Miguel Angel Silvestre Biography [Real Name,Career,Early Life]

Season five of the Spanish show Money Heist is officially adding some new cast members to its original line. Miguel Angel Silvestre is one of them. In the fifth part, there was a revelation that Miguel Angel would introduce a new character by joining the Silvestre show.

Stay tuned for more data about this entertainer. Miguel Angel Silvestre The name utilizes the Spanish naming custom: the main male-centric family name is Silvestre and the second maternal family name is Rambla. His complete name is Miguel Angel Silvestre Rambla.

Miguel Angel Silvestre Rambler was born on April 6, 1982. He is a Spanish actor. He is best referred to for his role as Alberto Marquez in Velvet, as well as for Netflix’s original series Sense 8 and Narco’s Lito Rodríguez and Franklin Jurado, and for his role as El Duke on the Spanish television show Sin tetas no hay paraíso.

This Actor has won our hearts in multiple series like Star Velvet, Narcos, and many more. He sighed at the Spanish version of our best friend’s wedding on the big screen, starring Julia Roberts and Dermot mullroni in 1997.

Miguel Angel Silvestre Biography

Miguel Angel Silvestre Biography

Miguel Angel Silvestre Biography [Real Name,Career,Early Life]

Early life

Early life

Silvestre was conceived in Castellan de la Plana. Before his injury in the Hungarian tournament, he longed for becoming an expert tennis player and planned accordingly. Be that as it may, after the injury, his auntie introduced him to the universe of theater.

He decided to study physiotherapy until he submitted it to the world of theater. He examined dramatization, physical theater, modern move, and gymnastics before winning Mr. Castle 2002.

How Popular Miguel Angel Silvestre is

Let’s check the numbers. On his Facebook page, he has more than 3 million likes and counting. He is also followed by over 527,000 fans on Twitter where he tweets actively about his projects and social issues. And lastly, he can be found on Instagram sharing hilarious photos with his friends along with a good amount of shirtless selfies and pictures of him and his leading ladies.

Miguel Angel Silvestre’s Family

Miguel Angel is the son of Miguel Angle Silvestre Pérez, a retired footballer who played in lower division clubs in Salamanca and Majadahonda. His mother was a housewife, but currently she works as a teacher’s assistant at an English school in Madrid. He also has two younger siblings, a sister and a brother.

Movies And Tv Shows

Movies And Tv Shows

He starred in the 2002 Verdadero Oeste Theater. He then starred in the Porno Theater in 2003, written by Mario Fratti. In 2004, Paloma Pedrero wrote the play Noches de Amor efímero.

He has additionally shown up on TV in the comedy show Mis adorables vecinos. In 2005, he starred in the TV series Miguel Motivos Personales and played Javi in ​​the Spanish movie Vida y color and Yuri in A golpes. He played Daniel in La Distancia in 2006.

In 2006, he played the role of Nacho in the short film Dolly. In 2006 he played Roberto in Cuando Caen Los ídolos, Martín in Zhao, Marco / Roberto in Reflections, and Gas station attendant in Marco / Roberto. He also starred as El Duque in the 2006-2009 Spanish drama Sin tetas no hay paraíso.

In 2010, he played the role of Capitán in Alakrana. That same year, he played Giocondo in the movie La Trampa de la luz. In 2011, Verbo and Lo Mejor de Eva starred in the film. In 2012, he played Brinco in the comedy-drama Winning Streak and Todo es Silencio. Aída played the role of Actor.

In 2013, he played the role of Novio in the Spanish comedy film I’m So Excited and Luis in the romantic drama Scorpion in Love. He also starred as Alberto Márquez Navarro in the Spanish drama television series Velvet in 2013–2016. In 2015–2018, he starred as Lito Rodríguez in the Sense8 fiction drama web television series.

In 2016, Narcos played the recurring role of Franklin Jurado in the American crime drama television series. Also, this year he gave voice to a film. The name of the film is Ferdinand. It is an American computer-animated comedy-drama adventure film. In 2016, Miguel Angel Silvestre played the role of Manny in the American romantic comedy Ibiza.

In 2019, he played George’s role in the Mexican drama film La Boda de mi Mejor amigo. He also played the lead role of Pablo Ibar in the Spanish drama television miniseries En el Corredor de la Muerte this year. Alberto Márquez Navarro in the Spanish comedy-drama television series Velvet Colección. In 2020, it was reported that he joined the cast of La casa de Papel Season 5 of every an undisclosed role.

Miguel Angel Narcos

Miguel Angel Silvestre Narcos

Although Miguel Angel Silvestre has a small role in “Narcos”. Starring Franklin Jurado, the money launderer of the Sylvester Cartel, he won the public (and journalists) at the premiere of the third edition of the series in Bogot (Colombia) with his sympathy.

Pablo Escobar was an army man and made a lot of money. On the other hand, in the case of the Kali Cartel, one of their objectives was to open up many businesses and, at one stage, enabling them to create the legitimacy to leave a massive heist to their families.

He desired to make a lot of money and gain strength with them, “said Silvestre, who never lost his smile even after a few hours of sleep. Without it, they were less violent. They decide the score among themselves.

They said, “We solve our problems within ourselves, and we leave civilians behind.” They also differed in their origin, Pablo Escobar came from a low-income family, and they were already rich.

To amass this wealth, Franklin Jurado, an orphan, received the Kali Cartel when he saw that he had a mathematics gift. Originally Franklin Jurado was an expert in mathematics and received gifts for mathematics.

He became the accountant of Kali Cartel, who smuggled the most money on behalf of this organization. “I have some data about him yet I was unable to let him know,” Silvestre said. Franklin Jurado wanted to give back what the Cali cartel and his family had given him.

But they were Franklin Jurador’s only family. However, Franklin Jurado is involved with his wife, cocaine, and there is a paradox that whoever makes me rich will find the love of my life.

“One of the biggest challenges for an actor is learning to imitate the country’s accent,” “I talked to Norman for hours,” he joked. Wants to rely on me to explain, but one of the promises was to try to stay faithful to the way I speak.

What surprised me was finding a country that spoke my language very sophisticatedly and with so many synonyms … I valued this highly romantic and specific language even more”, Silvestre said.

Concerned about the stigma that could be created by showing the dark side of a country rich in natural and cultural resources, the actors always wondered how ordinary Colombians would take the series. There are wounds that can’t be recuperated. In any case, Colombians don’t prefer to discuss it.

Except for the reception of the series, none of the interpreters deny the drug dealers’ fascination. Every character in the series is complicated. You see the criminal context in this series, and it creates a particular empathy, and it has interesting aspects. All in all, the series was great.

Miguel Silvestre Novia

Miguel Angel Silvestre Novia

Silvestre broke the silence about his personal life after posting a photo on Instagram. He expresses “L&M” (M, for Miguel and L, for the lucky woman living in his heart). With this track, he wanted to make his romance public. Of course, he didn’t reveal his identity behind L’s first, but later, he did.

A strange message was enough for the social network in the girls’ comments, which were curious to know her new boyfriend. Some girls joked with names beginning with the letter L that they were the man of the mind by the artist. The last love affair the actress had with actress Blanca Surez. It is not yet clear whether L’s secretive young lady is similarly as lovely and renowned as Blanker.

Patricia Guerrado, a model who has captured the heart of Miguel Angel Silvestre. No doubt Al, that sounds lovely poop to me; it looks like Patricia Guerrado is the young lady in Silvestre’s heart.

The news seems to be that an arrow has hit the heart of one of our handsome heroes: Miguel Angel Silvestre. Since severing ties with co-star Albania Sagarar (not known as an official girlfriend), Casellen’s Actor has found his best half, like all his former partners (Blanca Suarez, Belen Lopez …). He is also studying psychology.

A magazine called Patricia Guirado, a lucky woman and recently met the ‘Duke’ on Madrid’s streets; they ate dinner together and shared confidence like any other couple. Patricia Guerrado is a beautiful redhead, blue eyes like the sky and a flawless look; she looks like a porcelain doll; she also succeeds in the ever tough challenges in fashion.

This young woman has a sculpted body and attractive beauty. Despite her youth, Patricia is a moonlit woman. She combines fashion with the study of psychology, as she explains on her Instagram profile, and she is also an actress.

Another bond with Miguel Angel – who is filming the finale of ‘Velvet’ and will soon be starring under Alex de la Iglesia ’30 Coins’. At the moment, Patricia Guarado has started strong acting as she has finished work on a series ‘You Can’t Hide’ from the American network Telemundo.

A few weeks ago, when Patricia shared with her followers that she was starting her first project as an actress, she released part of the series this month. Co-produced between Telemundo and Isla Audiovisual, the fiction provides two elements to win the hearts of the Spanish-speaking crowd worldwide, not just one region. The ambitious part of the movie is the Spanish part of bridging the gap between Latin and production.

Ivan Sanchez, a photographer and former war journalist who died, and Barbara Goenagao’s bodyguard, are the only ones who try to act like themselves. Until the end, Eduardo Noriga has given new life to the former policeman, which is one of his best moments.

Hopefully, Patricia Guerrado’s first movie will be very popular with the audience. Best wishes to Patricia Guerrado’s new movie and their unique relationship! Do you think Patricia Guerrado will be a steady woman at the heart of Miguel Angel Silvestre?

Net Worth

Net Worth

It’s been a few years for the Actor, but he has at least a few million dollars to alleviate his grief. Miguel Angel Sylvester, 38, beat the rundown of the main ten most generously paid actors on the planet with an expected income of $58 million for 2020. Miguel Angel Silvestre tops the annual list of highest-paid actors.

By 2018, it seemed that the Actor’s spectacular career might be floating away. Suddenly, he came to the top again with his qualifications. He accomplished a faltering $ 58 million between August 2019 and 2020. It is about $30 million higher than its nearest competitor.

In compiling this annual list, the magazine also considered advance pay, profit sharing, residues, support, and advertising work. The Spanish Actor has an expected absolute estimation of 185 million. She has acquired these assets for her fortune smart stock investment, holding enough assets, profitable approval with cover girl cosmetics.

He owns multiple restaurants in Madrid, has a football team, has launched his Broad Vodka, and is dealing with juniors.This ranking is significant for many Miguel Angel fans. This is excellent news for the individuals who were waiting for his triumph.

Miguel Angel Silvestre Height

Miguel Silvestre Novia

He was born in Silvestre with the birthmark of Aries. His father’s name was Miguel Angel Silvestre, and his mother’s name was Maria Lidon.

He is 36 years old. He has celebrated a total of 37 birthdays to date. Miguel is 180 cm tall and weighs 77 kg. Her complexion is pale, her hair is black, and her eyes are dark brown—his chest measures 42 inches, biceps 15 inches, and waist 32 inches.

Is He Married?

Is He Married

For his own life, Silvestre is known to have had a relationship with actress Belen Lopez from 2005 to 2010. At that point, he had a relationship with Blanca Suarez from 2011 to 2014, yet is as of now formally unmarried.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.How Old Is Miguel Angel Silvestre?

Ans: Miguel Angel Silvestre was born on December 29, 1979 in Madrid (Spain). That makes him 36 years old.

2.How Big Is Miguel Angel Silvestre?

Ans: Miguel Angel Silvestre stands 1.80 meters tall and weighs around 79 kilograms. His shoe size is unknown.

3.What Did Miguel Angel Silvestre Do In The 1980s?

Ans: According to Wikipedia, “Miguel Angel Silvestre started his acting career at the age of 13.” ( Source )

4.Did Miguel Angel Silvestre Win Any Awards?

Ans: Yes! He won a Goya Award in 2014 for ‘Best New Actor’ for his role in “A las once en casa” . ( Source )

5.Who Is Miguel Angel Silvestre Married To?

Ans: Miguel Angel Silvestre is married to Indian actress Tena Desae. ( Source )

Final Verdict

In 2004, he starred in Poloma Pedrero’s play Noches de Amor Apemero and My Adorable Neighbor. Subsequently, she starred in several films until 2006, when Miguel Angel became popular in the roles of Amiya Salamanca and Maria Castro in the previously mentioned series.

Currently, she is starring in the successful television series Velvet, including Paula Ichevaria. He has also acted in 5 seasons of Money Heist. After all, he has captured fans’ hearts as a popular Spanish actor through his sensitive acting. I hope now you know about Miguel Angel Silvestre Biography.

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