Brinselj has condemned him to Vitrank. To retaliate, he burns the bantam buds, grabs the little man, puts him in pen, and hangs the pen from the top of his secret covering. With great satisfaction, he imagines himself to have taken Branslow, who is a good musician, to the fair and to earn money through it. Brinselz’s friend is spending the summer on the cake, roll, and mosaic hills.

Roll and Mozca witnessed the terrible work Bednek had promised, and they gave it to Kekec. Kekec immediately decided that Brinsellz should be assisted. The brave Kekec and Rolle discovered Bednek’s abode, but when they tried to rescue the distressed Brinselj, Bednek appeared. Kekec was able to escape when Bedanek caught the unfortunate roll.

Now Kekec must help his two friends, making it extremely difficult for Bedanek to hinder him in all his endeavors. Eventually, Kekec succeeds in rescuing Brinselj along with the roll, when Bedenek falls into his trap into a hole he dug in the woods. Kekec and his friends hear the humble prayers of the hostage Pochar and rescue him.

However, he promptly forgets his promises and seeks retribution at any cost. The situation has been resolved by sage Vitrank, who warned Bednek that he must keep his promise. A comment about my trailer montage to further appreciate and understand this:

You will show a young woman and a baby girl drinking alcohol. As we have faced in Soviet block cinema, due to the government’s directive to implement realism in films (which was all provided by the state) it would not be a problem in itself. Historically, young children drank wine all over Europe at the time, and it would be okay to show it in an earlier blockbuster film, but this is not the case here, I can better explain:

The film is based on a youngsters’ book, which restores a normal kid to dreaming and envisioning that the kid is a grown-up, a fantasy among small kids from the beginning of humankind. Thus the film features a kids’ grown-up life, with the middle age young lady going about as a housewife in a small shed and the archaic kid going about as a married man to deal with animals in the Alps.

Then again, previous blockbuster movie directors were writers like Stanley Kubrick. He took cash from the state for kids’ films and made visually artistic masterpieces with developing stories for adults to appreciate 50 years after the fact. One of them maintains the strangeness of walking hand in hand with advanced cinematography, with very large and interesting scripts.

Director: Jože Gale

Screenplay by: Ivan Ribič

Country: Yugoslavia

Genres: Adventure

Release: 1968-12-23

Director of photography: Rudi Vavpotič

Music by: Bojan Adamič

Edited by: Darinka Peršin

Set designer: Niko Matul

Writers: Ivan Ribic , Josip Vandot

Language: Slovenian

Runtime: 78 min

Awards: 1 win.

Production company: Viba film, Ljubljana

Distribution: Viba film, Ljubljana

Technical data: 35 mm, barvni

Star: Zlatko Krasnič (Kekec), Jasna Krofak (Mojca), Boris Ivanovski (Rožle), Fanika Podobnikar (Tinkara), Jože Zupan (Vitranc), Polde Bibič (Bedanec), Milorad Radovič (Brincelj)

Final Verdict

The movie’s name is Kekec Ukane (Kekec’s Tricks), from Kekec Film Trilogy; and this is one of our first Slovenian films. Kekec is a happy-go-lucky comedian who lives in the mountains and is a hero. The picture is of Br —– J, who plays the flute; and go to Kekec and get caught by Picker to rescue him. There is so much more to the movie but the main point of it. The movies are like the 1950s-60s. I hope now you know about Kekec’s Tricks movie.

80 / 100

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