What Should I Pack For A Train Trip? Practical Guideline

Imagine a train trip. On a shiny summer day, you are on your vacation trip, sitting by the side of the open window, listening to your favorite song, watching the shiny day’s wonderful scenario, an open book in your hand, wind flipping your hair, sweet sound of the train whistle, how fancy it is!

So, what should I pack for a train trip? It will be one of the golden memories of your life.

But if you make a mistake in packing your luggage properly, it can become the worst trip of your life. That is why you need to pack the backpack with full concern. You have to carry some must-have things on a train trip. If you forget to pack, it could ruin your trip.

Here is the full list of 20 things that you should never forget to pack for a train trip-

What Should I Pack For A Train Trip

20 Things That You Should I Pack For A Train Trip

Train Ticket and Other Important Papers

Train ticket and other important papers

On a train trip, your ticket is a must. If you reserved it manually, keep your ticket in the front chamber of your backpack. If you reserved it online, save the documents on your phone. On an international train trip, keep your passport and visa at hand.

1. Safety Purse

Safety purse

Take a small purse with a safety lock to keep your money, important papers, and other valuable things. Try to keep it in the safest chamber of your bag.

2. Lightweight Luggage with Lock

Lightweight luggage with lock

Normally train trips long for 1hour to a couple of days. Try to keep handy lightweight luggage, it helps you to have fast and cozy get on-off. Always take luggage lock while having train trip. You can keep your luggage with you, but it is safer to keep your luggage locked in any situation.

3. Water Bottle

Water bottle

Water supply for drink is limited for each passenger on a train. Try to bring an extra drinking water bottle. It ensures you not only supply for the emergency but also having pure water.

4. Snacks and Dry Foods

Snacks and dry foods

Though every train keeps the meal arrangement, you should take some ready snacks with you. There is no option of buying food on a running train. Bringing snacks will work while you feel hungry. Nuts and dry fruits are good to share with a roommate and to pass the leisure time.

5. Clothesline

It is necessary if you travel with a tour mate. You can use it to make a short time curtail while sleeping. It gives you some privacy.

6. Scissor and Duct Tape

ClotheslineScissor and duct tape

Take a scissor and duct tape. It will help you in many ways. Sometimes old train has decay or broken problems. It might make noise. You can use your duct tape to fix problems for a while.

7. Trash Bag

Trash bag

Do not make the place dirty. Bring a trash bag and try to put all food wastage, packets, unnecessary papers in it. It will help you to keep your compartment clean.

8. Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizer

In this covid 19 situation, taking hand sanitizer is a must. Keep it by hand, and do not forget to use it before and after eating, using or touch anything. There will be hand soap in the toilet. But using those germy soaps will not be wise.

9. Wet Wipes

Wet wipes

After getting on, clean your seat, handles, tables with a wet wipe. It will clean both the unwanted stickiness and germs. Keeping wet wipes while traveling is a healthy habit.

10. Packing Cubes and Organizers

Packing cubes and organizers

As you take a light weighted bag, it is hard to put things in order. If you use packing cubes and organizers, it will help you keep things in place. It also helps you to find out things quickly in need.

11. Neck Pillow

Neck pillow

Do you ever feel neck pain after a train trip? A long time sitting makes you feel uneasy, and it causes neck pain. If you bring a handy neck pillow, it will assure you a comfortable and relax trip.

12. Silicone Earplugs

Silicone earplugs

In the daytime, train noise might not cause a problem at all. But in the night, it becomes louder. It may disturb your sleep. If you use silicone earplugs, it will free you from the problem.

13. Sleeping Eye Mask

Sleeping eye mask

If you share your train compartment with someone else or need a daytime nap, there is no substitute for an eye mask.

14. Slipper


Take a comfortable plastic slipper to wear on the train. It will ensure your comfort and keep your feet relax.

15. Comfortable Dress and Pajamas

Comfortable dress and pajamas

Wear cozy cloth on a trip. Take some easy-to-wear cloth in your bag pack and enjoy the trip without discomfort. Take a set of pajamas for nightwear.

16. Power Bank

Power bank

It is uncertain where will be the power socket located. What if it is away from your seat, or what if it is hard to access? Carrying a power bank gives you the safety to charge your device while they are running out of charge.

17. Portable WiFi Hotspot

Portable WiFi hotspot

Normally trains provide low-speed WiFi. Sometimes it may disconnect. Portable WiFi will help you to get rid of the inpatient situation.

18. Headphone


Do not forget to take your headphone. Open the window of the running train, watch the scenario, take the headphone on and play ‘old town road.’ Nothing is comparable to this.

19. Camera


If you pack everything else but forget your camera, your trip will remain half done. If you do not capture it, how can you share your experience with your friends! Take your camera, capture your valuable memories. Those photos take you back to the trip again and again.

Do not hassle while packing. Listed down all necessary things and pack in one by one. Start packing two days earlier if possible. Thus you can have time to buy necessary things which are not available at hand. Hopefully, you may enjoy your train trip.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Food Should I Bring On A Train Journey?
In creating this list I wanted foods that traveled well on a train as well as including the best snacks:
  • Quality Chocolate.
  • Cheese & Crackers.
  • Beef/Pork Jerky or Sticks.
  • Canned Tuna.
  • Bagels.

2. How Do You Survive A Long Train Ride?

How to Survive a Long Train Journey:
  1. Step 1: Charge Everything Before You Leave. I don’t know how many gadgets you’re going to be taking on this train journey.
  2. Step 2: Take Your Own Food.
  3. Step 3: Keep Your Plans to Hand.
  4. Step 4: Be Prepared to Sleep.
  5. Step 5: Entertain Yourself.

3. How Do You Make A Train Journey Interesting?

Check out our 5 great ideas for things to do on the train:
  1. Socialize. A great time to meet new friends and interesting people is when traveling with FlixTrain. …
  2. Play games with friends.
  3. Pop in your headphones.
  4. Watch a movie or series.
  5. Plan your trip.

4. What Should I Wear On A Train Ride?

What to wear on the train:
  • Plastic slippers or thongs. If you’re on a long train trip, you’re going to need a pair of shoes you can easily slip on to wear in common areas and to the bathroom.
  • Light cardigan or cotton scarf (summer).
  • Warm socks and a comfortable sweater you can sleep in (winter)

5. What Kind Of Luggage Can I Take On A Train?

When you travel with us, you can carry-on two free pieces of luggage. Each item should not exceed 50 lbs. (23 kg) and needs to be 28 x 22 x 14 inches in size.


I hope now you know what should I pack for a train trip.
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