How To Organize An Unforgettable Original Movie Ideas

Many filmmakers waste months and years trying to perfect the film. These same filmmakers fill their cloams with expensive camera gear that is never used and if it’s you, turn it off. I know that making movies scary and it is extremely difficult for beginners. Your first few films will be drinkable. So you should first get all the drinkable films out of your system.

To create original movies you should make a simple funny film that you can. Practically no money, you can get together with some friends and get the original movie ideas. When once completed you can store it on YouTube or anywhere else. I will give you some ideas today so that you get the idea of making a successful original movie.

How To Organize An Unforgettable Original Movie Ideas

The Way To Organize An Unforgettable Original Movie Ideas

Turn Off Your Phone And Get Outside


Ways to come up with great movie ideas this movie is one of the best. Turn off your computer or phone and get out all day without looking for ideas with your phone or computer. Make a promise that they will be off for a certain amount. During this time, get out of the house and do some activities that distract you.

To other people’s conversations you can sit in the park and listen. Or just walk down the street and look, all around you. Connect with the world and different people. Reconnect with the present time and free your mind. When you let your mind wander from technology for a while, it will have the opportunity to roam. When you take yourself to the open environment, the subconscious mind will automatically find ideas from nature.

Study Other Writers’ Loglines

Studying the loglines of other authors is a great way to get original ideas. To generate movie plot ideas is to match existing ones one of the best ways. To think more creatively about loglines it will follow your creative juices which enable you. Study the script ideas of aspiring writers and master enough ideas from them.

From different loglines and make a note with them you combine elements. Manage your movie in light of this note and add your plot with your film hero or someone else’s hero. Also, to the Pillar Alessandra’s annual logline contest you can listen. To listen to plot ideas and get as many ideas as possible this is a great place. Take a look at all the different situations and find some promising new film ideas.

Ravage Real Life

Ravage Real Life

You can take the original movie idea from the real-life concept ravage. You can make a movie from any idea of real-life ravage.

Real-Life Example

Real-Life Example


To make an original short film you can choose a real-life story. Viewers prefer real-life short films. Real-life movies example are:

  1. You can show in the movie the experience of surviving by fighting nature without food alone in a secluded environment in a remote mountain.
  2. You can portray in the movie a difficult struggle to fight poverty.
  3. Behind the scenes of becoming a serial killer, the story and the moments of the horrific killing of innocent souls can be captured in a real movie

Become A Research Activist

Become A Research Activist

Always carry a notepad with you and write down important ideas from interesting screenplays from TV news and local newspaper. Keep up to date and know when a movie is being released, which movie is receiving an award. For all daily movie updates subscribe to a new channel. Also, to the Script Notes podcast you can listen. Think about what happened to you that could make a good story, think about your own life.

Focus On What Moves You

Focus On What Moves You

The theme of your script depends on what you like. About games are you passionate? Astrology? Animal? Action? Or Horror? A lot of times the movie script idea comes from emotions and it will come to your writing and bring a level of authenticity to your work and all this comes from emotion. In many aspiring writers these emotions are missing.

Think about some of your favorite heroes and think about what they are good at, think about their skills. Make an original film with the positive aspects of all these things. In each case, the writers simply want to express their own emotions in the protagonist, so the protagonist must be chosen efficiently.

Forget ‘What if?’ And Relax


You must have heard the advice you should ask yourself “what if?” to come up that when trying with a good movie idea. Does the formula mean you came up with a character or asked a situation ‘if so’? And then ‘see what happens.’ An example:

  • What if a man gets in the car and sees that he has no money?
  • if all the oxygen in the earth runs out?
  • What if a person loses his way while walking?
  • if someone eats poison?

The problem here is asking “what will happen” and thinking about what will happen next and finding a solution. You may be thinking about the screenplay idea and it often creates stress for the writer. But to take the stress out as much as possible and work on relaxing a good way to come up with a movie script idea is.

Getting Your Story In Front Of The Right People

Getting Your Story In Front Of The Right People

Every aspect of turning your ideas into screenplays will be paired with an art professional who will take away the problems of your film. Get ideas for everything from characters, drafting, development, polishing, and rewriting. A skilled filmmaker can turn a simple story into an impeccable one. So, in front of the right people getting your story.

Course Correction

Course Correction

After rewriting a few edits, this one may not be your original idea because if your ideas are not correct. If you have to change heroes and villains, change genders, change the setting biologically for creative and good ideas, then you must change it so that your sick film will turn into an original film.

As a writer, you need to be able to and change direction if your ideas don’t work. Take everything into consideration and decide for yourself which way to go with creative thinking.

Nobody’s Perfect

Nobody’s Perfect

Always keep in mind that no human is self-sufficient. Every human being is weak in one way or another. If someone says he’s too much of a perfectionist, that’s probably a lie. So write down what you know, research what you don’t do, and focus on everything else.

Write down what you know and tear it up if you don’t like it but let your idea flourish and take time, find out where the mistake is, try to fix the mistakes. Don’t be discouraged because no one is perfect.

Characters, Event, Actions


You need a big event, the right character, the semantic event, the right action, and a clean system to make your idea work. A character needs a goal to move a story forward. Every film has a specific event and the film focuses on the specific event from start to finish. It takes a lot of work to make a film, without which it is impossible to complete the film.

Chose the Right Genre

The internet is a good way to find out about genres. You can go on websites that deal with writing and they usually have specific pages where all types of genres are mentioned.

They also mention what kind of books fall under those genres and it will help you better understand what your story needs to be about.

Take Idea from Old Movies

Often, newbies are not aware of the specific genres they should be writing. They take this for granted and write about anything that comes to their mind.

If you take an idea from old movies, it is fine but what you must remember is that your story needs to have originality. It will be tough to describe cliches without experiencing them.

Analysis Successful Movie Scripts

If you are not aware of what to do next, try looking at successful movie scripts. They will help you get a clear idea about the writing process and how it is going to be. For instance, if your story deals with spies then research them a bit before actually starting to write the script.

This way you will know which kind of words to use and the twists you should add to it. You can read about spy movies that are based on real events too which will help boost your writing skills.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.Why Do People Go Blank When Coming Up With Movie Ideas?

Ans: It’s not the lack of ideas that causes writers to freeze. It’s our mistaken belief in a single story about what creativity is all about. We think it means connecting the unconnected, extracting inspiration from thin air. But creativity isn’t magic; it’s just hard work you don’t have to work hard at.

2.What Is The First Step In Making A Movie?

Ans: The first step is to write down your idea so it won’t get lost. But you have to do more than just jot it down on paper or your computer screen. You have to really think about what the movie is about, who the characters are and how they’re going to behave in each scene.

3.What Do You Think Of Formulaic Writing?

Ans: I don’t like it in movies and I don’t like it in books. I’m not saying formulas don’t work; they can, when done well. But readers and audiences come to expect them and writers often fall back on them out.

4.Why Do People Get Stuck With An Idea For A Movie?

Ans: The biggest challenge faced by aspiring writers is not being able to see a movie in their head, but rather all the complications involved with actually writing it. They get hung up on the trees and miss the forest.

5.What Is The Key To Solving Story Problems?

Ans: The key is to come up with as many solutions as possible; then compare them.


The bottom line is that the above ideas are not 100% enough to make an original film. However, you can’t make an original movie without these ideas, so follow my Original Movie Ideas and make an attractive movie using your creativity.

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