What Causes Obsession With A Person Reason & Solve [Ultimate Guide]

It takes just a moment or couple of minutes to happen something immortal in our mind. It’s quite difficult to find someone who will love you with full heart after appraise your every little activity or attitude.

But else everything we got obsessed and some other people feel the same towards us. So, what causes obsession with a person?

In physiological term there have some common reaction towards another people make sure a person get obsessed over him/her in an absence mind. Here I`ll show you very few common terms what causes obsession to a person.

Right from time immemorial, man has been learning to live with one another, sometimes the living together will be peaceful, and at times it will be turbulent. So the person that a man feels peaceful being together with will gradually become a friend and if care is not taken, they might be obsessed with each other.

What Causes Obsession With A Person

What is Obsessive Love Disorder?

What is Obsessive Love Disorder

A definition of Obsessive Love Disorder is as follows: A psychiatric diagnosis that describes a preoccupation with a person or thing. The phrase “Love Obsession” has been used to describe the feeling of being completely obsessed, even to the degree that causes disruptions in a person’s life and sees them unable to think about anything else.

A person suffering from Obsessive Love Disorder may feel that they cannot live without their lover or another object of affection.  They may be preoccupied with the relationship and believe that they cannot function properly without it. This type of “obsession” can result in stalking, harassment, assault, and even murder, all resulting from being unable to let go.

What Causes Obsessive Love Disorder?

What Causes Obsessive Love Disorder

There is a wide range of causes for Obsessive Love Disorder. Many psychiatric experts believe that the disorder is caused by a biochemical imbalance within the brain, specifically from low serotonin levels or other brain chemicals.

This chemical imbalance may also contribute to obsessive-compulsive disorder, bipolar disorder, and even schizophrenia. For some people, obsessive love may result from having had unstable childhood relationships with their parents and other family members.

Psychiatric experts also believe that Obsessive Love Disorder is caused in part by the issues of low self-esteem and insecurity in romantic situations.  If an individual doesn’t feel like they can function outside of a relationship, they may develop obsessive love patterns in their romantic life.

What Causes Obsession With A Person And The Way To Solve

What Causes Obsession With A Person Reason & Solve [Ultimate Guide]

Obsessions Towards A Person

Obsessions Towards A Person

these are mental events which occur in the form of extreme love, intrusive thoughts, and feelings in a person towards another person. It can either be in medical or physiological form.

Psychological Obsession

Psychological Obsession

Deals with you being in an extreme love with someone which can cause you to hurt others/the person you love while being overly protective of them. It can also cause one to want to control the person that you have the extreme love towards. People having obsession towards another person mostly display these traits to the person that they are obsessed to:

Fear Of Contagion

Fear Of Contagion

–people with this symptoms  suffer from intense fear that if they get in contact with the outside world, while the outside world is in the midst of a contagious disease, they fear that they might as well contact the disease.

 Pathological Suspicion

Pathological Suspicion

– people who develop pathological suspicion tend to check everything more than once because this suspicion is often associated with fear of an imminent danger.

For example, the person might return to his/her apartment several times just to check that they have switched off the iron or gas, or they might keep suspecting a person that they think might put them in imminent danger even without the person actually posing a threat against them.

Intrusive Thoughts-

Intrusive Thoughts

In this pattern of behavior obsessions are not accompanied by compulsions, and they are usually refer to as aggressive ideas or ideas related to sexuality or some taboo. For example, a person might have an intrusive thought of injuring his/herself, but in the process of putting himself/herself out of harm’s way they might accidentally harm themselves.

Symmetry Propensity


People inclined to symmetry tend to sort things out in a strictly defined way. They tend to be perfectionist, so what ought to get done by others might not be well done to them except they do it themselves or they put a very reasonable effort in other to get it  done by others.

  • Too much fascination about that person
  • Seems like obsessed with that person
  • Care about everything about him/her
  • Possessive thinking and interaction
  • Lessen self-respect

When someone get obsessed with favorite one it reflects in every little step of their activity as it get worsen day by day. Sometime it becomes so bad that ruin one’s life and simply lost its individualism. No one could accept that rejection after getting obsessed.

If that person rejects then at the end of relationship memories carried by that person. There have some other common symptoms what causes obsession to a person. Such as:

  • If living together then interfaith on that person in almost everything of life.
  • Feel the Constant necessity over else everything in life.
  • In all activity entire influence meets just on point and that’s the loving person.
  • Monitoring every single movement of that person.

What Are The Very Common Reasons That Cause A Person To Develop Obsession Towards A Person?

There’s no one single cause of being in obsession with a person. Instead, it may be linked to

  • Social and economic class: if you believed that you and a particular person are the only compatible ones due to your social/economic class that are compatible, you are poised to have an obsession towards the person.
  • Ideology: there always someone who influence you and indirectly becomes your confidence in school, home, work because of same ideology and way of thinking makes you to follow very closely controls your mindset. All these happen in a absence mind and after certain period you realize what he/she becomes in you day to day life.

Some others include different types of attachment disorder;

Mostly people who have lack of empathy or a little obsession with another people feel something odd in their mind. Something likes happiness or sad happens just for very silly matters.

Delusion Jealousy

Delusion Jealousy

Too much attention causes this disorder. All the time in your absence mind you’re thinking about that person so that some delusion stuff popup in your mind. That thought turns you to believe and make some sense on your mind as like as disorder.

How’s Obsession Diagnosed?

How’s Obsession Diagnosed

Obsession is sometimes easier to detect in some set of people while in others it is more complex, because you will believe that what they are feeling is normal love.

What’s The Difference Between Healthy And Obsessive Love?

What's The Difference Between Healthy And Obsessive Love

Healthy love is a beautiful thing. It can be expressed in many ways, from a quick peck on the cheek to a long embrace in the hallway. Healthy love is when you truly believe that you and your partner can overcome any obstacle in your path because you both have each other’s backs no matter what happens.

This type of love is selfless, kind, and compassionate. Healthy love is quieting the voices in your head that tell you negative things about yourself or your partner.

It’s saying “I trust you” instead of “you hurt me.” Healthy love is sticking around through the darkest moments because you know the sun will always rise again.

Obsessive love, on the other hand, is toxic. It’s about beauty and control. Obsessive love drives you to create an image of perfection that can never be reached. It makes you feel like nothing will ever be enough to fill that void of darkness inside.

It tells you that you are not beautiful or worthy if someone doesn’t shower you with gifts or compliment you for hours on end. Obsessive love is all-consuming and can lead to complete dependency, even if that’s not what you initially wanted.

How’s Obsession Towards A Person Can Be Treated

How’s Obsession Towards A Person Can Be Treated

The precise treatment plan for this disorder depends on the underlying cause of the obsession, either through anxiety, jealousy, fear etc. However, it often involves a combination of medication and psychotherapy.

Medications can be used to adjust brain chemicals. In turn, this can reduce the symptoms of the disorder. Your someone suffering from obsession disorder can be advice to treat it through the following ways:

Using of…

  • anti-anxiety medications
  • antidepressants
  • mood stabilizers

It can take several weeks for your medication to work. You may also need to try different types until you find the one that works best for you. Talk to your phycologist about possible side effects, such as:

  • appetite changes
  • dry mouth
  • fatigue
  • headaches
  • insomnia
  • loss of libido
  • nausea
  • worsening symptoms

Therapy is also helpful for all forms of the treatment for obsession. Sometimes it’s helpful for families to be involved with therapy sessions, especially if obsessive disorder stems from issues during childhood.

Lost of a friend during childhood to any occurrence beyond ones control, Depending on the severity of the disorder and your personal preferences, you might engage in individual or group therapy.

Therapy Options Include:

  • cognitive behavioral therapy
  • dialectical behavioral therapy
  • play therapy (mainly used for children)
  • talk therapy
  • Being obsessed is now becoming a concurrent appearance these days compare to previous years due to our emotional feelings.

If you or a loved one has possible symptoms of obsessive  disorder, They should endeavor to see a  psychiatrist to help determine whether you truly have obsession disorder.

Frequently Asked Question:

1.What Causes Obsession With  a Person?

Ans: There are many different causes of obsession with a person:
Firstly, when someone feels alone or isolated from other people they may try to fill this void by obsessed with you. Secondly, excessively thinking about someone is a sign of having an unmet need within yourself which you are trying to fill by obsessing with the other person.

Lastly, there may be something familiar to you in this person that makes them stand out from everyone else and that is why he appeals to you so much.

2.What Mental  Illness Causes Obsession With  a Person?

Ans: The main mental illness that causes obsession with a person is borderline personality disorder. He does not mean liking/loving the other person, its when there is something about another person or a situation that compels a person to think or do things that are out of the person’s control, and that cause distress or impairment in daily life.

3.What Disorder  Makes  You  Obsessed With Someone?

Ans: There are many different causes of obsession with a person:

It is possible for silence to make him miss you especially if he is not used to it. It does not mean liking/loving the other person, its when there is something about another person or a situation that compels a person to think or do things that are out of the person’s control, and that cause distress or impairment in daily life.

4. What Causes Severe  Obsession?

Ans: Here are some causes of obsession:

1-When you stop having a strong connection with that person, sometimes their insecurities may cause them to obsess over you in order to compensate for the loss of your attention.

2- When a person doesn’t have enough boundaries and when they don’t know how to say “no” or even set a limit when somebody is asking too much from them.

3- When a person doesn’t have enough self-confidence or self-esteem.

4&5-When you had some unhealthy relationships with the opposite sex, which make you believe that all men are bad and cruel.

6-When your boundaries are not being respected by someone close to you.

7-When your trust is broken by somebody close to you.

8-When your self-esteem is very low and when you are feeling unworthy which makes you think that no one wants to be with you.

5. What Is The  Psychology  Behind Obsession?

Ans: Psychology is the scientific study of mental processes and behavior. Know about the psychology behind obsession:

– Stop having a strong connection with that person, sometimes their insecurities may cause them to obsess over you in order to compensate for the loss of your attention.

– When a person doesn’t have enough boundaries and when they don’t know how to say “no” or even set a limit when somebody is asking too much from them.

– When a person doesn’t have enough self-confidence or self-esteem.

6.What to Do When Someone Is Obsessed With You?

Ans: What to do when someone is obsessed with you? You are not alone. Feeling stalked by a family member, friend or lover can result in feelings of helplessness and fear. The stalker may appear normal most of the time, but then suddenly becomes violent, hostile, or obsessive.

You need to remember that no one has the right to make you feel threatened or scared. The stalker does not have the right to intrude on your private life. It is important that you don’t give in to the stalker’s behavior and try not to respond to them in any way.

If someone starts acting in a strange, uncharacteristic manner towards you, then it might be time to take action.

If you are being stalked, then it is important that you don’t respond in any way to the stalking behavior. This includes communicating with them or responding to their calls, texts, or emails. Don’t be tempted to confront your stalker either, even if they ask why you are ignoring them or not returning their calls.

If you are being stalked by someone you used to know, whether they are a friend, family member, or ex-partner, then you can make an application to the courts for an injunction.

The stalker could be committing harassment if you think there is no “reasonable excuse” for their behavior. If they are found guilty of criminal harassment, they could face a prison sentence.


I hope now you know what causes obsession with a person.

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