How To Ignore A Guy Who Takes You For Granted [Proven Ways]

There are different situations for which you can decide to show ignorance to a man. If you make this decision, it may be because you have decided to forget him or because that person doesn’t interest you and taken you for granted. 

How to be indifferent to a man? How To Ignore A Guy Who Takes You For Granted ?

In Psychology, we give you ideas to achieve this, and we tell you in what situations it may be convenient to have this attitude if you have already valued and assumed the effects that may occur from these circumstances. Therefore, let’s start the proceedings on how to ignore a guy who takes you for granted. Here we go: 

How To Ignore A Guy Who Takes You For Granted

How To Ignore A Guy Who Takes You For Granted – Follow This Proven 7 Steps

How To Ignore A Guy Who Takes You For Granted

1. Focus Your Attention To Other People

Focus Your Attention To Other People

When you like someone, much of your attention is on him. However, if you have decided to show ignorance to that man to forget him, then you must make a conscious choice to spend time with other people who can be an emotional foothold to achieve this purpose. 

You can communicate to some of your best friends this firm decision to be indifferent to that man you like but who ignores you or takes you for granted. By externalizing your commitment to other people, you also reaffirm yourself more.

2. Practical Decision

Practical Decession

If you want to ignore a guy who takes you for granted, then, take this purpose to concrete actions of the day to day. For example, delete all virtual memories that you created.

In turn, it is also convenient that you stop following him on social networks. And if you used to go somewhere promoting an apparent chance encounter in a place where you knew you are going to meet him at a particular time, then it is also recommended that you should break with this routine.

3. Ignore Special Dates

Ignore Special Dates

For example, that man may soon celebrate his birthday or achieve professional success for which you would like to congratulate him.

However, those kinds of gestures show that this person is unique to you.  If you want to avoid a person, then you will also have to avoid this type of detail even if you remember the date.

Try to change the focus of your attention to celebrate today, something that is important to you concerning your life. Forget about the phone a bit. You don’t need to be on the phone all day or other means of contact.

It’s not about not replying to your phone messages if you take the initiative to ignore a person. However, you can give yourself the freedom to take days to respond or offer a short reply.  Remember what you want to achieve with it.

There will be many times when you find it challenging to maintain indifference. For this reason, it is recommended that you remember more often why you made this decision. 

For example, you probably wanted to end it and stop loving someone who does not belong to you or who takes you for granted.  In that case, observe this action plan as a process that allows you to improve your quality of life through forgetfulness. 

Set new goals and objectives that require your effort and dedication. Work can be an essential occupation that helps you focus immediate attention on your goals.

4. Don’t Contract Too Oftently

Dont Contract Too Oftently

Don’t start a conversation, either personally or through social media. Also, do not seek information from him or ask third parties about him. What it will do is he will realize that you are neglecting him. 

You have to carry the personality to ignore someone. If you contact that person often, then he will surely take you for granted. So, you can’t do that in trying to ignore a guy to takes you for granted.

5. Get On With Your Life

Get On With Your Life

Are you looking to ignore a guy who takes you for granted? Then, you need to have a mental statement to get on with your life. Prioritize yourself, your family, your job, your friends, your hobbies, etc. 

If you can’t do this, then you will never be successful in ignoring a man or anyone. When you have others around you to help you out, then everything will be straightforward for you. Get on with your life, and above all, enjoy it!

6. Take Up Your Time

Take Up Your Time

Believe me; it’s a fantastic idea to try to ignore a guy who takes you for granted. You can do it with activities that match your interests. Don’t try to over-possessive things; try to be yourself.

Stay open to new experiences, meet new people, and try other activities, different places, and so on. Set yourself goals that excite you and keep you focused on achieving them. In this way, you will get to enjoy the joy of life. 

7. Take Social Support

Take Social Support

Social support is a must for the mental health of a person. It can enrich the psychological situation of a person and make him feel happy about his/her life. Therefore, you have to take the social support in trying to ignore a guy who takes you for granted.

You can go to your social support network, take the initiative to have a coffee with your colleagues, or go to dinner with friends. So, your mind will be fresh, and you can slowly keep him out of your life! 



Does it work to ignore a guy who takes you for granted? It depends on what the goal is and how the person reacts. Ignorance can have different reasons, and sometimes we act that way, thinking that it works or that a man responds well to ignorance.

This method can work to make a man respond at a particular time. However, care must be taken because it can also weaken the relationship.  It is important not to opt for this method exclusively and repeatedly. Relationships need communication, dialogue, and assertiveness. 

So, you can’t say if it will work or not. But, one thing is sure that you will get some mental happiness if you can do it. So, try it on your way! 

How To Make Him Regret Taking You For Granted?

1. Stop Making The Same Boring Complaints

I’m sure you’ve heard every one of your friends complain about their boyfriend’s lazy ‘leave me alone’ attitude, or how he doesn’t appreciate all she does around the house enough.

2. Even If He Doesn’t Do Anything Wrong Job-Wise, Start Telling Him That It Starts To Bother You

For example: “I really hate coming home from work to an empty house. Sometimes I feel like a single parent with a chattel who’s only crime is being too tired to cook.”

3. By Saying Something Like This: You’re SO Cute When You’re Mad “You know it doesn’t make me stop, you look so sexy when you get all worked up like that.”

4. Stop Being The Only One Who Organizes Dinner With Friends And Other Social Stuff.

5. Stop Spending SO Much Time With Your Friends And Start Investing In Your Relationship Again

6. Avoid Getting Real Bored, Like Watching The Same Movie Over And Over… Or Engaging In The Same Sex Routine Every Night… When You Want To Spice It Up A Little Bit

7. Show Him That You’re Not Afraid To Fight Dirty

8. Stop Being A Doormat And Start Standing Up For Yourself  More Often

9. You Know What He’s Going To Say Even Before He Says It That Isn’t OK


Ignoring someone who takes you for granted is not rocket science. But, it takes a lot of mental effort, personality, and social support to do it. You can achieve it merely by focusing on your goal and trying your best to achieve it.

So, that’s all on how to ignore a guy who takes you for granted. You can follow the guide to get the best benefits of it in your life.

Frequently Asked Question:

1. How Do You Politely Ignore a Guy?

Ans: 1.You can ignore a guy by acting like you don’t notice them and that they’re bothering you
2.When you ignore him, he’ll finally get the picture that he isn’t worth your attention and then he’ll keep his distance from you
3.Play hard to get-if other guys are giving you attention.

2. How Do You Ignore a Guy To Get His Attention?

Ans: 1. Don’t give him any attention whatsoever by ignoring him
2. If he continues to talk to you, then walk away-if you can’t escape, then look lost in your thoughts or pretend that you don’t hear anything he’s saying
3. Try not to make eye contact with him
4. Keep walking

3. How Does a Man Feel When You Ignore Him?

Ans: 1. If a man and you and ignoring each other, then his feelings will be hurt because he’s not used to it
2. Once the shock wears off, then he’ll realize that you’re not worth his time and that there are more people out there for him to focus on.

4. What To Do To Make Him Chase You Again?

Ans: 1. The best thing you can do is to stop texting him back
2. You need to make him think that there’s no chance of getting you back-if he knows the truth, then he’ll only want you more.
3. It might even spark some anger within him and make him come chasing after you.

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