Xfinity Home Security Sensors Review

When you consider Xfinity, “household security” possibly is not the first item that comes to mind. Nowadays, we use Xfinity for our household’s cable plus the Internet, so when we found out that they moreover have a security system existing, we were fascinated. So let’s get to the Xfinity Home Security Sensors Review.

Xfinity home security apparatus is of high quality for a good price. Its intelligent equipment reduces false alarms, plus you will get a user-friendly app. Another remarkable feature that creates Xfinity home security systems outstanding is the facility to access video storage and live feeds on your TV, plus use voice commands toward controlling your television display.

Xfinity Home Security Sensors Review

What’s In the Xfinity Box?

The starter apparatus contains three door/window sensors, one motion sensor, or Xfinity home security sensors, a touchscreen controller, as well as a wireless keypad. You could control the whole thing from the Xfinity app, plus the touchscreen controller comprised in the pack. One important feature is touchscreen controller’s handheld experience is more user-friendly than customary wall-mounted panels.

Xfinity Home Security System Features

Xfinity links with 3rd-party smart home provider alike GE, August, and Ecobee. Equipment from these enterprises, similar locks, smart lighting, and thermostats, could work with the Xfinity Home system.
You could control the Xfinity Home system over its web or cell phone app. You can control the thermostat from the app, watch live feeds, and check on the system while you get alerts.

XFINITY’s foremost emphasis is on delivering cable TV and the Internet, but the company is fast branching out to new regions, thus giving clients a new type of experience. It is how XFINITY Home – the firm’s home security service – was created. XFINITY Home is truly flexible, working together with numerous security device makers.

The security portfolio covers your elementary needs, offering motion sensors, surveillance cameras, plus environmental indicators, though there is only one kind of device for each group. Smart locks are accessible, the pet-sensitive motion sensors, which are constantly comfortable in a home through dogs and cats.

Touchscreen Controller

We could place the touchscreen controller nearby our side door, as that is where we enter plus exit our home maximum of the time. That way, we might deactivate our system once we returned household. But that was not the single thing we might do on the controller. We got informed when any of our sensors left off; however, if we did not want to be bothered, we just turned on ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode.

Moreover, the screen showed the weather and time, which was useful while we scrambled to get prepared for each morning. Plus, we might view current events and control related devices from the controller, also. But the most significant item the controller has is the capability to send an emergency alarm.

If someone holds a button for two seconds plus boom— the alarm will sound, and the watching group will contact the police for you, which luckily we did not have to do. But do not worry; if you click the emergency key accidentally, you can easily cancel it by inputting the alike keypad code you used to arm or disarm your system the first time. No foul, no harm!

Door or Window Sensors

To catch burglars as soon as they arrived at our home, we could install door or window sensors on the ground level; thus, we could get warned ASAP if they were opened otherwise closed. Completely wireless, it was easy to stick these sensors onto the frame of the window or door.

Motion Sensor

We could place the motion sensor in our front hall for extreme coverage for 50 sq. feet, which covered a good part of the front of our home. Now, if you have a pet 85 pounds or below, the motion sensor will not detect it. Reasonably, you will only be warned when people walk by while the system is equipped.

Overall, this is an accurately simple system, though we could have added several diverse add-ons like keypads, cameras, and the like. However, the Base Home Scheme is sufficient for our small home and sensibly priced at merely $360. We have seen security systems charge thousands. Thus this did not break the bank too much.

Home Security Console

With XFINITY Home, you could keep your existing alarms plus upgrade these with the firm’s service. The smartphone app is extensively compatible with other widespread brands like August, Lutron, Chamberlain etc. Other than the capability to reuse owned apparatus, XFINITY Home offers intelligent solutions that you could use to maintain remote control over the thermostat and the lightings, sparing lots on the energy bill.

Compatibility with Current Equipment

Xfinity home security system is wireless plus fully compatible with present security equipment the client might already have. Xfinity would work with clients to ensure their present equipment is state-of-the-art and completely integrated into Xfinity’s security system.

It creates it simple for proprietors to upgrade toward Xfinity home security without putting extra money down for the apparatus they have. Several home security service providers need clients to buy equipment from the firm and do not permit apparatus from other providers.

Xfinity Security System Installation

In several circumstances, you could install Xfinity Home by yourself. However, it typically needs professionals. If you are a first-time Xfinity client, or if it has been over a year as you’ve had an Xfinity system, you will have to go with the experts. Advanced systems by over four pieces of apparatus will moreover have to be fixed up by an expert.

Professional installation charges a minimum of $99.99. However, it is a one-time expense. And scheduling an installation appointment is simple. Xfinity offers a clear schedule of obtainable times and dates that comprises weekends. Thus you do the installation by professional at weekends.

Installation techs assure they will arrive inside two hours of scheduled appointment period. If they do not, you will get $20 credit. Suppose you have a current security system from another firm. In that case, similar Xfinity experts could look at system to see if this is compatible otherwise upgradation is needed.

Xfinity Home Security Client Service

You can get 24/7 customer support from Xfinity Home Security Service.

Home Automation System

Xfinity Home system is a flexible scheme with outstanding home automation capabilities. It permits you to incorporate the most widespread third-party devices in your home system. The firm’s “Works with Xfinity” program offers a complete list of door locks, thermostats, smart lights, plus more that could integrate smoothly into the Xfinity Home app.

This incorporation brings the capability to control all the smart mechanisms by using the Xfinity mobile app. With the Xfinity app, you could use instructions and grow activities that run spontaneously. For instance, you could have your system switch on your lights by sunset, so the home is well lit while you get home.

Warranty Plus Cancellation

All Xfinity Homebased Security plans are a 48-month contract firstly, turning into a rolling agreement at the plan’s finish. You get three days to cancel without a fee, which barely gives you any time to try out the services. After three days, if you cancel throughout the primary term, you are accountable for an amount equivalent to $1,100 less $100 for every three months of service.

That could make the system costly to cancel in the early days; however, this fee is more viable than several other services. Once you are out of the primary contract term, there is no cancellation charge unless you subscribe to a new service with the least contract period.

Xfinity offers a limited 30-day guarantee for any apparatus professionally fitted into your system. The guarantee renews each 30-days when you have a household monitoring plan and finishes for good at the finish of the primary agreement period (two years).

How Does Xfinity Security Warn You While An Alarm Is Raised?

If an alarm is raised because of a window/door sensor, otherwise motion sensor is activated, you will get an alert over on your phone. From here, you could view any streams from your video camera plus then either stop the alarm, at which point you might need to confirm your passcode orally to the Xfinity checking center.

If the alarm is genuine, you have to follow the next stages wherever Xfinity calls your selected contacts to confirm the alarm. If the alarm is confirmed, otherwise there is no reply, the emergency service are forwarded automatically toward your property.

Xfinity moreover lets you physically set off a panic alarm from the Touch screen Controller. Once triggered, the alarm sounds, plus your chosen contacts would be called to approve the alarm, and at that time, the police would be contacted.

Xfinity Home App

Xfinity Home app is used to monitor plus control your alarm system. It is accessible for Android plus iOS smartphones. As well as provided live alerts, the app lets you sight the status of your sensors, counting seeing which windows otherwise doors are open.

Xfinity Home lets you sight live recording from your cameras. If you have got the more costly monitoring package, you could also view the recorded film. Xfinity moreover integrates with a big number of other smart home devices, counting August smart locks, Philips Hue light bulbs, and Ecobee thermostat. You can look into the complete list of Xfinity attuned devices.

Being capable of controlling compatible devices over the app, Xfinity Home has several powerful home automation guidelines. For instance, if your door is left open for further than five minutes, you could set a camera to record. You could use doors opening toward the switch on lights, too. It is a powerful system and one that aids you to run your home automatically, controlling distinct devices from several manufacturers.

 Xfinity Home Security Sensors vs Ring

The leading home security provider, Xfinity has recently announced to the public that Xfinity home security is now compatible with ring doorbells.  However, there are still many questions as to whether Xfinity home security will provide better protection than the ring and other top companies such as Arlo and SimpliSafe. 

Let’s take a look at Xfinity home security and ring doorbells together to see if Xfinity can be the competitive alternative it aspired to be. Xfinity home security sensors can be easily integrated with Xfinity devices like x1, xfi and xfi advanced.  Ring doorbells will not work with Xfinity devices because it requires the use of an app to connect to your phone via Bluetooth. 

Xfinity home security sensors will have a hard time competing if their sensors cannot be recognized by their Xfinity service. Xfinity home security sensors will be recognized and verified by Xfinity sensors, but they just won’t actually work with Xfinity devices currently available to the public. 

Ring doorbells will provide better integration with ring devices compared to Xfinity home security sensors. Ring sensors are more similar to ring devices that ring customers are familiar with.  Ring sensors can be attached anywhere on the exterior or even inside of homes, they just plug into an electrical outlet for power.


Xfinity is a brilliant choice for clients who are not afraid of longstanding commitments or first-time purchasers who do not have much technical experience. The system is skillfully installed. The system has flexibility so extension could be done easily

With Xfinity, you can get all in one package- home security, cable, and internet. It is the finest option for clientele who want to retain things simple, all underneath one company. I hope now you know about Xfinity Home Security Sensors Review.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1.What Is Incorporated In An Xfinity Home Security  Package?

Ans: The most elementary Xfinity Home Secure package contains expert monitoring, three-door plus window sensors, a motion sensor, a touchscreen control, and a keypad. Additional services and parts of equipment could be added on to generate a more tailor-made system.

2.Does Xfinity Deal With Expert Monitoring?

Ans: All Xfinity security systems come by 24-hour specialized monitoring. If an alarm activates an event, the system will notify the police or else emergency services.

3.How Does  Xfinity Home Work?

Ans: You couple your monitoring package with an equipment package in Xfinity Home. After expert installation, your devices interconnect wirelessly by a central hub, permitting you to watch plus control your home scheme from the Xfinity app. You can alter the thermostat temperature, check security camera recording, and arm your system distantly.

4.Do Xfinity Cameras Have Night Vision?

Ans: They have night vision creating it easy to see noticeably in lower light conditions. It makes them appropriate for outdoors also since they could provide clear vision even while it is dark. You can see what is occurring. You do not need to switch on the light to confirm visibility.

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