Can I Weigh My Luggage At The Post Office?

Your ticket has already been booked and the hotel you are staying at has already been booked. The day of your flight is knocking at your gate. But have you weighed your luggage? Did you know that every airline has a certain limit on the weight of luggage?

Most airlines have their own restrictions. One of them being you must be within certain weight and height. Airlines usually have a maximum weight limit of 50 pounds. So, can I weigh my luggage at the post office?

If your carry-on is more than 50 pounds, you will have to pay an unexpected fine. And usually the fines of the airlines are very expensive. And no one wants to pay extra fees as a penalty. Your luggage must be within 50 pounds to avoid fines. So I would suggest you to weigh your luggage before you go on a trip.

Weigh My Luggage

What is The Weight Limit of Carry On Luggage?

What is The Weight Limit of Carry On Luggage

Almost every airline has a specific weight limit. The weight is kept for limited aircraft protection. Because the airlines think that excess weight can cause damage to the aircraft. Usually each airline has specific restrictions. Moreover, some airlines have no weight limit.

You can carry luggage of your desired weight but you have to charge for that. Weight restrictions are usually seen on smaller airlines, as they prioritize aircraft safety. But airlines in countries like the United States do not have any weight restrictions.

Moreover some airlines have seen that there are weight restrictions for carry-on. Sometimes it is seen that the weight of the carry on bag personal items is added together. Airlines have specific restrictions on weight limits. However, in most cases it is found to be limited to 15lbs to 50lbs.

Here Are The Weight Limits For Most Airlines:

Here Are The Weight Limits For Most Airlines

American Airlines has no weight limit. With the exception of a few Delta airlines, there are no weight limits. But there is a weight limit of 15 pounds at Singapore airlines and 22 pounds at Beijing and Shanghai airlines.

There are a number of airlines with no weight limit, among them Southwest Airlines, United Airlines, Air Canada, Alexa Airlines and JetBlue Airlines.

However, the airlines that have a weight limit are Turkish Airlines, which has a weight limit of 17.6 pounds.

The weight limit for luggage at Spirit Airlines is 40 pounds, 17.6 pounds on Lufthansa, 26 pounds on Air France, 22 pounds on Ryanair flight, 50.7 pounds on British Airways and 22 pounds on Weiss airline.

But if you cross this weight limit then you have to pay extra fee and it can be 30$ to 100$. Some countries also carry two carry-on bags. But my opinion is that you should check the weight limit on the website of the airline of the country you are traveling to. There will be no fear of extra fees.

What Is The Weight Limit of Checked Luggage?

What Is The Weight Limit of Checked Luggage

In most cases, the weight limit on airlines is limited to 50 to 70 pounds. But if the weight is more than that then you have to apply unexpected charge and it is definitely expensive.

However, if the weight of the luggage crosses the limit, a fine of 50$ to 200$ will be imposed. And I don’t think anyone would want to impose this expensive tax. Because you can shop at this expensive fine when you go on a trip.

However, every airline has their own weight limit for checked luggage. Usually some airlines have weight limits according to the class. The weight limit for economy class is 50 pounds and the weight limit for first and business class is 70 pounds in America.

Weight range for first class, Delta Premium Select and Delta One at Delta airlines is between 50 pounds and 70 pounds. The weight limit at Southwest airlines is 50 pounds. weight limit is between a 50 pounds for economy class and 70 pounds for First, Business and Polaris business at United airlines.

The weight limit of checked luggage at Air Canada and Alexa airlines is 50 pounds.

The weight limit at JetBlue airlines is 51 pounds for regular passengers and 70 pounds for mint passengers. And Spirit airlines is 40 pounds.

Lufthansa airlines are weight limited to 50 pounds for economy class and premium economy and 70 pounds for business and first class.

Air France are weight limited to 50.7 pounds for economy class and premium economy and 70.5 pounds for business and La Première class.

British airways are weight limited to 51 pounds for economy class and premium economy and 70 pounds for business and La Première class and Ryanair’s weight limit is 44 pounds.

If the weight of your luggage exceeds this weight limit, you will have to pay a fine. But I would suggest to you that the weight of your luggage should always look perfect so as not to exceed the limit.

What Is The Fee For Luggage Weight?

What Is The Fee For Luggage WeightGenerally, every airline has certain restrictions, one of which is the luggage weight limit. When the weight of luggage crosses the limit, you will have to pay extra fee to the airline.

And if you can’t pay the extra fine, they will force you to drop the extra thing on the airline. Moreover, you will have no choice. So always try to pack your luggage within the limits. Because airlines extra fees become very expensive.

Especially on some premium airlines and long distance flights. So you should weigh your luggage before going to the airline. Then you do not have to pay an unexpected fee.

Airlines charge 50$ to 200$ fees for each extra weight of luggage. Again it can be seen that some bags can come in more than 400$ per. It certainly feels like stealing from them.

The amount you will charge for the extra weight will definitely depend on the airline and your luggage weight and your class. But always remember that no airline accepts luggage weighing more than 100 pounds no matter how much you want to fine it.

How To Measure The Weight Of Free Luggage?

How To Measure The Weight Of Free Luggage

The post office is the best place to measure the weight of your luggage for free. It is seen in most of the post offices that large scale scales are kept for the convenience of the public. There you can easily weigh your luggage.

The biggest advantage is that it will provide the right value of your luggage. And another advantage is that when you see your luggage weighing more than 50 pounds, you can keep your extra items in your home.

Can I Weigh My Luggage At Post Office?

Can I weigh My Luggage At Post Office

The question that comes to most people’s minds is whether they can weigh their luggage at the post office before leaving for the airport. Because a scale can be seen in most post offices.

Usually the post office exchanges all kinds of parcels. And they have a large scale to weigh the packages. But it is unfortunate for passengers at the airport that their scales are not equipped to carry heavy weights like carry on luggage.

Although you may be able to measure the luggage you want to use as carry-on luggage. However, usually the packages that are large in size are not measured on the scale of the post office.

They use UPS, FedEx when heavy objects need to be measured. These companies have scales that measure packages of large size and weight. You can go to one of these shipping companies and tell them to weigh your luggage.

But yes, for you it depends entirely on how generous and friendly the shipping guy is. However they do not weigh hundreds of balanced packages that are not being shipped by their company.

Without A Scale, How Can You Know Whether Your Luggage Weighs More Over 50 Pounds?

Here’s How You Can Go About It:

  • Place yourself on the scale and weigh yourself. Take note of your measurement.
  • Carry your bag and stand on the scale this time. Weigh yourself again and take another measurement.
  • Subtract the first number from the second number to obtain the answer. This is the weight of your luggage at this point.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I Weigh My Luggage At The Post Office?

Ans: Usually, when you’re sending out a package, you need to know how heavy it is so you can estimate the fees. That’s why most post offices have scales available for their customers.

2. How Can I Weigh My Luggage Without A Luggage Scale?
Ans: If you do have access to a bathroom scale the best way to weigh your luggage is to first weigh yourself and write down your weight. Then weigh yourself holding the suitcase. Subtract your weight from the weight of you and the suitcase and you’ll have the weight of the bag.
3. What’s The Max Weight For Luggage?
Ans: 50 pounds
4. Do Airlines Weigh Carry-on Bags?
Ans: Indeed it is more often size, rather than weight, that matters—even though both bag dimensions and a maximum weight are commonly listed on airline websites (usually around 23-26 lbs or 10-12 kgs). The main reason they don’t scrutinize weight for carry-on bags is that they don’t need to.
5. What Size Is A 23kg Bag?
Ans: The main piece of carry on luggage can weigh up to 23 kg and have the maximum dimensions of 56cm x 45cm x 25cm, including handles, pockets, and wheels. Bag gauges are provided at check-in where you can measure your cabin bag.

Final Thought

Airlines usually have to pay a very high fee for overweight luggage and sometimes the fee goes up to more than 450 $ per bag. I would suggest that you measure the weight of your luggage before leaving the airline. And if you don’t have a scale, you can go to the nearest post office, supermarket, gym or hotel. I hope that now you know can I weigh my luggage at the post office and you are satisfied with my answer. Thank you.

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