How To Find If Your Partner Not Just Stressed But Losing Interest In You

So you have a man, and things are going well. It was the kind of affection that soars, that ignites, that seems to last forever. But then things changed. He stopped texting. He stopped calling. You worried that he was losing interest. Being interested in a person may not mean that it will remain that way. Even if you are interested in another person, your expectations usually change in a very short period of time.

When someone loses interest in you, you want the situation to change and the pain to stop. So, how to find if your partner not just stressed but losing interest in you? But it might happen for completely different reason. May be he is going through some unfortunate situations such as job lose, parents being separated or any kind of financial instability.

You need to carefully evaluate the whole situation along with his past behavior from inside out. But how do you do that? How do you really understand if your boyfriend is in stress or he has just lost his interest in you? Here I’ve figured out 7 signs that will tell you he is not stressed but losing interest in you.

How To Find If Your Partner Not Just Stressed But Losing Interest In You

Following Situations Might Be The Reason Behind He Is losing Interest in you?

Following Situations Might Be The Reason Behind He Is losing Interest in you

7 different signs indicate he’s losing interest in you, which you’ll see in detail below, so read on!

If You Are Not A Priority To Him

If You Are Not A Priority To Him

If he is genuinely interested in you, he will make you a priority, not just an option. If you’re not always the first one invited to parties, events, social gatherings, etc., he’s probably using you and doesn’t intend to have a serious relationship with you. Don’t You think to be someone else’s other choice, is not something that you deserve! If you find similar behavior in his actions, be sure he is not stressed but losing interest in you.

If Your Relationships Have Turned One Way

If Your Relationships Have Turned One Way

You imagine how lively discussion you have had with your boyfriend in your early days, but now things have changed and your partner got entirely silenced. He has stopped wondering about your life or just doesn’t care about you and your relationship, as he previously does.

He no longer tries. And now it take hours for him to answer your calls or messages. He may be the kind of person who writes to you all day and knows your daily routine, but lately, he has been entirely silent. If he doesn’t talk to you or listen when you talk to him, it means he may be trying to break up with you.

If He Hasn’t Asked You For A Second Date Yet

This is a vital sign to watch out for after a first date with a man. If he meets someone and doesn’t come back for a second date after a few weeks, it could mean he’s not interested in you. If this is the case, don’t waste your emotions thinking about this impulse, but move on to other possibilities.

If You Don’t Call Him, You Are Less Likely To Get Along With Him

He makes excuses not to spend time with you, and if you think about it, he can’t even remember the last time he asked you out. But, of course, he’s not that predictable, so he’ll probably find a way to cover his tracks. Of course, he may be busy. Maybe he doesn’t have the time to hang out with you, but his interest in you is likely waning if he has a pattern of behavior.

If He Continues Making Excuses

If He Continues Making Excuses

He is an abusive boyfriend, always ready to defend his actions when you complain. He makes plans, undermines them, and when you ask him why, he defends them. You know, communication is the key to building a relationship. Try to have a conversation with him and ask him about his concerns. Make sure that he knows you understand something is not right with him and still you want to support him if he need it.

This will give him a chance to be honest with you and let him know that you care about him, but don’t force it. Wait and see what happens. If he is not in a kind if stressed condition that you are wondering, he must respond. In reality, whenever a man falls in love, he’s bound to find time for his partner no matter how it happens. But if he only continues finding reasons for not meeting with you, then it means something not right in your relationship.

If You’re Not Having Sex With Him

Physical intimacy has been impossible for a long time. You used to be passionate, but lately, your relationship has taken a turn for the worse. If these moments become increasingly rare over a while, it could mean that he is no longer a part of your relationship.

If It Always Ends Up Having Fights With Him

If It Always Ends Up Having Fights With Him

Is He Pushing You Away? Is He Rejecting You? Is He Very Rude?

He interrupts you when you talk, doesn’t listen to you, and when he does listen to you and engages you in conversation, he says very hurtful things. If every conversation ends in an argument, it’s a warning sign that his behavior not due to stress rather he’s trying to get out of your life.

What Should You Do When You Find Him Not Stressed But Lost Interest In You?

What Should You Do When You Find Him Not Stressed But Lost Interest In You

Taking a positive approach to this situation is one of the wisest decisions you can make. However, staying positive is not easy. So how do you deal with your partners when you find him not stressed but lost interest in you?

Share It With Someone You Can Trust

Share It With Someone You Can Trust

You might get help from a trusted friend or relative. When you tell someone, you are validating the situation in your mind. You will also get helpful guidance and emotional support from a responsible person. Above all, only rely on someone you can trust.

Make Sure You Know Everything About Your Relationship With Him

Make Sure You Know Everything About Your Relationship With Him

Focus on factual information that will give you an idea of how he feels about you, not just how you want the story to go. Then, write them down to reread them when you feel nostalgic about the past and doubt yourself.

Think It As Fun

Think It As Fun

In literature, theater, and film, you can find examples of sad stories told in a funny and humorous rather than sad and dystopian way. Your present state of mind can be greatly influenced by these stories.

Avoid Idealizing Him Based On How You Live Your Life

Avoid Idealizing Him Based On How You Live Your Life

You have the personality, strength, and ability to overcome this personal disappointment of love. For you are a nice person, you should not romanticize him. Because by feeling sorry for him, you prevent your mission from moving forward. But if you feel driven and desperate enough to restore his interest, here is what you can try;

How to Get Him Interested in You Again

How to Get Him Interested in You Again

Even if your lover is showing the above signs and can’t find a way to solve the problem, you can still restore your relationship. There is still hope. Your relationship is not over.

Understand Yourself

Understand Yourself

First, it is important to determine if it makes sense to continue the relationship. And then, You need to ask yourself, “Is it worth it? If he take his foot off the throttle, is it worth it to step on it again? This question can help build trust and balance in your relationship.

Give It Back By Showing Her Your Value

Give It Back By Showing Her Your Value

If you want to stay connected with your relationship, you have to show your value. You have to show him what he have to lose if he leave you.

Take Your Attention Away From Your Relationship

Take Your Attention Away From Your Relationship

If you try too hard, the relationship will fall apart. So instead, relax and focus on yourself. Remind yourself that you have your own life outside of your relationship. Remember who you were before you became his girlfriend. What you can do is recreate the person he originally loved. What made him like you in particular? Get him to reconsider through all the reasons why he wants to be with you. Get him to think about what his life would be like without you. Make him feel lonely.

Let’s Take A Step Back

Human beings can only have a meaningful relationship when two people are mutually engaged with each other. If you push too hard, the other person will feel uncomfortable and move away. You can relax more and let the relationship deepen at your own pace.

Slow down the pace, but don’t let it pile up like a lake. It is important to listen to your partner and not slow down. Creating space is not the same as keeping your distance. Don’t feel like you have to take a step back. Rather, leave room for the relationship to deepen. Show that you will be near him always.

Don’t Freak Out!

No matter how much you like to be together with him, don’t freak out and try not to become clingy. If he likes space, don’t give it up; let him have his distance while you keep your cool. Be calm but also show that you are really interested in him. If he pushes you away, don’t beg him to stay, rather show that you are still there for him and would love to have his company even if it is not possible right now.

Don’t act like you don’t care; act like someone who enjoys the good things that life presents every day. If you want to burst into tears, do it alone and not in front of him; crying is also a good way to expel stress and one day you will thank yourself for choosing the “I am okay” path.

Be Busy

When your guy seems to be so distant from you, he might need time to himself more than anything else. This is why it is best to occupy your time and make yourself busy with other people and activities. You can also pursue your interests and if possible, meet with friends; you’ll be reminded that there are more important things in life than just him.

Don’t wait for him

When he seems like he doesn’t want to commit anymore, just give him what he wants. Don’t sit in front of your computer, waiting for an email from him or even a text message; don’t stand by the phone hoping that someone will call you. When he doesn’t want to be with you, let go of him and make him realize how important you are.

Pursue Your Own Life

Don’t just wait for him to decide what’s next; you decide! If he wants space, let him have it but don’t push yourself if you know that your heart can’t take it. If you’ll refuse to look at the bright side and the positive changes that may come into place, then there is no more hope for your relationship; act like someone who can make decisions and give your love the freedom he needs.

Stop thinking about him all the time

If you follow these advices, one day or another, he will come back to you with all sorry and sorrys (he will even say sorry for not realizing how important you are to him). When he flirts with you again, let him take the lead, show your affection and know how to act so that he will never doubt your presence in his life.

Don’t Force Him to do What He Doesn’t Want

Whenever he is ready for it (and only if he really is), then be there for him and show that you are the only one who can make everything better. When he wants to be with you, let him come back but never push yourself on him; if you are the one making the moves, then he will think that you are not really needed or that there are other girls out there who would wait for him forever.

Don’t Wait For Someone To Complete You

Learn how to be happy even if you are not with him. Let him see that your life still has a lot of good things coming up and show him how important he is but sometimes, it’s also nice to live the single life. Respecting his decision is one thing but allowing him to make all the rules is another; eventually, he will see that it is even more interesting when you are in a relationship.

Make Him Miss You

If he wants space, let him have his distance but also show that you don’t need someone to complete your life; if there’s one thing that anyone can do, then it is making themselves happy and useful. Keep yourself busy with the activities you love the most, meet with friends and move on.

Don’t let him decide what will happen next because eventually, he will get tired of being alone while you are out there having fun without him. If he wants to be with you, wait for him but if not, then wait for someone better. Keep your standards high because good guys are always waiting for you. Make him miss you even if he doesn’t want to admit it because one day, both of you will thank yourself for not forcing the situation.

Never forget that love is all about respecting your partner’s decision but nonetheless, never let anyone mistreat you or take advantages on your kindness. Never ever settle for anything less because you are worth more than that. Keep yourself busy and happy, don’t let him make all the rules and wait for him to come back when he is ready to take up his responsibilities in your relationship.

Love Isn’t About Becoming Someone’s Everything

It’s about accepting that we’re always better off with someone who knows how to treat us right. If he still wants you, then let him fight for you! If not, then wait for someone who deserves your heart and love. Love yourself more than anything and everything; learn how to become happy even if you are all alone because one day or another, it will be better for both of you.

Let him go and show him you can be perfectly fine without him. You never know when love will knock at your door again but in the meantime, remember that life is full of unexpected things and it’s beautiful to be able to experience them all. Love isn’t about becoming someone’s everything; it’s about accepting that we’re always better off with someone who knows how to treat us right.


I hope now you know how to find if your partner not just stressed but losing interest in you.

Frequently Asked Question:

1.How Do You Know If  Your Partner Is Losing Interest  In You?

The most obvious signs that your partner is losing interest in you are:

  • He doesn’t make time for you like he used to. He cancels on dates at the last minute or never makes plans in advance.
  • He takes longer to text back when you usually reply within a few minutes.
  • When you ask him why he isn’t interested anymore, he doesn’t have a good explanation for you. He just tells you that nothing’s wrong –
  • Instead of trying to find solutions to fix your relationship, he makes excuses as to why it won’t work out between the two of you.
  • He is more friendly with other girls or women than before

2.How Do You Tell If  He Is Losing Interest  Or Just Comfortable?

If your partner is losing interest in you, he will try to take more space from the relationship. He will cancel plans often and seem less interested in what you have to say, even if it’s important for him to know.
If he just seems comfortable around you but not necessarily lost interest yet, then that means that everything can potentially turn around. You just have to show him how much you care and try your best to make your relationship work out.

3.Is It Normal To Randomly Lose Interest In a Relationship?

It’s not normal to randomly lose interest in a relationship, but it’s definitely common. If your partner feels like he doesn’t have time for you anymore or he seems uninterested all the time, then that is probably him losing interest. If you notice that even though you two talk/text every day, he seems less interested in his conversations with you compared to when you guys first started dating, he’s probably losing interest.

If your partner is still spending time with you but seems like he’d rather spend that time doing something else (hanging out with friends or working on something), then he’s probably beginning to lose interest. The more interest your partner loses in you, the more space he will try to take from the relationship.

4.How Do You Make a Guy Realize He’s Losing You?

All you have to do is show him that you need him in your life and he’ll step up. If you tell him that something’s wrong, but instead of listening to what you’re saying or trying to help, he just changes the subject or tries to get away from the conversation – then he’s probably losing interest.

He’s emotionally available and caring. Emotionally available men are capable of caring more than just themselves; they care about the people around them, too!He makes you feel safe and secure in your relationship. He respects you and your boundaries and doesn’t try to pressure you into doing things that make you uncomfortable.

5.How Do You Know If The Spark Is Gone In a Relationship?

The biggest sign that the spark is gone in your relationship is when you notice changes in your partner’s attitude towards you. If he used to be very affectionate and now he doesn’t even touch you unless it’s necessary, then that means he isn’t feeling the sparks anymore.

When a guy stops wanting to spend time with you and starts getting really busy at work and other activities, that’s a sign that he isn’t interested anymore. If you two used to have sex regularly but now it seems like he’d rather do anything else than touch you, then it doesn’t look like the spark is there for him anymore either.

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