iPhone 7 Home Button Not Working After Screen Replacement

The iPhone 7 was released 5 years ago officially by the Apple company. During that time, this version was the latest, and as a world-renowned branded phone, it was in the top priorities of passionate customers. The price was very dear relative to that time, and so people got shocked if anything wrong happens with their favorite device.

But like today’s iPhones like iPhone 12, there were no virtual command buttons used in those versions. The home button has to be pressed by the owner for giving a perfect command to that device to go back to the home of the device. The older things will always create some common problems such as hanging, being overheated, malfunctioning, etc. The iPhone 7 is not exceptional stuff apart from these problems. So, what you should do when iPhone 7 home button not working after screen replacement?

I recently noticed many emails in my account from random followers claiming about making an article about the process to solve the problem created after replacing the screen of your iPhone 7, which was damaged due to any reason. After that replacement, the home button below the device’s display is not giving any feedback after many input commands. For this case, the criteria of solution will be different according to the severity of the problems.

Don’t do anything by being panicked after dealing with such a problem because any unnecessary work may ruin the regularity of your device. The home button contains a lot of features like user ID detection. Otherwise, you may not be able to open your device if that security is patterned in your device. Just follow the procedures given below accordingly for solving your problem.

iPhone 7 Home Button Not Working After Screen Replacement

iPhone 7 Home Button Not Working After Screen Replacement -Reasons

Relatable Reasons For Which This Problem Occurs

Relatable Reasons For Which This Problem Occurs

This problem is not new to all of us. Generally, after two or three years of using a device with full rhythm, these types of problems occur. But don’t let this problem be a permanent and severe one. Here some of the relatable causes for which this problem can be created are mentioned below. Check out the following list and find out which one belongs to you.

  • Abnormally pressing the home button due to any reason that exceeds the button’s elastic limit to get back in its previous state. As a result, the button will not give feedback according to your command.
  • Internal damages also can be a mentionable reason for this problem. When a device gets older, then its efficiency gradually decreases. The connection with the processing unit of the device may be distorted by any internal means.
  • Lack of skills during replacement of the new screen of your device if it was necessary to replace the display screen by any means.
  • The common cause is the oldness of the device. If the device gets very older, like five or six years, then this is normal to face this problem.

These causes are applicable not only for iPhone users but also for other branded device users.

Importance Of iPhone 7 Home Button

The Home button on the iPhone is the most utilized and, perhaps, the most crucial button. For someone new to smartphones and mobile computing, it’s an escape hatch they may use at any moment, from anywhere, to return to a secure, familiar area. For more seasoned users, it’s a shortcut to everything from Spotlight to Siri, the quick app switcher, and the accessibility menu.

Because the Home button performs so many functions for so many individuals, the mechanical switch itself is subjected to a tremendous amount of use and wear and tear. It’s why, more than almost any other physical button, the Home button has been a source of contention for both Apple and users over the years.

Ways To Solve The Issue Of Non-Responsive Button

Ways To Solve The Issue Of Non-Responsive Button

You have already known about the reasons for which this type of problem occurs. But we have got some solutions for you to diminish this problem forever from your device. Now let’s find into the required solutions to this problem.

Going To The Service Provider:

The best way to solve this problem is to go to Apple’sApple’s nearest customer care service center. It is guaranteed that they will be able to give you the perfect solution to this problem. But there will raise a problem in that action. And that is, if the warranty time has already expired, then this will charge an additional charge which may not be affordable to most of you. Again the customer care service centers are not available in all the places. You will get these in some of the divisional towns in your country. But no doubt with getting the perfect service from them.

Going To The Third Party Providers:

Going To The Third Party Providers

The third-party service providers are available in all the places in every country. They are not the official service providers of Apple. Again they are not certified experts in these works.  But if you find a skilled provider, you can solve this problem from him, but none except you will take responsibility for any harm that may happen to the device. But this process is very cheap and will take lesser time. Don’t try to solve this problem by yourself though you are confident enough. If you are not a professional one to solve this type of problem, then you may ruin the device forever.


At last, the advice for you will be to use your device properly by maintaining the required steps. You can read the causes for which this problem will occur and try to avoid those. Thank you for supporting us. Don’t forget to give feedback to us about the fruitfulness of these steps along with the unnecessary. I hope now you know what you should do when iPhone 7 home button not working after screen replacement. Have a nice day. 

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