5 Important Things You Should Know About Baggage Claim Ticket

When we go outside of our city or country, we need to carry some essential things. Generally, we carry those things in a bag. Everyone carries a bag while they travel. At the airport, some baggage has to go through the checking process. Some problems can happen at this time. Your baggage can mess up with other baggage. You can even lose your baggage. Baggage claim ticket or bag tags was invented for solving these problems.

There are some common questions about baggage claim tickets. What is a baggage claim ticket? How to read baggage claim tickets? Do I get compensation for lost baggage? Etc. We will answer those questions in simple language. At the end of this article, we will give you some tips to avoid baggage claim problems. So be with us till the end.

5 Important Things You Should Know About Baggage Claim Ticket

The Meaning Of Baggage Claim Ticket

The Meaning Of Baggage Claim Ticket

The ticket that is used to separate baggage from other baggage is called a baggage claim ticket or bag tag. The baggage claim ticket will help you to find your luggage. Baggage claim ticket or bag tags was a great invention. It solves some big problems. The first bag tag was invented on 5 June 1882. John Michael Lyons is the inventor of bag tags.

How To Read A Baggage Claim Ticket

How To Read A Baggage Claim Ticket

In the 1990s, baggage claim tickets had two parts. The first part had a hole to attach with baggage, and the other part of the ticket was given to the passengers. 1990s baggage claim ticket was very easy to read. But the security system of those tags wasn’t very good. The ticket contained some basic information like flight number, destination airport code, baggage tag number, and carrier name.

The modern day’s baggage claim ticket is quite difficult to read than the 1990s ticket. Modern days baggage claim ticket has a good security system. It uses ten digits bar code. These ten-digit bar codes are also known as an IATA (International Air Transport Association) Licence Plate Code. The ten digits code contain 3 important pieces of information:

  • 1st digit – baggage claim ticket’s issuer code.
  • 2-4 digit – airline carrier code.
  • 6-10 digit – roll number of baggage.
  • A scanner and camera can read the modern day’s baggage claim ticket.

What You Should Do After Losing Your Baggage Claim Ticket

Most of the time, airports doesn’t check the baggage claim ticket. But sometimes, they do random checks on the baggage claim ticket. That’s why people don’t care about the bag tags. Sometimes they lost their bag tags. When airlines check the bag tickets, they fall into trouble. Then they realize the importance of the baggage claim ticket. That’s why you have to keep the baggage claim ticket though the airlines don’t check this mostly. But if you lose your baggage claim ticket, you can claim your bag through your flight ticket. But it will give you some stress.

Report For Delayed And Lost Baggage

Sometimes airlines may lose your baggage. They may mess up your baggage with others. If airlines lose your baggage, you should report to them. They will search your baggage. It will take 21 days to find your baggage. After that, they will declare that they lost your bag. At this time, you can claim compensation for your loss. If airlines can find your bag at a certain time, you can also claim compensation for the delay.

If you report in the right ways, they will be obliged to give you compensation for your losses. At first, you should talk directly to the airlines. If they don’t respond, you have to write a letter about your losses to them. They may need your baggage claim ticket, ticket, and passport. If you can give those things to them, they will give you compensation.

How Much Compensation You Will Get For Delayed And Lost Luggage

If airlines lose your baggage, they will give you restitution for your losses. The compensation depends on how much damage and stress you get. You have to report to the airlines about your losses. How much damage and stress you get for their mistakes. Then you can claim some money from them. If they think you are claiming compensation in the exact ways, they will give you the compensation. But every airline has a limit. For example, The U.S. airline gives up to $3500 as reimbursement. It depends on your losses.

How Does The Baggage Claim Process Work

In a conventional baggage claim area, luggage carousels or conveyor systems deliver checked bags to the traveler. The baggage claim area usually includes the airline’s customer service station where passengers may claim excess baggage or report lost or damaged luggage.

Some Essential Tips To Avoid Baggage Claim Problem

You can take some low weight bags without any checking. But if you take any heavyweight baggage, you have to give those bags into the checking process. After the checking process, you have to claim your baggage. But, in claiming time, everyone faces some problems. They lose their baggage. We recommended, don’t take many check-in baggages. It will give you extra stress. Try to take one check-in baggage. We are giving below some tips to avoid baggage claim problems.

Put Your Contact Number

A baggage claim ticket will be attached to your bag. You can also put your name, contact number, email address, and address. This will help you to claim luggage. If you lose your baggage claim ticket, you can find your luggage through your contact.

Use Different Bags

Most of the travelling luggage look like same. But you can choose a different type of bag. You will find your bag easily if you buy a unique bag. The chance of messing up with other baggage will be very less. This will free you from extra stress.

Check Your Bag Properly

Check Your Bag Properly

After claiming the checked baggage, check your baggage properly. If you see any major damages, you should claim compensation. If your baggage gets enough damages, you will get some compensation. Airports will be obliged to give you compensation for their mistakes.

Final Words

If you are thinking of travelling by plane, you have to know the rules and regulations. The baggage claim process is a very important thing. You have to know some basic things about baggage claims. We have explained the baggage claim process. We also gave you some tips to avoid baggage claim problems. We hope you have got enough knowledge about baggage claim tickets or bag tags.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1.Do Bags Get Stolen At Baggage Claim? 

Ans: Yes, sometimes, your bags can get stolen at the baggage claim. Some small things can get stolen. It isn’t very common to get stolen something, but you have to be aware of this.

2.How Long Does The Baggage Claim Process Take?

Ans: It depends on the crowd and your baggage weight. On average, baggage claims take 15-45 minutes. If you bring a heavyweight bag, you may have to wait for some extra time. Because heavyweight bags take extra time to check.

3.How Many Days Do Airlines Take To Search For Lost Baggage? 

Ans: On average, airlines takes 21 days to find your lost baggage. After that, they declare that your baggage was lost. If they lose your baggage, they will be responsible. Airlines will give you compensation for your lost baggage.

4.What Are The Baggage Claim Things Called?

Ans: Luggage carts, luggage trolleys, baggage carts, trollies. The trolley was originally a trademark for a small cart with wheels operated by a hand-crank and steered by a person pushing the trolley. It is still used in some places but has been largely replaced with the generic term.

5.What Do I Do With My Baggage Claim Ticket?

Ans: You can use your baggage claim ticket as a boarding pass for travel from the airport where you collected your luggage to your final destination. This means that you are allowed to board your flight with the baggage claim ticket together with your identification document.

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