RCA Tablet Won’t Turn On – Why This Occurs

Technology moves fast, and because of the fast-moving of technology, we can use devices like tablets, smartwatches, etc. Having a tablet is a benefit for people who remain busy. But once we face problems, there arrives the irritation.  We guess you got that feeling that’s why you are reading this article.

Before going to the other sections, please know a slight difference between usual tablets and RCA Tablets. So to solve the RCA tablet won’t turn on problem, try various ways. Before describing the solution, we always try to uphold the reasons behind them, so we are doing the same here. What do you think? Why wouldn’t an RCA Tablet turn on? Let’s find it together.

RCA Tablet Won’t Turn On

RCA Tablet Won’t Turn On – Reasons Behind

Maybe The Battery Is Creating The Problem

Batteries are rechargeable. That’s why sometimes they stop working correctly due to technical reasons. You might also be facing that problem. It happens because of the long time use of the tablet or using a specific battery for a long time.

Charging Cable And Charging Port May Be An Issue

Sometimes charging port gets filled with dust, and because of that, the tablet doesn’t get proper power. Another thing is, old charging cables also don’t provide enough support to the battery.  These things may be a reason for not being turned on of your RCA Tablet. So please try to ensure that you are using proper RCA tablet accessories.


As we shared earlier, RCA tablets are different, so you may have to try many options. As you may have various issues, that’s why we are sharing all of them.

1.Click The Power Button And Reset Button Together

That’s the very first option. Mostly, we solve the problem in this process. At first, press the reset button and then press the power button. Hold both of them for 30 seconds. After clicking both buttons together, we hope that your RSA tablet will turn on. If still, you are not getting a positive result, then don’t worry. Many more solutions are waiting for you.

2.Disconnecting The Battery

Hold for a bit. We are not asking you to disconnect it permanently. So the process is to remove the screws from the tablet and open the backside of it. Before going further, please wear gloves. As the tablet is connected with the battery so this might become a cause for electric shock.

Once you ensure the gloves, then gently disconnect the battery. Then wait for 10 min. after that, press the reset and power button together. Wait for a minimum of 30 seconds. If the tablet is still turning on, connect it with the charger and repeat the procedure. Hope this will work.

 3.Disconnect The Display

It is another technical step. But once again, ensure the fact that you are wearing gloves. Then disconnect the battery first. Please always notice one fact. Whatever you do with the hardware, at first disconnect the battery. Otherwise, you will get an electric shock. So then, disconnect the display of the tablet.  Sometimes the display stops working correctly. That’s why you don’t see what you want to see. Wait for 10 min and then connect the display. Make sure you got the batteries also connected. Then press the reset and power button.

How Can You Fix A Non-Charging RCA Tablet?

First, ensure sure the cord is in good condition. Test charging the tablet with a new cord, or try your cord on another device. Next, ensure sure the power button is not stuck. To check if it will charge, push the button for 20-30 seconds and then plug it in. All those steps are actual and practical solutions. If you try those solutions, you will be able to use your RCE tablet just like before.


I hope now you know what to do when your RCA tablet won’t turn on.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Finally, we are here. The FAQ section is the most exciting section for us. Because in this section, we try to answer almost every probable questions an RCA tablet user might ask.

1.Can You Charge An Rca Tablet With A Usb?

Ans: Yes, you can. But you have to find out a very suitable USB cable for you. If it is not the right one, then there will be another issue. Your use tablet might not get a proper charge, and you will face various problems.

2.Where Is The Reset Button On An Rca Tablet?

Ans:  The new user usually asks this question of the RCA tablet. You will find it on the back of the tablet. In some RCA tablets, you will get it near the power option. The power button is easy to find out because of the sign. But the reset button always does not show the sign. That’s why people get confused about which one is the RCA button.

3.How Do I Fix My Black Screen?

Ans:  Use the power button twice for that. At first, press the power button and wait for 30 seconds. Release it and press once again. This time make sure you press it for 2 min. Then release the button. Hopefully, your screen will go back to the previous situation.

4.How Do I Fix An Unresponsive Tablet Screen?

Ans: Find out the volume up button. Hold it for 10 sec. Then do the same thing with the volume down button. Before releasing your hand from the volume down button, put another finger on the power button.  Then release your finger from the volume down button and instantly press the power button. Keep holding it for 30 sec and then remove your finger, and you will see your screen in the regular form.

 5.Why Is My Tablet Touch Screen Not Working?

Ans: It’s a widespread issue, and the solution is also straightforward. As you are using a screen protector for the tablet screen, sometimes the screen under the protector becomes wet. Because of that, the screen stops working. Just remove the screen protector and clean the entire screen. Afterward, your screen will start to work.

We hope you understand that our clients usually ask too many questions. In the FAQ section, we try to answer the most common and most technical ones. If you get benefitted, then it will be our success for sure. So please don’t waste your time and start using it once again. Just make sure you don’t harm the battery by overusing it. Most importantly, always try to check the cables and battery for better use.

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