Roku Won’t Turn On – How Can I Fix It?

Roku is the common house-hold name for the entertainment lovers around the globe; specially among the TV lovers, It has made quite a reputation among the crowd since first coming into action in May, 2008.

It provides a minimalistic user interface and a simple way for those who streams a lot on their TV. As the popularity of streaming services is going wild day by day, so for the stream players. In the market, Roku has stand tall despite the presence of  strong competitions like Amazon Fire TV, Google Chromecast, Mi TV from Xiaomi and last but not the least Apple TV from Tech Giant Apple Inc.

In fact, “Roku Streaming Stick+” from Roku has been held arguably the best streaming device by many famous reviewing outlets. So it’s quite sure that Roku is in a league of its own when it comes to the discussion of which is the best streaming device. In contrast to its competitions, it provides so much without compromising many. So, what should you do when your Roku won’t turn on?

But it has its problems, It’s not like, “You buy it, Congrats! Now your streaming future is on safe hands for good”. No, it’s not so simple, we all know technologies doesn’t work like that. From time to time, it will give you trouble, no matter how future-proof your “Roku Stick” is.

Any piece of hardware needs care and troubleshooting if it doesn’t perform as expected. And it is not the fault of the manufacturer if you device show some awkwardness (Unless the unit you are using is really a faulty one, in that case you might wanna exchange that from Customer Care).

And the most common complain that has been loudly thrown out by the users in form of  something like, “My Roku Stick Won’t turn on, What’s the catch?”, “Why my device is not booting up?”, “Why on earth my device just keep going black instantly just after turning on?” etc. Yes, we all know the frustration of the fact that our beloved and mostly used devices not behaving properly. It’s really a irritating situation, but fear not, we got you covered.

Roku Won’t Turn OnWhy Isn’t Your Roku Switching On?

The following are some of the most prominent problem:

  • A faulty power cable or insufficient electricity reaching the gadget.
  • Connections are sloppy.
  • An update is missing.
  • It’s a firmware problem.
  • Getting too hot.

If your Roku device isn’t operating correctly, there are a few things you may do regardless of the problem.

Steps To Fix This Issue

With learning the simple tricks of troubleshooting those you are missing out, you can easily fix your Roku device if that’s what giving you heartache.

1. You Gotta Know Your Device and It’s Language

Steps to Fix This Issue

Almost  all the Roku players have a light on the front of the device that gives you different kind of signals to help you understand the working status of your streaming player. For example, if your stream player demonstrate White Light though you can’t see anything on your TV screen, that means your cable connection management may need some tinkling, Make sure your HDMI cable is connected properly end to end.

If your device showing a flash of Red Light, that means your device is not getting required amount of power, in that case it might be an external power supplying problem that leaves you with no choice but to wait. If your device just shows a Solid Red Light on the front, that indicates your Roku player maybe running hot and it’s time to slow down.

In that type scenario, you might wanna leave your player for some rest and let it relax for a bit. After all, it’s a machine, right? If your device still doesn’t perform as expected, it’s safe to say that the problem has something to do with your power supply.

2. Check The Type of Connection and Compatibility

Many Roku devices use a power adapter that comes with the box as those devices need to be connected with an wall power outlet, and the newer generation ones can be powered directly from the compatible TVs via USB port which is quite convenient. In that case, please make sure your TV is well suited with the type of Roku device you are using,

If you buy a Roku player which needs external power outlet but you are pushing to supply power right from your TV via a USB cable, it’s not going to come out smoothly at the end. So be sure to pick the right model that’s compatible with your TV. Otherwise, it may land hard on your money in the form of “My Roku won’t turn on”.

3. Always Use The First Party Accessories

It’s a typical “Must Do” rule, always use the accessories that comes with the box. Why? Simply because those accessories are experimented frequently to work best with your device. And not only that, those accessories are future proof and sometimes comes with native warranty of its own.

If you are using Roku, it is highly recommended to go for the accessories (e.g: USB Cables/ Wall Power Adapter etc.) that comes with the box unless you wanna run from awkward problems like your device freezes up or don’t respond while booting up.

4.Sometimes More Difficult The Problems Are, Solutions May be Rather Simple

Sometimes, your Roku player might collect a huge loads of cache and when it does, it might demonstrate some weird problems like not turning on properly or going completely black. If things are something like that, the simple solution is giving some time and then try to restart it. Yeah, sometimes the cache memories can be really disturbing that it can even effect your hardware’s normalcy and interrupt its natural flow. Don’t get hurried up, sit down, relax, try to get off from your Roku player and give it some time and then come back to it, it might JUST WORK!!

5. Keep Every Thing Up and Running

Sometimes, your device might not turn on, you might think it’s a problem hardware whereas the main problem can be your software all along. Roku regularly updates their user interface and basic settings. If you fell behind to catch one or more updates for a long long time, your device might just started to show its edge, So keep everything updated and check for updates on a regular basis. You can also select auto update option from the settings in case you don’t wanna miss out on any new updates.

6. Take Care, Though It’s A Machine

This is a common phenomenon for all types of technological devices. If you put something on your table, it collects dust. On the same manner, if you put your Roku device in one shady corner of your room and then forget about it thinking you are all set for streaming, you might be doing a big mistake, Dusts can cause internal problems to your device which can leads up to malfunctioning of the player.

So take care of your device, it’s vital, And select the placement of the device somewhere where it can get plenty of sunlight and cooling air. It will also help to maintain the thermal temperature of your device. And don’t forget to clean the outer part of your device regularly. And don’t put magnetic things or anything above it. Keep your setup simple, You won’t be facing any problem for sure.

7. Factory Reset

In case, all the measurements fail ( which might not be ), you can factory reset your Roku device. In case you are wondering, Yes, It’s the extreme step that you can take as it will return your streaming device to its default settings, meaning you have to re-download and log in to all of your existing apps. But it should come in handy in case you tried out all of the above measures. To do factory reset,

  • Press the “Home” button on your remote controller.
  • Go into the “Settings” menu.
  • Select “System Settings”.
  • Tap on the “Advanced System Settings”.
  • Select “Factory Reset”.
  • Choose “Factory Reset Everything” and you should be good to go.


Hope so, your Roku should be behaving in proper manner. If still your device doesn’t hold up, then you should contact with Roku Customer Care for further inquiry and help. I hope now you know what should you do when your Roku won’t turn on.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1.Why Isn’t My Roku Device Powering On?

Ans: What Should I Do If My Roku Won’t Turn On? First, ensure that your power cord is correctly connected and plugged in. If it still won’t switch on, unplug the power cable for five seconds and then reconnect it. If it doesn’t work, you’ll have to restart your Roku device by pressing the reset button.

2.Why Did My Roku Quit Functioning All Of A Sudden?

Ans: If anything is disconnected, it might be a problem with your programs or software settings, but it could also be a hardware issue. Try resetting your Roku before attempting any of these more sophisticated methods. Then, disconnect it from the power source and wait a few seconds before turning it back on.

3.Is It Possible For A Roku To Malfunction?

Ans: The Roku stick, like many other electrical products, can deteriorate with time. After 3-5 years of usage, most users find that the gadget begins to slow down. Furthermore, older Roku sticks may lack the hardware capability to support future software updates.

4.Is My Roku Inoperable?

Ans: Most Roku devices feature a light on the front that can help you detect if your streaming player is correctly switched on: If you see a SOLID RED LIGHT, your Roku device is probably overheated. If there is a FLASHING RED light, your Roku device is not receiving enough power.

5.When I Switch On My Roku TV, It Goes Dark.

Ans: It is well known that a black screen issue can arise when the TV is not properly booted. Using the remote, turn off your TCL Roku TV. Remove the Power Cable. Wait 5-10 minutes before reconnecting the power cord.

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