Food For Traveling In Train [Suitable Foods For Carrying]

Whenever it comes to our mind of having a journey, our heart leaps up with joy and excitement. It is mostly a welcoming event when planned. But you may travel for emergency issues as well.

You may encounter a long or short journey depending on your purpose of the train journey. But food becomes your main concern while travelling anywhere by train. It does not matter, whether it is long or short.

Yet, a major problem comes to our mind and that is nothing else, managing proper food! When it comes to our mind to travel anywhere for a long period, we think of the food that we need to have for an enjoyable journey.

While travelling, we have to survive for a long time, so it is a very common thought among most of us. Especially when children and old people travel with us, it becomes a great concern.

Most of us prefer the train to other public transports for a long journey. Because of its super comfort and relaxing environment.

Sometimes we feel so hungry but remember,  it’s not wise to take anything to meet hunger. That’s what we are going to read about, here are some tips in taking Food for Traveling in Train.

Food For Traveling In Train [Suitable Foods For Carrying

Common Issues With The Foods Served In Train Station

Common Issues With The Foods Served In Train Station


You will find a lot of benefits if you travel with high-quality Railways as there are several food stalls at the station and they even provide other necessary services as well.

Moreover, sometimes the trains give an interval when you may eat something. Depending on your budget, these foods are the most cost-effective. But the main problem is of the hygienic issue.

The foods served in these stations are not always what you expect or like. Besides, sometimes the foods are over-priced in comparison to the amount and quality they are serving to you.

By taking this unhygienic food, you may fall sick and your journey may end up in an unpleasant experience of your life. Apart from meals served in good restaurants, you need to avoid street food for your own sake.

Caution About Selection Food For Traveling In Train

Caution About Selection Food For Traveling In Train

When you are on the journey, you can’t take all the food that you usually take at your home. So, you have to be careful while selecting your meals for travelling on trains. Try to avoid spicy and heavy food items because it may cause indigestion.

You have to be conscious of a balanced diet to keep yourself healthy and strong. Furthermore, if you face any serious health issue in the middle of your journey, then it will be difficult to give you proper treatment.  So, be careful and choose your food for train journey wisely!

From my recent experience, I would like to share something with you! Once I stuck and had to face some difficulties for managing food for myself. But that bitter experience taught me many important things regarding train journey.

So, here I’ll try to mention some food for travelling in Trains. Here goes the suggestion followed by nutritionists and daily life travelers opinion. Just have a quick glimpse on these!

Healthy Food For Traveling In Train Journey – Details Information

Healthy Foods For Train Journey

1. Fruits


Fruits are enriched in vitamins and minerals; so fruits are the best food for travelling by train. So, they are the best food to take in any kind of journey. There’s nothing but some fresh fruits that can make you cheer instantly.

For example, you may take apple, tangerine, guava, banana, orange, and mango. You may take fruits in a separate bag or box. Carry a knife with you if you want to cut the fruits while eating.

You have to carry these in such a way so that the fruits are not smashed. You can carry fruits such as not ripened bananas, mangoes and apples. The banana will get ripened by the heat in your bag. So, it becomes then prefect to satiate your hunger.

Wash the fruits from home before packing the food. You can have one in right when you are hungry. However, you may even buy some fruits from the station hawkers if needed.

2. Snacks


Snacks are easy to carry while travelling. They don’t get rotten if kept for a long time. You may take biscuits, chips, nuts, popcorn, pretzels ( in a sealed container), protein or chocolate bars, dried fruits, crackers, cakes, cheese, roasted-nuts, mini pack coffee and so on.

You can go for any of these as your choice and convenience. As children like this type of food, so you may consider these items for them as a good choice.

You may carry these in a box or cans. On the other hand, old people usually don’t like to have snacks when they are hungry, They tend to look for homemade items.

Home-Made Foods For Traveler

Home-made Foods For Traveler

The best idea for a long-distance journey is to take food from home. It is also helpful in short journeys. But we have to keep in mind that we need to consume light and healthy food while travelling. You can take some sandwich, roll, little-burger, meat cutlet, pickles, boiled eggs, and so on.

If you can get thermal packing box, then it will be best for you to carry food for a long time. The above-mentioned food items are best for all the age of people including old ones.

They prefer it because these are hygienic and healthy to consume. You may take some milk and corn-flakes if you are travelling with children. Take the milk or water in the flask so that they remain hot.

Which Food Should Not Be Taken On Train?

  • Meat
  • Fish
  • Bread
  • Rice
  • Butter
  • Candies
  • Salad
  • Soup
  • Noodles
  • Coffee
  • Juice
  • Soy sauce
  • Vinegar
  • Oil

Frequently Asked Questions

1.What Food Should I Bring On A Train Journey?
  • Quality Chocolate.
  • Cheese & Crackers.
  • Beef/Pork Jerky or Sticks.
  • Canned Tuna.
  • Bagels.
2.Can You Take Your Own Food On A Train?
Ans: You may bring your own food and beverages onboard for consumption at your seat or private Sleeping Car accommodations. Federal health regulations prohibit Amtrak personnel from handling your food, heating it in our ovens, or storing it in our refrigerators.
3.Are We Getting Food In Train?
Ans: However, as things slowly get back to normal with lockdowns and travel restrictions easing across the country post the second wave of Covid-19, railways have resumed e-catering services.
Depending on the train you’re travelling from, you can select the food from a list of cafes, outlets and quick service restaurants.


Food is undoubtedly an essential element of all kind of journeys especially a long-distance train one. Try to be careful enough to select your meals for travelling on trains.

You don’t need to take the things that take a long time to digest properly and cause stomach problems. So, you may take a balanced food according to your necessity. The above-mentioned food items are really good ones that you might try.

However, if you fail to consume from these items, then go for the foods that are found in stations. Because you need to satisfy your hunger anyhow to avoid acidity problems. Moreover, be careful in the case of children and old people as they can’t digest all the categories of food.

Packaged and pre-sealed food items are the best ones to carry for long journeys, as they have a longer shelf-life. But, carrying food from home is nevertheless a hassle if you can carry it properly unless there are no chances of food getting spoilt or leaked.

I hope now you know about Food For Traveling In Train and  This guide I complete a to z abut Food for Travelling in Train what you should take or what not follow my instruction and get healthy and about food posing on travel

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