How Strict Are Airlines About Checked Baggage Size?

Airlines will check you when you travel with your carry-on luggage. If the weight of your luggage crosses the limit, you will have to pay a fee. Occasionally there is a risk of losing luggage on airlines and you need to take care of them. So, how strict are airlines about checked baggage size?

Whether you can carry your bag on a plane will depend on the weight and size of your luggage. Because every airline has their own set of rules and regulations. Especially on the weight of the luggage.

Now the question may come to your mind what will happen if your luggage is overweight. How strict is the airline with the size and weight of the luggage? We will help you answer this question.

Airlines About Checked Baggage Size

Carry On Luggage Size

Carry On Luggage Size

Usually each airline has its own set of rules regarding the weight and size of luggage. However, almost every airline shows that their luggage size is limited to 62 linear inches.

Airlines calculate the size of a carry-on luggage with luggage handles, wheels, and even side pockets. The size of luggage allowed by the airline is 56 x 36 x 23 cm (22 x 14 x 9 inches).

However, luggage of slightly larger or smaller size is allowed by the airlines. However, I suggest you check the carry-on luggage size limit on the airline’s website on which airline you are traveling.

Each airline has a luggage sizer at the gate and the size of your luggage is measured before you pick up your luggage on the plane. If your luggage size crosses the limit then you need to provide extra fine. But most airlines do not give much priority to the size of the luggage.

How Strict Are Airlines About Checked Baggage Size? – Guideline

How Strict Are Airlines With Carry On Size

Most airlines do not pay much attention to the size of their luggage. Even if the size of your luggage is slightly larger than the airlines’ restrictions, your luggage size will not be measured on airlines.

Airlines usually do not pay much attention to the size of the bag of those who use the backpack as a carry-on luggage, as much as they do in the suitcase.

Occasionally it is seen that the overhead bins may run out of space so it is better to get on the plane as soon as possible. Although you comply with all airline restrictions, there is no guarantee that there will be extra space for your luggage in the cabin.

This has never happened to us. If you are worried about this then you can make extra payment at Priority Boarding. That is what many budget airlines offer.

This will keep you tension free so that you will not have any risk of losing or damaging your luggage on the plane. But yes, if you get lost or damaged on the planes, you can complain to the airlines.

Which Ones Can You Use As A Carry On?

Which Ones Can You Use As A Carry On

You should know the prohibitions on the airline’s website on the plane you are traveling on. Because many airlines have restrictions on which bags you can use as a carry-on. However, in most cases, it does not have any specific rules. However, we will tell you which bags you can use as a carry on.

If you want to use a duffel bug for the trip, make sure the bag is between 30 and 45 litres. Check out the other dimensions as well. However, make sure that the bag is not over packed or overweight while packing. And when over packed it can add weight and you have to pay an unexpected fee.

And if you are worried about the strict rules of the airline, you can take a small size bag that can be up to 40 litres. You  can also use suitcases and luggage as a carry on.

Carry-On Baggage Weight

Carry-On Baggage Weight

Most airlines are found to have specific restrictions on the weight of their luggage. However, there are no restrictions on the weight of luggage on US airlines.

In most cases the weight limit for cabin luggage is 5 to 12 kg. But on other airlines such as Asia and Australia, the weight limit is up to 7 kg.

But in most cases it is seen that packing takes time and adding a little cloth and laptop adds weight and there is no opportunity to keep other things. This shows that the weight of the luggage is about 10 kg and crosses the limits as per the rules of the airlines.

Do Airlines Carry Bag Weights?

Do Airlines Carry Bag Weights

Airlines usually show that if the size of your backpack or suitcase looks overweight then they will weigh. So I would suggest you to pack your bags in such a way that your bag does not look heavy. Then don’t notice too much on your bag at the airlines don’t even weigh it.

I can tell from my personal experience that when I travel with a duffel bag, the bag looks less heavy and smaller in size. And when I travel with luggage there, the luggage is bigger in size and weight than the duffel bag. So I suggest you pack the bag so that the airlines don’t notice it and the bag doesn’t look overweight.

But yes if you work on a few things you can avoid checking the weight of your luggage at the airlines.

Check In Online

Check In Online

If you have printed your boarding pass in advance, you do not have to go separately for airline checking. Now is the age of internet. If you get an airline license on your phone, save it  Then you can avoid the airline’s checking desk and go straight to security.

Because the checking desk is the only place where your luggage will be weighed. And if it is overweight after weighing the luggage, the extra thing will be thrown away by the airline.

Use Personal Items

Use Personal Items

In most cases, airlines allow the carrying of personal items. So if you have to go for airline checking, keep your personal luggage items like laptops, cameras away from your luggage.

Because if you keep these in your luggage and give them for checking, then your luggage will look heavy. Moreover, after checking, you can put your personal items in the luggage.

Again at the airline gate if you want to weigh what you need you can also weigh your luggage by removing your personal items. Moreover, if you do not have extra personal-items and you think that the weight of your luggage is right, then there is no need to check.

Most airlines find that they do not carry personal items within the weight of their luggage. However, some airlines carry personal items with the weight of luggage. So you must check before going to the airline.

Wear It

Wear It

Wear your most heavy jacket and shoes to avoid overweight luggage. This is what I apply to my case. This way your luggage will not be heavy for your heavy jacket or shoes.

Also, if you feel hot after your jacket and shoes, you can tie a jacket around your waist instead of packing it in your luggage. Mango I think is the greatest idea to keep the luggage at the perfect weight.

Keep It Short

Keep It Short

Whether your baggage will look light or heavy depends largely on the packaging. You can use packing cubes or small bags while packing so that the size of the fabric is smaller.

You shrink the straps outside of your duffel bug to make it look smaller. And if your person looks relatively small, then airlines are less likely to weigh your luggage.

If you really think the airline’s restrictions are too strict then you can carry some heavy items in your jacket. This way overweight luggage can be avoided.

What happens is if your luggage is overweight while checking the lines, you will not be allowed to travel. And even though it allows you to travel, you have no choice but to drop extra items from your luggage. Moreover there is a way that you have to provide extra fine and it is very expensive.

However, I would suggest that you try to keep your luggage in perfect weight as much as possible. Moreover, using the above methods, you can show your luggage in small size. And before you go to the airline, you must weigh your luggage.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do Airlines Enforce Checked Baggage Size?
Ans: Airlines sometimes do not enforce their size limits. When they are enforcing them, an agent will instruct a passenger to place his or her bags, one at a time, into the sizer. If the bag fits, it’s approved. If it has to be shoved in, or won’t fit, it’s rejected.
2. How Strict Are Airlines On Luggage Dimensions?
Ans: Though you might find an inch or two of a difference with various airlines, the standard domestic carry-on luggage size is 22″ x 14″ x 9″, which includes the handle and the wheels. This size limit ensures your bag — and ideally everyone else’s — will be able to be stored safely in the overhead bin for your flight.
3. What If My Checked Bag Is Too Big?
Ans: On many airlines, checked bags can weigh up to 50 pounds—and if you exceed the limit, the charges rack up fast. Note that you shouldn’t get your bag down to 49.9 pounds and call it a day; airport luggage scales aren’t always accurate, so you’ll want to allow a little room for error.
4. Is 32 Inch Luggage Oversized?
Ans: Most 32-inch suitcases, however, are oversized and go beyond the required limit. If you’re looking for something that you are sure will not be considered oversized, it’s best to stick with something that is 28 inches in height or at least 29 or 31 inches, especially if you’re looking for something a bit bigger.
5. What Is The Maximum Size Of Checked Luggage?
Ans: 62 linear

Final Thought

Most airlines find that they have specific restrictions on the weight and size of luggage. However, airlines give more priority to the weight of luggage. Most airlines show that they are not too strict about the size of their luggage. But if your luggage looks bigger than a certain size, they check it.

I hope now you know how strict are airlines about checked baggage size. If you think my article is helpful for you, please like, comment and share. I will come up with more useful articles in the future. Thank you!

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