Signs Of Emotionally Unavailable Men [Symtomps Explained]

Emotional connections play a vital role in a relationship. It’s what makes a relationship move to the next stage and grow every day. An emotional connection makes you know each other better.

But what happens when you realize that you are the only one investing time and effort into a relationship, whereas the other person doesn’t seem to be doing the same. It’s a stressful and hurtful situation.

When you get yourself in this situation, then it means you are dating an emotionally unavailable man. So, what are the signs of emotionally unavailable men? Managing people with this kind of problem is complex and a bit tricky. It can feel like you are alone and depressed. This problem has led to many divorces. Sometimes couples break up without knowing further how emotionally unavailable man behaves. There are many signs that you will detect in an emotionally unavailable man; we are here to share some of the signs.

Signs Of Emotionally Unavailable Men

10 Signs And Behavior Of An Emotionally Unavailable Spouse

If a woman sees these signs on her new man, she is probably dating an emotionally unavailable man. Though the signs can change relying upon the man, if you see many of these signs in your man, then you are dating an emotionally lazing man. Let’s share with you some of the common signs seen in a lot of men.

1.Will Fail To Open Up His Feeling And Problem With You

Will Fail To Open Up His Feeling And Problem With You

Research has shown that couples who share a lot and discuss any issues that affect the relationship are always happy and live long. Opening up is not a sign of weakness; It is a way of showing that you are entrusting your secrets to your partner. The emotionally unavailable man does not have this.

He’s not ready to share his problems with you. He will avoid telling you about his week or how demanding his boss was, or how disappointed he was with anything. They will opt to hide their feelings to themselves rather than telling you. They will always choose to discuss other irrelevant topics instead of emotional ones.

2.He Is Not Interested When Your Share Your Emotions

He Is Not Interested When Your Share Your Emotions

This is another popular trait to look at your man. If you are trying to share something emotional, but he is not interested, chances are you are dealing with an emotionally unavailable man. These people always have trouble with all emotions, and not just you alone. If you see your man changing the subject when you try to share your feelings, or if he over suddenly becomes annoyed, these are traits you are dealing with an emotionally unavailable man.

Successful relationships involve vulnerability, and getting a partner who is ready to listen to your problems is a great blessing. The Emotionally unavailable man is unwilling to handle this; all they care is about themselves and their problems. This sometimes makes them unable to handle a romantic relationship.

3.He Doesn’t Like To Share About His Past

He Doesn’t Like To Share About His Past

Much as many people don’t want to share their past and their failed relationship, emotionally unavailable men are just worse. They will rarely open up on their past or what lead to some situations. You will fall in love with them, expecting them to share more details about themselves, but they fail. These people do not like to share their past with others. If your partner fails to tell you about his past, even after being together for a long time, then this might be a trait that you are dealing with an emotionally unavailable man.

4.Regularly Sarcastic

Regularly Sarcastic

If you see your partner trying to turn every serious situation into a joke, then you are dealing with an emotionally unavailable man. These type of people most of the time tend to choose this tactic to avoid expressing their strong emotions like anger, fear, sadness, etc.

They will always try to resort to sarcasm instead of having to handle any emotions honestly, regardless of whether it’s your emotions or theirs. Therefore, in case you see your new man reacting to serious situations into a joke, then this is also a sign you are dealing with emotionally unavailable man.

   5.He Doesn’t Want To Make Any Commitment

He Doesn’t Want To Make Any Commitment

A few men can’t or are unprepared to show commitments to their ladies. They always prefer to keep things casual; even calling their woman is a problem. They tend to do this to avoid any obligation or responsibility to you. Commitment generally involves an emotional investment by both parties in a relationship that is exactly what he is trying to avoid. Men who are like this often don’t have a lasting relationship. A relationship thrives when you call each other more often and always show obligation.

    6.Rarely Available

Rarely Available

These kind of people are rarely available. They will disappear for a long time and will not be physically available when you need them. They will take a long time to respond to any texts or calls. Eventually, they will show up and come up with many excuses why they never showed up or responded. A good relationship entails being there for your partner and helping her through hard and good times.

    7.He Tries To Change Emotional Connections With Physical Ones

He Tries To Change Emotional Connections With Physical Ones

Well, we know Physical intimacy is crucial in a romantic relationship. Still, it’s not common for partners who want to build an emotional connection first. The big difference with emotionally lazy men is that they will always prefer physical romance to build emotional connections first. If your spouse always deflects your attempts to discuss your emotions by preferring physical intimacy, then there is a high probability you love an emotionally unavailable man.

    8.They Always Show Up Late To Any Function

They Always Show Up Late To Any Function

You may be having a date or special event, but this person will come late with fake excuses. All still worse, they may not take the initiative to apologize. These are also the people who will not set time to see you. They will not postpone or sacrifice their time to comes and meet you. All they prioritize is their work and not you. When he/she does this, then it shows that they will not be there when you urgently need them.

    9.They Don’t Own Their Bad Deeds

They Don't Own Their Bad Deeds

The emotionally unavailable person will always see you as the cause of the problem. Even if he’s the one who caused the problem, he’ll always turn around and start blaming you. It is difficult for them to say “sorry”, and at least they will never say that they were wrong. Their eagle is too much.

   10.They Are Mean

They Are Mean

They will rarely contribute anything to a relationship. Setting even a simple date is hard for them. Making a call even to ask how your day was, is a problem for them. They usually think by so doing this; they are more casual. No, this just ruins a relationship. Couples who call each other every single time are always happy.

Handling Process Who Is Emotionally Unavailable Is Given Below

The first step is to unlearn everything we think we know about love and about relationships. So often we automatically blame the woman for the man’s emotional unavailability. He disappears or he is distant, but she must have done something because men are never the ones with issues. We all have issues and we all need to heal to be able to let love in. Once you appreciate that, it is easier to understand emotionally unavailable men.

They are often wounded themselves, by their own expectations of love and by the world that they grew up in. This leads to men having issues with expressing emotions or even with showing affection, because it is simply not how they were taught. Men often keep these emotions inside and end up hurting themselves too (lack of intimacy leads to all kinds of health issues).

Final Verdict

It’s not easy to love an emotionally unavailable man, as seen above. If you see any of the above signs in your man, then you are dealing with an emotionally unavailable man. Sometimes, It’s hard to solve this problem as these individuals are not ready to share out or acknowledge they have a problem.

The trick here is to try to sit down with the person and try to communicate, and if you face any resistance, you can also choose to walk away from the relationship. I hope now you know what are the signs of emotionally unavailable men.

Frequently Asked Question:

1.Is It Possible To Have A Relationship With an Emotionally Unavailable Partner?

Ans: Not really. Also, these people tend to run away from any relationship. They are afraid of being hurt or showing commitment.

2.Will Eventually An Emotionally Unavailable Person Fall In Love?

Ans: Yes. With time, these people start to have feeling and will eventually love you.

3.How Do You Seduce An Emotionally Unavailable Person?

Ans: Have patient, let him know he can trust you, give him space, don’t pressure so much and don’t be too possessive.

4.Does No Contact Work On An Emotionally Unavailable Man?

Ans: Emotionally unavailable men are simply that, unavailable. They won’t be the type to approach you and apologize for their actions .Also not try to win you back. It’s up to you to trigger his emotions so he can act on them by himself, without any action from your part. He is not capable of putting his feelings into words, just actions.

5.How Do you Make A Man Crave You Emotionally?

Ans: You can do that if you trigger some of his deepest desires and get him addicted to your attention by being unreachable. To make a man crave for your attention, you have to make him think of you day and night until he has no other option but try reaching out to you. Show him how much better his life will be with you instead of without.

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