Can You Buy Pepper Spray At Walmart? Some Popular Pepper Sprays And Their Features

We are living in a modern world. Every day we use newer technologies. In this 21st century, we use technology in every aspect of our lives. They are an essential part of human beings. Technological equipment is part and parcel of our day-to-day lives. They help us to live better. They carry our heavy workloads. Technology makes our lives comfortable and prosperous. Not only that, sometimes, the technological equipment saves our lives. So, can you buy pepper spray at Walmart?

Pepper Spray is such a kind of invention that can save our lives from rogue peoples, robbers, thugs, or animals and that is without a lethal defensive move. Pepper Spray deactivates the malicious person for a time being that allows you to escape. Pepper spray can certainly harm anybody you spray at. Now, this coins the fact that malicious persons can also harm innocent people by spraying this.

For this reason, many states of the United States do not allow this even for defensive purposes. On the other hand, most of the states allow you to buy and use pepper spray given some restrictions. Do you want to buy a Pepper Spray? Is it available at Walmart? Let’s scroll down to drink from the cups of your curiosity.

Where Can You Buy Pepper Spray


Can You Buy Pepper Spray at Walmart? Explained

As long as you meet the conditions given by states, you can buy Pepper Spray from anywhere. Of course, you can buy pepper spray from Walmart. Walmart has a huge collection of pepper sprays from various companies. You can buy pepper spray of Sabre Brand as well as of Fox Labs.

The pepper sprays of Mace Brand are also available here. There are also ASP Key Defender, Kimber Pepper Blaster, Wrist Saver, and many more pepper sprays available. Wait, before you go to purchase pepper spray, let’s learn about the conditions given by different states of the United States of America.

Can Anyone Buy Pepper Spray?

You can buy pepper spray in all the states of the USA. But you have to meet the conditions of minimum age, the strength of spray, size of the canister, and sometimes types of spray to successfully get one. We can spray it merely for defending ourselves.

You cannot enter a Federal Building with Pepper Spray. It is also not allowed inside an Air Flight. That means you cannot carry it with your carry-on baggage. Please look below to find out what some major states of the United States say about pepper sprays.

  • California: The minimum allowed age is 16 years to buy it in California state. In addition, you cannot carry more than 2 oz in quantity.
  • District of Columbia: The minimum age range to buy one is 18 years. Moreover, your pepper spray must not contain CN tear gas.
  • Florida: Like the District of Columbia, you cannot carry more than 2 oz of pepper spray in Florida.
  • Hawaii: In this state, you have to collect a license if you want to buy pepper spray. If you use it without a license, you might have to pay a massive penalty. The minimum age range is 18 years. Pepper spray must not contain CN tear gas. Moreover, you cannot buy it via online shopping. The maximum allowed quantity is only 0.5 oz here.
  • Illinois: The minimum age range to buy pepper spray here is 18 years. But you cannot carry pepper spray in Chicago, Illinois.
  • Indiana: It is not allowed to buy via the Internet in this state.
  • Alaska: You must have to be 18 years of age to buy pepper spray here. Moreover, you cannot carry it to school unless you are 21 years of age.
  • Arkansas: In Arkansas, you cannot carry more than 5.07 oz of pepper spray.
  • Delaware: You can only buy it if you are 18 in Delaware.
  • Michigan: In Michigan state, you can carry only 1.2 oz of pepper spray in quantity. In addition, the rate of OC concentration must be limited to 18%. The minimum allowed age here is 18 years. Purchasing via online shopping is prohibited here.
  • Nevada: The minimum allowed age here is 18 years. You cannot carry more than 2 oz of pepper spray in Nevada.
  • New Jersey: You cannot purchase pepper spray in New Jersey if you have previous crime reports. The maximum allowed quantity is not more than 0.75 oz. The state allows it only if you are 18.
  • New York: You have to be 18 years of age to get one in New York. You can carry only 0.75 oz of pepper spray in quantity. It is not allowed to buy one via online shopping. Furthermore, you cannot use a disguised canister for keeping your pepper spray.
  • North Carolina: In North Carolina, you can carry 5.07 oz of pepper spray with you.
  • Pennsylvania: In this state, you can purchase pepper spray via the Internet.
  • Rhode Island: In Rhode Island, the minimum allowed age is 18 years. Not purchasing via the Internet here as well.
  • South Carolina: You cannot keep more than 1.69 oz of pepper spray with you here.
  • Washington: In this state, 18 is the minimum age range. But you can carry it at the age of 14 to 17 years with your parents’ permission.
  • Massachusetts: In this state, you cannot buy it from general shops or via online shopping. You can get one for yourself only from a licensed firearm dealer.
  • Wisconsin: Last but not least Wisconsin. This state has many conditions. Wisconsin also requires 18 years. You must buy a trial version with your pepper spray. Since the state requires you to practice before you can carry them. Your pepper spray must not contain UV dyes as well as CN tear gas. The OC concentration level must be limited to 10%. Of course, you cannot buy it via the Internet. Finally, a disguised canister for your pepper spray is not allowed in Wisconsin.

Please notice that a pepper spray is an effective tool of self-defense. So, use it for this purpose only. If you use it illegally for harming others, you may face the consequence.

Some Popular Pepper Sprays And Their Features

Pepper spray is a concentrated gas or gel in a canister that contains capsaicin. Capsaicin is also known as Oleoresin Capsicum (a kind of hot pepper). Oleoresin Capsicum causes temporary blindness. It also gives an acute burning pain to the skin and eyes. So, if you shoot pepper spray into someone’s eyes, that person would become blind for the time being. Of course, that person would become unable to harm you anymore.

That gives you a get-away space and you can ask for emergency help then. This is how pepper spray works. But you may need to practice with this painful spray. If the spray gets into your own eyes, you may get into big trouble then. Now you know a lot about pepper spray. Thinking of buying one? Worry not, we have got you covered. Here we will discuss some famous pepper sprays for you to choose between them. Sit tight and scroll down.

Fox Labs Mean Green

Fox Labs Mean Green

The first on our list is a product of Fox Labs. Mean Green, is an amazing pepper spray. It uses green UV dye that leaves a green mark on the attacker. It helps the police to pursue the attacker. Fox Labs Mean Green is a gel-based pepper spray. For this reason, it does not blow back.

It gives us an excellent range of 15 feet to shoot at. So, you can defend the enemy from a fair distance. This pepper spray does not have any keychain or holster. Though they are available for purchasing. The Mean Green canister has a flip-top cap.

This cap gives it extra safety. You can keep it in your backpack. You can also keep it in your pockets and it will be safe because of the flip-top cap. Let’s check out some pros and cons. It is a light pepper spray as it has an Oleoresin Capsicum (OC) concentration level of 6% which is lesser than others. Fox Labs claims that this concentration level is more than enough. The price of this pepper spray is around 25 Dollars, which is a bit costly.


  • Gel-based spray
  • Leaves green marks
  • 15 feet range
  • More efficient spray
  • Flip-top cap design


  • Lower OC concentration level
  • A bit costly
  • Does not have Key chain or holster

Sabre Red Pepper Gel

Sabre Red Pepper Gel

The next on our list is Sabre Red Pepper Gel. Sabre is the most famous pepper spray producer across the United States of America. This pepper spray is best in the business because of its range and form of a gel. It gives us the highest range of 18 feet. As it is gel-based, it is easier to shoot at the attacker.

It does not flow back to your own eyes. Though many people claim that because of the gel form, it has a dripping issue. Still, it is more efficient than aerosol pepper sprays. Sabre Red Pepper Gel has a fairly higher amount of OC concentration.

It has a 10% OC concentration level. So, this is a stronger pepper spray than the previous one we have discussed. One drawback is that Sabre does not include a practice canister with this one. Though practice canister is available for purchasing. There is no keychain or clip. But it does have a holster to hang with. Let’s check out its pros and cons. This pepper spray is a bit costly because of the gel form. Still, it is very much affordable compared to others. It costs around 20 dollars.


  • Gel spray
  • 18 feet range
  • Include Holster
  • More efficient spray


  • Does not have practice canister
  • Dripping issue

Sabre for Runners

Sabre for Runners

The next on our list is another product of the well-renowned Sabre. Sabre has made it best suited for the runners. It is suitable for you if you love to go out jogging every morning. Sabre has included a palm strap with the canister. So, you can keep it in your hand with the help of the strap when you jog. You can go for hands-free mode if you strap it with your wrist or back of the hand.

The most excellent feature of this pepper spray is that you can get to the spray pretty quickly in case of an emergency. Pepper spray staying in your pockets or holster needs more time to get to it. This pepper spray gives a spraying range of 12 feet. This canister contains about 35 bursts which are the most compared to others. So, you can use some practice sprays if you want. It costs no more than 13 dollars.


  • 35 bursts
  • Very much affordable
  • 12 feet range
  • Palm strap for fast access


  • Dripping issue
  • Looks awkward to hold in a hand

Mace Brand Triple Action

Mace Brand Triple Action

The next on our list is Mace Brand Triple Action Pepper Spray. It is manufactured by Mace Brand. This company is one of the firsts to produce pepper spray. This pepper spray is very small in size. So, keeping it in pockets is ideal. It has a flip-top cap. So, it is safe to keep in your pockets. It also includes a keychain. This pepper spray includes CN tear gas and UV dyes. So, it is a prohibited pepper spray in some states. The canister of this pepper spray contains fewer bursts because it is smaller in size. It will cost you around 20 dollars to buy.


  • Smaller in size
  • Keychain and easy to keep in pockets
  • UV dyes leave marks on the attacker
  • CN tear gas is powerful


  • Fewer bursts
  • Bit costly compared to fewer bursts
  • CN and UV is prohibited in many states

The Bottom Lines

Pepper spray is a life-saving defensive tool. You can keep yourself out of trouble from street thugs, robbers, malicious persons, or animals with a small canister of pepper spray. But putting restrictions is necessary as people could use this to harm others. We recommend you buy pepper spray and keep it always with you. You never know what awaits you. As you know now that you can buy pepper spray at Walmart, know the state’s laws and buy it right away. I hope now you know can you buy pepper spray at Walmart or not.

Frequently Asked Question:

1.Can I Buy  Pepper Spray Over  The  Counter?

Ans: Pepper spray can be purchased over the counter in all states. In most states, pepper spray must be purchased from a licensed firearms dealer or a specialty store that sells security and safety devices. 

2.Can Civilians Buy  Pepper  Spray?

Ans: Pepper Spray can be purchased by anyone, anywhere. It’s a popular self-defense tool amongst women and is legal in most states with varying restrictions on sale and possession. 

3.Can You Legally Own  Pepper Spray?

Ans: Yes, handheld-sized canisters of pepper spray are legal for someone over the age of 18 to use in self-defense.

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