Aerosol Cans On Planes Checked Baggage: Is It Allowed To Carry?

Are you planning to fly with your favorite spray which contains aerosol? Here, we will talk about carrying aerosols products in checked baggage on the plane. Specifically, we are going to answer the burning question that, if your toiletries products including deodorant, dry shampoo, hair spray, body mist, toner, shaving foam, Or any other permissible bottle contained aerosol spray, are going to blow up in your checked baggage.

So, can you take Aerosol cans on planes checked baggage? Not all types of aerosol sprays are allowed on the plane to carry. It qualifies to be carried on a plane based on its weight, size, and material. So, let’s explore if your spray  bottle will explode or not!

Aerosol Cans On Planes Checked Baggage Is It Allowed To Carry

How Do Aerosol Sprayer’s Function?

Nowadays, aerosol products have become very popular for ease of use and convenience while travelling. It has vast areas to use such as cleaning, varnishing, air fresheners, fly spray, as personal skin care products and utilize in a product as a host ingredient. Aerosol products are made with a combination of evaporated fume, thinner and propellant with some active items that are pressurized and packed in a valve-equipped bottle.

Why Is It Dangerous To Carry Aerosols In Checked Baggage?

Why Is It Dangerous To Carry Aerosols In Checked Baggage

So long we know that in an ordinary situation aerosol don’t blast until it remains intact and not leaked. But there are some issues, such as pierced bottle, defective valve and excessive heat and pressure built inside can make an unavoidable accident. It could be worst if it blasts near the fire and can burn adjacent workers and spilling on them with a flake of steel. As an example, if you left an aerosol bottle in a hot car or direct sunlight can also cause a flare-up. But when it packed well and the temperature in the aircraft is controlled then bringing aerosols are quite safe.

Nevertheless, you had better know that aerosols alone are not the cause of an accident cause they don’t blow the fire on its own. For example, if electronics with batteries packed next to the aerosol inside checked baggage then batteries may overheat with temperature and could increase the pressure in the aerosol until there is an explosion. For this reason, laptops and batteries are not allowed in checked baggage. Occasionally some accidents may occur due to aircraft decompression. When we travel by plane, if we have a packet of chips in hand, it expands due to low pressure, but it is not enough to burst.

Explosions of some aerosol bottles have occurred for this reason, although it is a very rare cause. Transportation Security Administration regulations for aerosol bottles in checked baggage So, most of the aerosol is banned to carry, but in a limited measure of the aerosol bottle are allowed in hold baggage. As a regulation, inflammable aerosols are banned but the FAA  permitted medical or toiletries aerosols products for the cause of expediency. Although, if you have lids or caps to prevent the nozzle on the bottle from drenching inside your bag while packed, then they allow you to put it inside the bag, otherwise it will be eliminated by the baggage security worker.

 How Much Aerosol Carrying Is Legal?

You can carry permitted labels of medicine or toiletries aerosol products in checked baggage less than 18 oz (500 ml) or individually approved to get aerosol an equal of 70 oz (2 litres). There is no restriction about the number of the bottle if the total measurement is not more than  2 litres per individual and no bottle weighs more than 500 ml. Just to remind you, if you want, you will be allowed to enter the cabin with aerosol inside the handbag, but the size of the bottle should not be more than 3.4 ounces (100 ml). These need to be packed in clear plastic bags.

Why Won’t Aerosols Explode in a Plane’s Baggage Hold?

This is because a can of this type will absorb a lot of energy before it actually does explode due to the pressure that is holding the liquid in place. The same pressure also makes sure that any shrapnel thrown out is not powerful enough to cause any serious damage. Aerosol cans have nitrogen gas let into them when they are manufactured to fill up any empty space that is left in the can when the product is being put inside under pressure. 

This means that any compression within the hold will not cause an aerosol can to explode because there is no oxygen available for combustion which makes up most of the space in a baggage hold.  Even if it were to get hot enough for some of the liquid to evaporate and create a flammable mixture, the evaporated gas is not going to accumulate easily in a baggage area.

The can may explode if it is exposed to a high enough amount of heat, the pressure inside the can build up until the weakest link breaks. This usually isn’t an issue though because there are no naked flames on planes or other heat sources which are intense enough to cause this. The only real risk of a can be exploding is if a naked flame or something that’s hot enough comes into contact with it which isn’t likely to happen.

List Of Permitted Aerosol Items In Checked Baggage

List Of Permitted Aerosol Items In Checked Baggage

Now we know that medicinal and toiletries items are permitted to carry in your checked baggage. Before packing the bag, you have to look at the list to know which items can be taken. So let’s take a look at the lists.

Example products are:

  • If your aerosols are well protected with nozzles or cap .
  • Medicinal items including inhalers or nebulizers.
  • Toiletries items including nail polish or remover, hairsprays, hair mousse, dry shampoo, shaving cream, perfumes, deodorant, sun cream, colognes, antiseptics, sanitiser, and insect repellents.
  • Self-defence item like pepper spray is permitted if it is less than 4 oz and the active elements in concentration form are allowed if it is less 2%.

List Of Banned Aerosol Items In Checked Baggage

So there are few aerosol items you should never put in your checked baggage. Example products are:

  • Non-toiletries items, Spray paint, food spray, spray starch, pressing spray, silly string, air freshener, soda spray capsules and anti-static spray.

What Not To Take On A Plane

Blasting caps, dynamite, flares, grenades, pyrotechnics, replicas of explosives, aerosols, any fuel, gasoline, gas torches, strike-anywhere matches, lighters, paint-thinner, bleach, chlorine, and spray paint are all prohibited products. Other explosives or flammable objects that are not specified are also banned.

How You Should Pack Aerosol In Your Checked Baggage

As we know that, aerosols have the potential to blow up in a certain condition. If you want to safely pack inside an aerosol product bag, there are some things to keep in mind, such as if the product is brand new, then take out some products. Keep the bottle inside a plastic zip-locked or sealed packet so that, no accident can occur if there is a leak. Place the product in one place so that the bag does not roll back and forth. For this, you can take help in the middle of the clothes or shoes.


So, now we know, a limited number of aerosols are safe to carry in your checked luggage. However, it should be kept in mind that the legal items you are carrying should be inside the specified measure and have a nice barrier. Although we know that aerosols can be carried with its measurement’s rules, and the rules may vary from country to country, so when we fly on an international flight, we must know the rules for carrying aerosols to that destination. So, those are the items you should never pack in checked baggage to make your trip less stress full and enjoyable. I hope now you know about can you take Aerosol cans on planes checked baggage or not.

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