It was Overcoming The Situation When I obsessed With A Guy Who Rejected Me.

For long as I can remember, I was suffering from deep immersion over a couple of years for a guy. It made me miserably disheartened. All-day or night long, I just loved to think about him or nothing else in my life.

I thought of myself; he is my source of inspiration, and the rest of the things appealed hell to me. That’s why I was eager to get touched and almost trying to seek attention to him. I used to make not answerable hundreds of phone calls or SMS to him. Awkwardly my fascination was one-sided. today I gonna to tell you when I obsessed with a guy who rejected me.

It was Overcoming The Situation When I obsessed With A Guy Who Rejected Me

When I Obsessed With A Guy Who Rejected Me – Follow The Guide

When I Obsessed With A Guy Who Rejected Me

He became bothered to get my unwanted attention-seeking activities. I knew I am wrong, but honestly, I had no control over me. I did all these wild things many times. Finally, he rejected me so brutally. I was full of jealousy, the rage, the anger, the obstruction, and the disappointment.

It hurts to overcome the situation when I obsessed with a guy who rejected me. My study and rising career postponed. But I couldn’t help myself to resist all negativity that was happening in my life. As a result, my life was going astray. Sometimes I wanted to commit suicide, but I couldn’t.

However, after passing a long-struggling period, I turned myself into a new leaf.

I know how desolately I came back to my flourishing life and moved on. Indeed, what I lost in my life will never be back again. Are you going to be part of these kinds of experiences for being obsessed with a guy who rejected you?

If you are displaying such symptoms, then I am here to alarm you to stop this nuisance before being uncontrolled. Otherwise, it will destroy your life now and then—my secret tips to you, when rejection hurts. Keep reading.

You should bear in mind that actually, life is not only acceptance or rejection. Firstly, you need to keep your deep feelings or love interest to a healthy crush if you do feel internal,

“I obsessed with a guy who rejected me” It’s your high time for the realization that you deserve someone better than Mr. unavailable.

If he doesn’t love you now, don’t like him later.  It will be the most rewarding moment for you when you will be courageous enough to let him go. You have to be emotionally healthier. Preserve your tears only for yourself; don’t let it go for someone who doesn’t care about your feelings.

See, life is still so charming; you have no right to ruin it anyhow. So busy with yourself. Lots of loving and caring peoples are surroundings you.

Your parents, family, friends, and well-wishers have lots of expectations for you. The person who treated your emotions as trifling habitually, but you respected him from the deep core of your heart.

I must say, stop enjoying him. Don’t think you are losing him; you are missing the whole world. Still, some pleasant moments are waiting for you, be optimistic.

Enlighten your wisdom. Start to read exciting books, stories, or articles to achieve knowledge. You might see you are not the last person who is suffering like this—no need to be introverted or loner at all.

Laugh out loud. Talk to your reliable friends; keep sharing either your rejection or your cheerfulness. They might give you practical suggestions when you get down.

Hear the music, do household tasks, study, driving, painting, or whatever you have sincere enthusiasm to do. You don’t need to try to forget him forcefully.

Your passion and involvement for working will distract his name automatically from your brain. In this case, books will be the best companion for your broken heart.

Life is not a bed of roses. You have to face lots of pains, sorrows inside you. Transform your all rejections, sorrows, frustrations, or inner pains to inspiration. Life is full of transitions, but only you are the controller to cope with everything. Happiness comes after each sorrow.

So remember that all your present inevitable troubles are not your ultimate destination. Sometimes changes in life are the perfect opportunity for you to overcome all the incidents happening with you, either worthy or worst.

Deeply think and find out the reasons why he rejected you. It’s better to talk with him directly. Sometimes a person refuses not for the other person but the situation. Not that always you are not so pretty or belonging from a prestigious family; that’s the authentic reason for his rejection.

Love is divine, and it comes from heart spontaneously. Maybe he is engaged or feels an attraction to someone before you proposed him. Perhaps he rejected you for his family. See, there might be thousands of reasons for the rejection.

Criticize him constructively. Find out his flaws. Sometimes it works. You may consult with your psychologist if you undergo the situation devastatingly. Try to maintain all the directives they provided you. Do exercise every day and start traveling. It will charm your body and mind accordingly.

On the other hand, incredible natural beauties will fascinate your mind. Similarly, you might see lots of unfortunate peoples are fighting against poverty or sickness. Compare your little grief with their significant distress. I must say, your self-realization will tell you how imprudently you were extinguishing yourself.

You might feel you have got plenty of blessings in your life, but you don’t care about them. Undoubtedly, comparing with ill-fated peoples with myself, really worked on me when I obsessed with a guy who rejected me.

Focus on your career and care for yourself. You may be overflowing with pain and tears, but don’t lose your life or ignore your job. If he betrayed you better to leave him alone. If he even made falsehood better to go his vilest undertakings on his own.

Peaceful separation is always delightful rather than doomed engagement. You are not losing anything. Take pity on him as he has lost you too. I appreciate your life, which is still young and magnificent.

What Are the Benefits of Writing About Your Experience When You were Rejected by a Guy?

What Are the Benefits of Writing About Your Experience When You were Rejected by a Guy

  • It helps women out there not to make the same mistake I did.
  • It keeps my mind busy instead of simply moping around all day long.
  • The more people read about it, the better the chances that I will find some comfort in other girls’ experiences which are similar to mine.
  • Maybe some girl is going to read it and get some courage from it.
  • It helps me deal with my own emotions, so I’m not drowning in them all day long.
  • When you feel sad, you can’t simply push your sadness away, but writing about the experience is helping me do just that. I don’t have a lot of time to mope around all day long no matter how much I feel like doing that.
  • I can offer other women one of my most important learning: ‘Do not let a man alone define your sense of worth’ . There’s so much more to a woman than the way she is being treated by men.

No woman should ever allow herself to be demeaned or devalued by a man. A man’s love does not equal your value as a woman. Your value is something you decide for yourself, not someone else!

Frequently Asked Question:

1.Why Do  I Obsess Over  Guys Who  Rejected Me ?

Ans:1. It might be because you feel like the rejection is your fault and it’s easier to blame yourself than someone else
2. You might obsess over them because there’s a part of you that feels guilty about rejecting this person back or hurting them in some way
3. The only way to stop obsessing over somebody is by not

2.Does Rejection Lead  To  Obsession?

Ans: 1. It might be because when someone rejects you, it’s easier to blame yourself rather than the person rejecting you
2. You should always take rejection with a grain of salt because there could actually be something wrong with them that you don’t know about yet

3.How Do  You  Get  Over  A Guy  Who  Rejected Me ?

Ans: 1. If the guy rejected you, then it shouldn’t be your fault in any way.
2. You shouldn’t try to change yourself in order to get this person back because the only person you should ever want to please is yourself.
3. As long as you can take responsibility for your own actions and know that there are good.

4.How Do You Stop Thinking About Someone Who Rejected You?

Ans: 1. The best way to stop thinking about somebody who rejected you is by learning how to take rejection with a grain of salt
2. It might be because there could have been something wrong with them that you didn’t see before but now you do
3. You should never try to change yourself or your personality just because somebody else.


I hope now you understand about the situation when I obsessed with a guy who rejected me.

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