Where Is The Microphone On iPhone 11?

Nowadays, everybody has a smartphone. It is part and parcel of your daily life. Among smartphones, the iPhone is the most-craved device across the globe.

We love our devices and want to learn more about them. Many people wonder where is the Microphone on iPhone 11. Let’s scroll down to learn about the microphones and their locations.

Where Is The Microphone On iPhone 11

Where Is The Microphone On iPhone 11

There are three types of microphones in different locations of this device. They function differently as well.

Bottom Microphone

This Microphone is located at the bottom of the device. You can find it near the lightning charger port. This one is also known as the receiver microphone.

During a call, it receives your voice and helps to send. It is near your mouth so that it can receive your voice loud and clear. Nonetheless, all the microphones of the iPhone 11 contribute sound-recording.

Siri Microphone

This one is located near the ear speaker of the device. The function of it is to receive sound and help the voice recognition engine. It is believed that this Microphone helps the Siri protocol to a great extent. Siri is a virtual assistant protocol available in the iPhone 11

Back Camera Microphone

You must have guessed that this Microphone is located near the back cameras. When you create a video, it records a better quality sound. In this era of online videos, it is imperative to record good sound-quality videos. This Microphone helps in this process.

Issues with The Microphone Of iPhone 11

A microphone is essential for receiving sounds for phone calls, audio, and videos. Vloggers and video content creators prefer a clear and constant sound quality. We have experimented with the sound quality of a video recorded with the iPhone 11. And we have found some issues.

Issue When Recording A Video With iPhone 11

We record a video with the back camera lenses of the iPhone11 and notice that the sound is not constant. When we change between the camera lenses, the sound becomes deeper or lighter. This issue can disturb your audience.

But there is a solution that can minimize this issue. Go to the settings and camera. Then you have to turn off the ‘record stereo sound’ option. Now, if you record a video, you would notice fewer ups and downs of the sound.

Sending Sound

One of the most important functions of a microphone is to send the voice during phone calls. But sometimes, it can send defective and unclear sounds. This can happen because of the dirt blocking the Microphone.

Over time, it is not that difficult for our microphones to be blocked with dirt. While carrying the device in our pocket, it can catch dirt. So, we have to clean the holes. We can clean it by spraying compact/pressurized air into the hole. It drives away the dirt.

Noise Issue

This is one of the most reported issues. Many people record videos and blame the Microphone for making too many noises. But this problem can happen for a device setting.

So, you have to turn on the noise cancellation option. Go to settings and general. Then tap on accessibility. You can find the noise cancellation option right there. Turn it on, and you are good to go.

Background Apps

Sometimes, too many background apps cause issues with the Microphone. So, close them and restart your device. After that, the problem might be solved. 

How To Connect External Microphone On iPhone 11?

iPhone 11 records good quality audio. Again, it can record good sound-quality videos. Yet, in this era of online video content, creators expect more. So, they desire to connect external microphones. Since this device has no earphone-input jack, they face troubles. 

The good news is that you can input external microphones into your device. There are microphones that you can connect through your lightning charger port directly.

The names of some are MV88, Rode VideoMic Me-L, etc. There is another way. You can buy a microphone adaptor that you can put into the lightning charger port. Then, you can connect your Microphone with the adaptor.

An Issue With Microphone Adapter

Many people face problems after buying an adapter for a microphone. It does not work on their iPhone 11. Many adapters are not compatible with this device. So, check it before you buy it. The good news is that MFI certified adapters work well with your iPhone 11. So, try one of those.

What Does It Take To Make A Good Microphone?

It is very hard to answer this question as there are literally thousands of factors that can affect the quality of sound recording.

However, the main things that depict the quality of sound in any device are:

A large range of operating frequencies; Signal-to-noise ratio (SNk); Distortion factor.

The range of operating frequencies is an important parameter that mostly defines how well a device can record sounds from quiet to loud to very loud.

People usually don’t notice good sound recording in a microphone unless the performer sings really loudly. And the microphone has to be able to record such high-intensity sounds without distorting them.

The Signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) is a very important parameter as well. In fact, this metric determines the quality of sound recording in any device much more accurately than the others do.

The thing is that this parameter shows how much background noise there is in a recorded signal. If a microphone has a high SNR, it shows that the recorded signal is close to noise-free (i.e., there is almost no background noise at all).

The Bottom Lines

Now you know where is the Microphone on iPhone 11. The microphones are planted expertly so that they function the work better. There are some issues with the microphones. But they are nothing major.

Furthermore, you can connect external microphones to create better audio or videos. Better sound quality can help you with your video content, online Viva, or conferences. We also recommend external microphones if you are a music composer.

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