Movies Like Maximum Overdrive [Best List To Watch]

The maximum overdrive movie is horrible, rough and suspicious which has surely given you enjoyment. If you want to spend your holidays watching your favorite movies, you can watch movies in the United States.

One of the main reasons for this is that in the United States, the content of the action, comedy, and horror shoot comes in the animated, hostage, blockade, supernatural, and responsible themes. Let’s get to the list of movies like Maximum Overdrive.

Maximum Overdrive Overview

Maximum Overdrive is a 1986 American science fiction horror comedy film written and directed by Stephen King. The film stars Emilio Estevez, Pat Hingle, Laura Harrington, and Yeardley Smith.

It was based on Stephen King’s short story “Trucks”, which was featured in the collection of short stories titled Night Shift (1978). The film’s storyline focuses on machines of different types becoming animated and murderous in the wake of a passing comet.

King has described the movie as “”a casserole””, made with elements from other films King had acquired, including his own Christine (1983). As he writes on his official website: “It was pieced together like a gory, violent quilt.”

The movie was released on June 28, 1986 to mixed reviews and grossed $21.3 million domestically with an estimated budget of $10 million. It has since become a cult classic despite many reviewers criticizing the film’s quality.

I will help you find similar movies to your favorite movie maximum overdrive. I have made a list that is like the movie Maximum Overdrive and you will definitely enjoy it.

Movies Like Maximum Overdrive

5 Movies Like Maximum Overdrive

1. Cooties

1. Cooties

If you are looking for an action and horror movie then cooties movie comes first. Because the story of this film is full of horror as well as action and comedy.

The film first shows that a mysterious virus has spread to an isolated school. School children are infected with a terrible germ and a horrible environment is created all around. And save everyone by risking the lives of the heroes and give the teachers a rough lead.

Genres: Action, horror and comedy

2. Hatchet lll

2. Hatchet lll

I am sure if you are attracted to horror movies then hatchet lll movie is going to be added to your favorites list very soon. This movie is just as horrible as it is full of mystery. While watching this movie, you may feel like you are in a trance.

This movie will show a wetland known as the haunted wetland. A long time ago, a wetland was turned into a haunted place by the curse of a man named Marybeth Voodoo. But many people have tried to end the person’s curse because there are valuable things in the swamp.

But they fail and many lives are lost. But after many visitors some people find the secret of ending the curse. That curse had haunted Victor Crowley haunting and terrorizing Honey Island Swamp for decades.

The film shows a search and rescue team descending into the swamp to retrieve the precious pieces and try to recover them.

Genres: Action, horror and comedy

3. The Toxic Avenger part ll

3. The Toxic Avenger part ll

This movie shows a mysterious story. This movie shows that a handsome boy at a young age is known as Toxic Avenger. The main purpose of the boy’s life is to find his exiled father.

Toxic Avenger is tricked by a trip to Tokyo in search of his expatriate father. The film shows that Tromaville is exposed through a devil corporation for complete domination.

Genres: Action, horror and comedy

4. Fright Night

4. Fright Night

This movie is a very scary and mysterious story. The film features a man named Charlie and the hero of the film. A new neighbor rises up in the house next to Charlie’s and his behavior seems different to Charlie. And Charlie once discovered that his neighbor was not a human but an ancient vampire.

He is worried that if that vampire survives, it will destroy all people. Charlie wants to save his neighbors from that creature. So he goes in search of the famous vampire killer Peter Vincent.

Because he is the only person who can save Charlie’s neighbor from the creatures. The film is full of mysterious stories and horror scripts. I hope you enjoy the movie.

Genres: Action, horror and comedy

5. Infestation

5. Infestation

If you are looking for an interesting, mysterious and terrifying movie like the movie Maximum Overdrive then infestation is one of them.

The film opens with a slacker who finds himself weak and powerless. And he finds himself wrapped up in a webbing after he regains consciousness.

And he can realize that there are huge alien insects on Earth and he could die at any moment. He discovers weak and powerless strangers like his who are completely helpless.

They realize that they have to fight every second to save their lives. To save their lives, they get together and fight with giant alien insects. If you like action movies then this might be one of your favorite movies.

Genres: Action, horror and comedy


Through this article I have tried to reach you with action and horror movies like maximum overdrive. I hope you enjoy these movies. Thank you!

 Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Was The Release Date Of Maximum Overdrive Movie?

Ans: The movie Maximum Overdrive was released on 12 August 1986.

2. Who Is The Director Of Maximum Overdrive?

Ans: The director of the movie Maximum Overdrive is Stephen King.

3. How Many Movies Did Emilio Estevez Do With Stephen King?

Ans: Emilio Estevez did only one movie with Stephen King, which was Maximum Overdrive.

4. What’s The Difference Between Maximum Overdrive And Trucks?

Ans: There isn’t any real difference between Maximum Overdrive and trucks. Both are the same movie, but Maximum Overdrive is just the international title.

5. Is There A Book For Maximum Overdrive?

Ans: There isn’t any published book for the movie Maximum Overdrive. The closest you can get would be the book, Christine. The same director made both movies Maximum Overdrive and Christine.

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