Why Need 1911 Lubrication? Details Explained With Examples

There are some basic reasons why you should use firearm lubricants. The fundamental reasons behind lubrication are the same as using lubricants in a motor vehicle. Lubricants protect your vehicle against wearing, eroding, or corrosion and this also boosts the overall performance. So, why need 1911 lubrication?

A firearm lubricant is used to make sure that the inner parts do not get damaged by the friction against each other and prevents the firearms metallic corrosion caused by the powder and the surrounding environment. You will learn all about a colt 1911 lubrication from this article.

Why Need 1911 Lubrication

Why A 1911 Needs Lubrication

There are several reasons behind using a gun lubricant. The basic reasons are the same as using lubricants for your motor vehicle. These can protect your car from wear, corrosion, etc., and can boot the overall performance. A lubricant can protect your gun from being rusty, prevents friction against the inner parts, and can maintain a smooth performance.

Protection Against Rust

If you use a gun in a wet or even moist environment or if you keep the gun in a humid place and even your slight holding to the gun will make the guns surface moist and salty. This moisture and salt or other residues will cause a reaction with the finish and mainly the metal part of the gun. This reaction will form rust on the metal parts of the gun and later these parts will be corroded.

Later there will be function and accuracy issues because of the rust and corrosion. These will also affect the gun aesthetics, lower the longevity. The gun lubricant oils have rust inhibitors which protect the gun from moisture and also the steel gets protection at the molecular level.

Reduction Of Friction

While firing a bullet, many parts of a firearm grind against each other and undergo a huge amount of pressure and wear. Firearm lubrication can increase the gun’s lifespan by actively reducing friction.

Maintaining A Smooth Performance

Regular lubrication will surely give the gun longevity. You will be able to keep a smooth performance by using the proper lubricants recommended by the gun’s manufacturer.

How Often Should You Lubricate Your 1911

How Often Should You Lubricate Your 1911

It will be a very good idea to keep your firearm well clean and lubricated even if you do not use it for a long period. In the meantime, you should store it in a moist and water-free area and should be regularly inspected if there are any issues. If there is a presence of one, you should clean and lubricate the gun again.

If the 1911 is just another possession, you can wipe it with an oily rag after every 5 or 6 months and give the gun a proper cleaning and lubrication once a year. You should clean and lubricate the gun routinely if you use it regularly. Regular handling will give you good muscle memory and you will feel when you 1911 needs cleaning and lubrication.

Best Lubricants For 1911

Two types of lubricants are used for the lubrication of 1911. One is Grease and the other is Lubrication oil.


Grease is much thicker than lubricating oil with a higher viscosity. Higher viscosity allows it to remain in the place for a longer period, thus it is mainly used in the high load-bearing areas of a firearm. This is made by the combination of oil and metallic soup.

Lubrication Oil

As I have mentioned before, the basic functions of a motor vehicle lubricant and a firearm lubricant are the same, there are some things to look for a better firearm lubricant. The most important quality of a firearm lubricant is the better migration quality. Migration is the oil’s ability to spread in the surrounding areas from the point where it was applied. An oil with good migration ability will facilitate the lubrication of smaller holes where the direct application of the lube is not possible.

Here Are Some Best Quality Gun Oil Brands That Have Good Reviews By The Users

Here Are Some Best Quality Gun Oil Brands That Have Good Reviews By The Users

1.Break Free CLP-4

This has a 2 in 1 function because it can both clean and lubricate your gun at the same time. This oil is suitable for both regular use lubrication and for keeping the gun for a long time. This oil is organic, long-lasting, and biodegradable. It excellently performs in extreme weather without losing thickness or viscosity.

2.Ballistol Multi-purpose Lubricant

This is an excellent choice for general-purpose gun lubrication. With lubrication, also reduces the need for gun cleaning. This is non-toxic and biodegradable, so it can be used safely around your family. This is of very high quality and will help you to keep your gun reliable.

3.Hoppe’s No. 9 Lubricating Oil

Hoppe’s oil products have earned the trust of numerous gun owners because they provide long-lasting gun lubrication oil that is very effective in gun protection. This no. 9 lubrication oil comes with an applicator that can access the tightest parts of the gun easily.

This oil can also be used in other types of machinery. This oil is cost-effective and much stable under extreme environments and even within temperature variations. This oil has a high viscosity, cleans and protects the gun to keep it in the right shape. It might not be affordable for some users.

4.Hoppe’s M-PRO 7 Gun Oil

This is another good quality oil by the Hoppe’s that is developed for general uses. M-PRO 7 gun oil is an excellent choice for use as a cleaner, lube, and also gun protectant. This repels any kind of dust and enables the movable parts of the gun to work smoothly with a lesser amount of friction. This is a long-lasting gun lubricant oil that comes with additives and provides a smooth finish on the firearm.

5. CLP Oil Clean, Lube And Protect By Sage And Baker

This oil will be a great choice if you can spend money on this. CLP oil is a biodegradable non-toxic oil that keeps your gun superbly lubricated and well protected. This will also make your gun cleaning easy. You can use this oil if you have not cleaned your gun for quite a period.

This will effectively reduce the dust and debris accumulation on your gun. CLP oil is not 100% effective as a gun lube but, this is a very strong way to remove carbon, lead, or copper sludge. While firing the gun, this oil flows the heat away and carbon that is produced and keeps the gun cool.

6.Lucas 10006-gun Oil

Lucas gun oil can lubricate a gun for a longer period and can easily penetrate to the deeper parts of a gun. This oil will remain in place even after you shoot the firearm for a whole day. This oil excellently prevents corrosion and moisture to keep your gun in a good form. This oil does not get dried up easily so it can be very useful for long-term gun storage.

How to Lubricate 1911

Lubrication of any kind of firearm comes after proper cleaning. Lubrication will form some greasy remnants if the gun was not cleaned properly. These greasy remnants will catch dust and debris from the exterior. This will ultimately decrease the firearms overall performance. You should never keep your gun without giving it a light lubricant oil wipe. After proper cleaning, you should inspect the parts thoroughly to see if there is any broken or damaged part. If everything is okay, now is the time for lubrication.

Here Are The Steps For A 1911 Lubrication

Here Are The Steps For A 1911 Lubrication

Step 1. First, start with the 1911 barrel. Apply 3 drops of lubricant to the barrel exterior and spread the oil on the whole external surface including the barrel hood. The application of one drop will be sufficient for the barrel link pin.

Step 2. Apply 2 drops of oil and spread it over the surface of the gun’s guide rod assembly.

Step 3. Now is the time to lubricate the 1911 frame. Apply 2-3 drops of lubricant on each side. The application point is the railway-like track where the glide moves.

Step 4. Apply one drop of oil to the disconnector and another to the hammer pivot.

Step 5. Now, Lubricate the inner side of the barrel.

Step 6. Lubricate the glide which moves on the railway-like path. 3 drops of lubrication oil will be sufficient for each side. Now is the time for reassembling your 1911.


1911 lubrication is very important to keep the gun well functioning. Choosing a proper lubricant is extremely important. Never forget to clean your gun before performing lubrication because it might cause gun malfunction later.

Do not store your gun without proper cleaning and lubrication because it might turn out rusty and aesthetically unsatisfactory. I hope now you know why need 1911 lubrication. Whenever you disassemble or reassemble your 1911, always do a safety check.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1.Why Do  We  Need Lubrication?

Ans: Lubricating all moving parts ensures smooth operation of the firearm, preventing unnecessary wear and tear. Lubricants also increase performance by reducing friction between two surfaces, allowing them to glide more easily over each other.

2.Where Do  You  Lubricate 1911?

Ans: The most common areas that need to be oiled are all of the friction points in your firearm. Areas such as the rails, slides, and links will need to be lubricated on a regular basis.

3.Can You  Lubricate Ammo?

Ans: It is not recommended to add any type of oil or lubricant directly onto your ammunition, there are gun oils and cleaners on the market that claim they can do this without causing harm to the rounds.

4.First of All, What  Is  Bullet Lubing?

Ans: Bullet lubing is the process in which you add lubricant to the hollow part in the center of a bullet. This helps to lower surface tension when you put your bullets in the cases and can help increase velocity over 100fps.

5.Is It  Bad To  Over-Lubricate Your  Gun ?

Ans: Yes, it can be bad to over-lubricate your firearm. The reason for this is that any excess lube on the outside of the bullet gets pushed into the barrel as you shoot and will cause major fouling in your barrel requiring a lot of time and money to fix.

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