13 Worst Types Of Girlfriends Who Will Make Your Life A Living Hell

You know it can be a lot of work if you’re in a relationship. But did you know that having a lousy girlfriend can also be tough? This blog post will discuss the 13 worst types of girlfriends and how they can make your life a living hell.

From the annoying girl who is always demanding to the one who won’t let you have any privacy, read on to see what we mean. And if you’re currently dating someone you think might fit into one of these categories. It’s time to get out.

Worst Types Of Girlfriends Who Will Make Your Life A Living Hell


Bad Girlfriends And Bad Experiences

Bad Girlfriends And Bad Experiences

There are a lot of bad relationships out there. And if you’re unlucky enough to have a girlfriend who falls into one of the following categories. Your life will be a living hell. If you see any of these signs in your girlfriend. It might be time to break up with her and find someone better.

The Control Freak

This type of girlfriend is always demanding and wants everything her way. She’s usually very insecure and feels like she has to be in charge all the time. Which makes it difficult for you to do anything. She also tends to be very critical and judgmental, affecting her mental health.

The Drama Queen

This type of girlfriend is always up for a fight, no matter what it is. She’ll make a scene, whether over minor things or huge issues. This can cause tons of stress and lead to physical problems like high blood pressure and anxiety attacks.

The Nag

This type of girlfriend always wants you to do things her way. Even if that means doing something against your interests or beliefs, she may constantly criticize you or comment negatively about your appearance or personality. This can take its toll on your self-esteem and morale – making it difficult to pursue any worthwhile goals in life.

How Can You Tell If She’ll Be A Bad Girlfriend?

How Can You Tell If She'll Be A Bad Girlfriend

Looking for a good girlfriend is hard enough. But finding one who won’t make your life a living hell is even more complicated. So how can you tell if she’s the one? Here are a few signs that she might not be your best girlfriend:

  1. She’s critical of your every move.
  2. She’s always trying to control everything in your relationship.
  3. She’s always trying to guilt you into doing things her way.
  4. She’s a backseat driver
  5. she doesn’t take any ownership of her own life or actions.
  6. She’s moody or argumentative.
  7. She’s passive-aggressive.
  8. She never takes responsibility for her actions.
  9. She’s always looking for a way to hurt or offend you.
  10. She expects you to be a doormat, taking everything she says without question.

15 Types Of Bad Girlfriends Who’ll Make Your Life Hell

15 Types Of Bad Girlfriends Who'll Make Your Life Hell

Having a lousy girlfriend can be challenging. They come in all shapes and sizes and will do anything to tear you down. Worst of all, you might not realize it until it’s too late. To ensure this doesn’t happen to you, learn to spot a lousy girlfriend early on. Here are 13 types of bad girlfriends who will make your life hell.

1. The Extremely Clingy Girl

The Extremely Clingy Girl

There’s an exceptionally clingy girl – to the point where you can’t imagine living without her. She’ll always be around, no matter what, and she won’t let you go, even if it means breaking your heart. She’s never afraid to bring up the past and judge you harshly for things that happened long ago.

Even though she may seem understanding at first, in reality, she only cares about herself. However, this girl seems like a dream come true at first glance. She’s not worth all your time and effort – especially if you’re looking for someone who will care for you emotionally and physically.

2. The Obsessive, Possessive Girlfriend

The Obsessive, Possessive Girlfriend

There’s a girl out there who is simply an obsessive, possessive girlfriend who won’t let you go. She will constantly nag, criticize and make you feel like a bad boyfriend. Keep texting even when you’re away and are always on the move. He is always late for dates, never listens to your decisions, and is very demanding in bed.

She also argues with family and friends, making your life financially and emotionally – it’s hell on earth. If this description sounds familiar, then chances are it applies to yours truly (or at least some aspects of my personality). So what can be done about this? Unfortunately, there is only something that one person can do apart from trying their best to live within reasonable boundaries.

3. The User

The User

There’s a type of girlfriend that always pushes for more from you and expects too much from you. And doesn’t understand your feelings or needs. It’s frustrating to be with her; she constantly takes everything away from you.

This is the kind of girlfriend who never seems to get contented despite living comfortably off your money. She criticizes every little thing you do, complains about everything, and never appreciates anything good that comes your way. She practically makes life a living hell for both of you.

4. The Unapologetic Girlfriend

The Unapologetic Girlfriend

If you’re dating someone who’s unapologetic about their bad behavior. You might be in for a tough time. This type of girlfriend takes no responsibility for her actions and expects everything from you. Even the most trivial tasks like taking care of the household or cooking meals.

She can quickly get angry or jealous, which leads to arguments that can last all night long. Not only does this make your life difficult. But it also leaves you emotionally distressed as she tramples all over your feelings.

5. The Whiner

If your girlfriend constantly whines, it’s time to take notice. This behavior could be a sign that she is a whiner. Whiners are usually people who can’t stand taking any risks or making any changes. They are also very demanding and controlling, which often leads to conflicts with others. If you’re constantly dealing with whining from your girlfriend, chances are she falls into this category of terrible relationship habits.

6. The Confused Girlfriend

The Confused Girlfriend

The confused girlfriend is a difficult person to deal with. She doesn’t know what she wants or how she feels, which makes it hard for both of you. She also takes everything you say wrong and can’t seem to make up her mind about anything.

This constant neediness only makes things worse. As if that’s not enough, she acts like she’s better than everyone else, which only digs her further into a hole. You can try and distance yourself emotionally – it won’t be easy, but it might save your sanity in the long run.

7. The Dominating And Demanding Girlfriend

The Dominating And Demanding Girlfriend

There’s no point in appeasing this girlfriend – she’ll only get more demanding and controlling. If you’re lucky, she might eventually drift away, but for the most part, this type of girlfriend is exceptionally troublesome and challenging to deal with. Here are seven signs that your relationship has turned into a disaster:

  1. She continually looks for ways to control and dominate every aspect of her life.
  2. She’s critical, insulting, and borderline abusive when angry.  Which makes it hard for you to make any decisions or cope with her mood swings.
  3. She won’t let you have any fun or spend time with your friends – she considers them distractions from her own life, which don’t suit hers well enough.
  4. She constantly nags about small things and puts excessive pressure on you to change everything about yourself (or else).
  5. Avoiding her becomes increasingly more complicated as she gets more aggressive in her demands. Eventually leading to a break-up finale showdown.

8. The Over-Opinionated Girlfriend

An over-opinionated girlfriend who just doesn’t understand you. She thinks she knows everything and is always ready to give her two cents on every topic. Not only is this frustrating. It can also be damaging to your relationship. Not only does she take up all of your time.

But she also disrupts your peace of mind. And leaves you feeling deflated and down. If you find yourself with a girlfriend like this. It might be best to try and break up with her before it destroys everything that you have together.

9. The Sneaky Snoop

There’s no denying that sneaky snoops can be pretty annoying. They seem to know everything, always asking too many questions, making you feel uneasy in your home. Some might even say that sneaky snoops are possessive and jealous – especially when it comes to male friends or partners.

10. The Lovely Girl With No Opinions At All

There’s nothing worse than a girl who has no opinion. She’s always ready to agree with everything you say, no matter how ridiculous it might be. She’ll never stand up for herself and constantly put you down. If you’re dating someone like this, it might be best to end things right now. They’re not worth your time or energy – and they sure as hell aren’t worth your emotions.

11. The Fighter

There’s someone you can’t get rid of, no matter how hard you try. They’re always there when you least expect it, spoiling your day and ruining your mood entirely. And worst of all, they never stop fighting with the people closest to you – your friends and family.

Life with this person is a living hell; you constantly feel stressed out and undervalued. You both feel suppressed by each other as nothing seems good enough for them. All they want is recognition and love, but in return, they take everything away from you slowly but surely.

12. The I-Make-You-Insecure Girlfriend

The I-Make-You-Insecure Girlfriend

If you’re unlucky enough to have a girlfriend like this. It’s time to start worrying. She’s always putting her needs first. Making the relationship incredibly selfish and unfair. She doesn’t even seem to care about your feelings – she’ll talk down to you and refuse to put in any effort.

She also gets angry very quickly and won’t hesitate to push you too far – sometimes things get so bad that it might be best just to run away. Even if this type of girlfriend changes her mind later on (after causing lots of damage). Don’t bet on her being a reliable friend again.

13. The Chronically Dissatisfied Girlfriend

There’s no one quite like the chronically disgruntled girlfriend. They are always dissatisfied with something, and it seems like nothing is good enough for them. Everything has to be their way, and they constantly put their needs before yours.

They can be incredibly possessive and jealous of even the tiniest things in your life – making life a living hell for you as they insist on having control over everything. Worst of all, these women never seem satisfied with anything – which only makes matters worse.


Having a lousy girlfriend can completely ruin your day. From constantly nagging you to do things your way to continually arguing, these types of girlfriends will drive you crazy. However, there are some red flags that you can look out for to avoid being stuck with a lousy girlfriend.

By understanding the 13 worst types of girlfriends listed above, you can protect yourself from a life full of misery. So, read through this blog and be prepared for the worst.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.Which Type Of Girlfriend Will Make Your Life A Living Hell?

Ans: If you’ve ever been in a relationship with a controlling girlfriend, your life will be unbearable. This type of girlfriend always looks for ways to control and manipulate you. She’s often jealous, possessive, and aggressive, making living your life difficult.

You’ll spend most of your time trying not to upset or put up with her nonsense. If this describes your current relationship, it might be time to end things before it worsens.

2.How Can You Avoid Being With An Awful Girlfriend?

Ans: Before getting involved with someone, be honest and upfront with her from the start. Tell her what you’re looking for in a relationship, and make it clear that you’re not interested in anything that isn’t compatible with that. This way, she won’t be able to deceive or manipulate you into thinking she’s something she’s not.

3.What Are Some Things You Should Never Do With A Girlfriend?

Ans: Some things you should never do with a girlfriend are 1. Be a control freak. 2. Expect your girlfriend to do everything for you or act as if she owes you anything. 3. Lie to your girlfriend – this will only lead to more problems in the relationship. 4. Cheat on your girlfriend – this will only lead to heartbreak and betrayal down the road.

4.Why Is It So Hard To Find A Good Woman To Date These Days?

Ans: There are a few reasons why it’s been harder for men to date lately. For starters, with so many options available to us online and in the real world, it can be challenging for men to find the right woman. Secondly, girls today are more intelligent and independent than ever before, and they’re not afraid to use their intelligence in dating.

Lastly, women don’t fear rejection as much as they used to. As a result, many women are selective about whom they date and what kind of relationship they want.

5.How Do You Deal With A Problematic Girlfriend?

Ans: The best way to deal with a problematic girlfriend is by figuring out. What’s causing the issues and resolving them at the root? You can discuss it openly and honestly, brainstorm solutions, or resolve things between the two of you privately.

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