Spike Self-Defence Keychain – Whats The Benefits?

If you think you are secured in today’s world, then trust us, you are living with a completely wrong idea. It’s not only the security authority’s responsibility to keep you secure. It’s your task also to ensure the best security for yours.

For doing that, you can keep some self-defence key chains along with you. Say, for example, you can keep pepper spray, leisure light (that distracts people), and so on. But today, we will talk about a different self-defence product, the ‘spike self-defence keychain.’ It offers a lot of benefits, and obviously, it will ensure what you needed the most. So here we share the most critical thoughts.

Spike Self-Defence Keychain

What Is A Spike Self-Defence Keychain?

What is a Spike Self-Defence Keychain

It’s a self-defence product. But apart from the other one, its concept is slightly different. It’s made with aluminium, and it got enough sharp edges. The Sharpe edges ensure that you can save yourself from that problem when you ever feel any security issue. If you use it, undoubtedly that person won’t be disturbing you anymore. It’s available in different types. But whenever we suggest anyone to buy it, we always request them to buy the one who got the best Sharpe edges.

Why it’s Essential to Carry Spike Self-Defence Keychain?

Why it's Essential to Carry Spike Self-Defence Keychain

Okay, here we arrive at the most crucial section. Most people consider this kind of self-defence product as a hassle in their day-to-day life. But now, we will try to make you know why it’s essential for you.

  1. It Ensures Security– There is nothing more important than your security. Yes, the other ones also provide protection, but you know why it’s the best? Because it’s something that can directly cut anything. No other things give you this kind of benefit.
  2. It Boosts Up Your Confidence– You know one thing? A confident man is far capable than a strong man. When you feel confident, you can deal with any problem in the world. Now the question is, how the confidence issue is related to the above-given product, right? When you realize that you got a self-defence product like a spike keychain, won’t you feel that confidence inside of you? Obviously, you will. That’s how a spike keychain boosts up your confidence, and you feel extra power inside of yourself.
  3. It Saves You From Getting Bulled– Most probably, that’s not applicable for every single individual. I mean, every single person doesn’t get bulled. But let’s think from a personal point of view, who usually gets bulled by people. So they need something so that they can save themselves, right? So for them, a spike keychain will be a life-saving thing.

So these are the importance of keeping a spike self-defence keychain. Now we would like to talk about the benefits of this kind of keychain.



  1. You Can Keep It Anywhere– Most probably, this is the best thing about this self-defence product. Like if you want to carry any other kind of self-defence product, and then surely you can take it along with you anywhere you go. But this one gives you the freedom to keep it and most importantly you can hide it also.
  2. Different Kinds of Use– Here, we get another type of benefit. This is not only applicable for ensuring your security. You can sometimes use it as an object like a screwdriver and many more. Say, for example, the door of your home is not opening because something got stuck here. So what to do there? You can use it to unlock your door.
  3. It Won’t Kill Anyone– let’s talk about pepper spray. If you throw this thing on someone’s eye in a considerable amount, then there is a slight possibility that the person might lose their eyes. But the spike keychain doesn’t offer this kind of problem. Yes, it will save you from danger, but it won’t kill anyone, or it won’t harm anyone permanently.
  4. Freedom of Picking the Color You Want– this kind of product is manufactured in various colors. Some people don’t only care about security. They also want the perfect color for them. So from that point of view, you are allowed t pick the one which you like.
  5. Long-Time Use– This product is made in a way that you don’t have to buy it again and again. Even if you use it harshly, you still will be with a for a very long period of time.
  6. It’s Cheap Also– What do you think while buying a product? Is it costly or not. Okay, let us make you know that this product will be available by paying less amount of price than any other self-defence products available in the market.

As we shared the benefits, it’s also better to make you know about few problems with it.

Problems of Carrying Spike key Chains

Problems of Carrying Spike key Chains

  1. You Can’t Pass The Security Check Up– it’s portable, but if you go through a security door, then you won’t be able to take it along with you. Like if you are planning to travel by airplane, then indeed you have to go through the security gate. In that case, they will keep it, and you won’t be able to take it.
  2. Lack of Consciousness May Harm You– As you will carry it in your pocket, so you have to be conscious enough. A slight mistake can cause serious harm. As its edges are really sharp, so they can cut any body part of yours. So make sure while suing you remain conscious enough.
  3. Water Can Harm The Product– If you are planning to keep it anywhere, then you have to change your mind. This kind of product may lose its sharpness if you keep it on water. If somehow it gets in tough with water, then clean it with a towel or dry cloth.

So these are the issues, which may create problems for you. Now let’s move on to the FAQ.

Final Verdict

So readers, here we come to the very end of the article. I hope you have gone through the entire article and will work according to the instructions. I hope now you know about spike self-defence keychain.

Frequently Asked Question:

1.Are Stabby Cat Key Chains Illegal?

Ans: It depends on which country you are living. Like if you are living in the United States, then in some states, it’s totally illegal to carry this kind of key chains. But in a lot of countries, you can keep this along with you.

2.Are Self Defence Key Chains Legal In Australia?

Ans: Doing anything to keep you safe is totally fine in Australia. But you know when the problem occurs? If you carry any instrument for keeping yourself safe, then it’s totally illegal in Australia. In short, you cant control any device while living in Australia to keep yourself safe.

3.What Is The Best Weapon To Carry For Self-Defence?

Ans: Weapons are many in numbers. But the best one will be if you can carry a foldable knife along with you. Foldable blades are easy to maintain, and most importantly, you can have them anywhere you want. Unless you are going through any security check-ups, your knife will be along with you.

4.Can A Tactical Pen Kill?

Ans: We don’t know how you are using it on people. But if it is used harshly on a human being, then it can be a cause for killing them. So while using it, keep enough consciousness that you save yourself, and you don’t become the reason for killing anyone.

5.What Should A Woman Carry For Self-Defence?

Ans: For security issues, we always suggest women keep a small knife with them. Apart from that, you can take peeper spray. Not only that. If you can manage, then we would like to suggest you keep a spike keychain along with you. It’s lite and effortless to use.

6.How Do You Defend Yourself Against An Attacker?

Ans: Unfortunately, if this day occurs, then make sure the attacker doesn’t get the opportunity to hit you on your stomach. Try to keep your eyes on the safe zone. Trust us. These are susceptible areas. So make sure you don’t get hit on those areas; instead of that, you hit them in those sensitive areas.

7.Can I Bring Self-Defence Items On A Plane?

Ans: While passing the security check-up, they will keep this kind of weapon because some people may use it for bad causes. So in spite of having any evil plan, you will also suffer. However, some airlines may allow you to take self-defence items like pepper spray and so on. But these types of airlines are very few in numbers.

8.Is A Tactical Pen Worth It?

Ans: Yes obviously. A tactical pen can work as an essential weapon when you are facing an unwanted situation. So it might look effortless, but don’t go with the look of the weapon. It’s one of the best possible things you can carry along with you.

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