Does Ignoring A Guy Make Him Want You More – A Compressive Guide

For some reason, yours is over: he left you, you left him, a deception, an imposed distance, a mutual agreement, etc. You start to ignore him, forget him, overcome him, and for some reason, he comes back.

Pride? Jealousy? Has the position of being the center of your life been taken from you, and you don’t like it? Possession? Unsafely? Fear? Does ignoring a guy make him want you more? 

Are you in doubt about this factor? Okay, then. Let’s check some research and philosophy regarding on does ignoring a guy makes him want you so that you can understand the elements clearly. So, let’s start: 

Does Ignoring A Guy Make Him Want You More

Does Ignoring A Guy Make Him Want You More – You Should Be Know

Does Ignoring A Guy Make Him Want You.

Why Do Men Come Back When you Ignore Them

Why Do Men Come Back When you Ignore Them

Let’s say you ignore him, but you want him back. In this situation, what is commonly called “reverse psychology” plays a fundamental role. It is assumed that until you ignore him, he understands that he still has you, that you would listen to him if he decided to return with you.  And that, therefore, he has that freedom to choose or not to return with you: he is in the position of power.

Once you begin to ignore him, he feels that freedom threatened, losing the position of power and finding himself in an uncomfortable situation that will motivate him to reestablish that freedom. 

And the way to do it is by acting contrary to how you are performing. That is, you ignore him by implying that you no longer want to know anything about him and that you even prefer that he leave you alone. 

And he comes after you, doing the opposite of leaving you alone to feel that he does not lose you. It is that he does not forget that freedom that would allow him to return to you, that he does not lose the position of power.

Although now he is where you wanted him from the beginning, and his freedom and power are a mere illusion. Therefore, he always wants you to be a part of his life, his dreams, and his ambitions.

But, the fact is that, when he’s seeing that you are ignoring him or even trying to do, then he will quickly realize the truth, and that will make him know that he needs you and he needs you badly.

Why Do Men Come Back When You Forget Them

Why Do Men Come Back When You Forget Them

While keeping in mind the above reasons, which are also valid, let’s see why men return when you forget them. Forgetting someone is much more severe than merely ignoring or going over it. 

Forgetting him is something that is not done on purpose, or overnight, but is something gradual, natural. And it shows much more. It feels much more. 

Being forgetful implies being better. And all the fears and insecurities mentioned above are magnified and take on another, much more genuine, much deeper meaning.

Now it is a fear of indeed losing yourself in his life, losing you and all that you mean to him when he has not yet overcome you. Fear of never finding someone who loves him like you. Fear of not finding someone like you. Fear of loneliness. And therefore, he decides to come back!

What Is The Cause Of His Wanting For You

What Is The Cause Of His Wanting For You

There are always some reasons for every single mystery. And guess what! Ignoring a man and making him want you aren’t less than a secret too. Why?

Because it takes a lot of mind games to play on, and therefore, he gets very much affected by you.  So, what are the reasons for his wanting for you? Are you wondering about that? The wait is over for you! Here are some of them: 

He May Think That He Does Lossing You

He May Think That He Does Lossing You

Imagine that somebody likes you a lot, but at the same time he’s taking you very lightly. What does it mean? It means that he wants you, but he doesn’t care about you.  Therefore, if he sees that suddenly you are ignoring him, then he will notice that, and it will make a significant effect in his mind. 

He will certainly start to think more and more about you, and he will be worried that he’s losing you. So, it will automatically make him want you and make him realize the value of you in his life. 

He Can Feel Sorry About His Mistakes

He Can Feel Sorry About His Mistakes

If you ignore a man, and you were in a relationship with him, it means that man has done something wrong with you. In that period, he will never understand that he’s doing the wrong thing with you.

But, if you start keep distance, then he will slowly realize what he’s done with you, and that will influence him to come back to you.  Is it like magic? Not certainly. But, it’s a natural thing to happen with human beings. They never realize the value of the person they need before that person starts to ignore him. So, you can say that, in this aspect, ignoring a man does work. 

It Can Hurt His Ego

It Can Hurt His Ego


If an unknown guy tries to attract you, and you start to ignore him, it will hurt his ego. So, what does it will do? Very simple. It will make him want you more. It can be harmful as well as a good thing for you.

If you also like that man, then you can use this trick to ignore him and make him want you more.  In a way, ignore an unknown man works better than known ones. So, in this aspect, you definitely can say that it does work! 

Does Ignoring a Man Really Work to Get Their Attention?

Too many women think that ignoring a man is an effective way of getting him to see how much he misses them and wants to go back. Women just need to realize that this ONLY works in old black and white drama movies, NOT real life.

Girls don’t ever let some “guy” do this shit to you; if he really likes you he should be chasing after you to get your attention. Just because women are better at taking subtle hints than men does not mean that the man is trying to subconsciously tell you that he misses you or wants you back.

It’s just that they’re not good at initiating relationships and showing emotions because of the negative stigma that society has set for boys who are emotional or sensitive. Instead, they take the negative route and pretend like it doesn’t hurt them when you ignore them because repressing their emotions makes them feel more masculine to others.

Does Not Texting A Guy Back Make Him Want You More?

NO! If a guy doesn’t text you back it usually means that you have either scared him off or he is no longer interested in pursuing a relationship with you. There are a few reasons why a man may not reply to your texts:

  • You might be too needy and always demanding to know when he will call or text you next.
  • You may have given him the impression that you are clingy, have trust issues or are just too much to handle. If he feels that way then you will start to see his response time become shorter and shorter until he finally stops texting you back completely.  
  • He might be seeing someone else and not ready to cut things off with her.
  • He could be intimidated by your beauty and success, he may feel threatened or inadequate. You may intimidate him to the point of making conversation challenging.

Having a guy not text back all of a sudden can also mean that he has lost interest in pursuing a relationship with you because something about you has changed.

Frequently Asked Question:

1.Do Guys Notice When You Ignore Them?

Ans: 1. If you ignore a guy, then he’ll definitely notice because his male ego will tell him that it’s not normal for you to ignore him
2. It might get annoying or irritating for him at first but if he likes you, then it’ll only be a matter of time until he starts chasing after you the more he tries

2.Does Ignoring a Guy Make Him Chase You?

Ans:1. If you ignore him, then he might become more attracted to you because all men want what they can’t have
2. It’ll also make them think that if they try harder, then maybe the will finally get your attention
3. When a man finally gets his girl to chase after him, then he thinks that she’s weak

3.How Does A Guy Feel When You Ignore Him?

Ans:1. If a guy and you are ignoring each other, then he’ll be hurt and his ego will take a hit
2. He might even get jealous when he sees you getting attention from other men
3. It’ll also make him want to chase after you more because it’s so rare for women to ignore them in high school.

4.How Do  You  Ignore A Guy  To  Get  His  Attention?

Ans:1. If a guy is trying to get your attention, then you should try looking in the other direction
2. Don’t respond or have eye contact with him
3. The next time he talks to you, then don’t acknowledge him
4. Keep walking and ignore him until he stops talking to you

5.How Do You Successfully Ignore A Guy?

Ans:1. The first thing you need to do is have some self-respect of yourself
2. Don’t play into his ego, if he thinks that being ignored means that you’re playing hard to get then he’ll just think that you’re doing it for fun
3. If a guy likes you, then the more time passes by without you responding to him, the more he’ll come back chasing after you.


Ignoring someone is not that easy, but it has some natural effects on the person you are ignoring. When you are ignoring someone, you have to make sure that you are noticing correctly if it’s working on him properly or not.

In this way, you can know him better, and if it works, then your bonding will be much more durable. So, that’s all on does ignoring a guy make him want you more. Maybe above mentioned tricks of ignoring a guy will help you to get the perfect attention.

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