How To Measure Suitcase Wheels? [All You Need To Know]

With the invention of modern technologies, the world has become much smaller. After the invention of wheels and wings, we can travel faster from one place to another. We can go from one end to another end of the world within hours. It was unthinkable even a century ago.

Now it is possible like bright daylight. Over time, the invention of science and technology has improved our lives. We can do our daily tasks with ease and comfort. Nowadays, we travel to distant places for our works or pleasure. Traveling is a passion for many people. They travel for seeing the unseen, to know the unknown. While we travel, we need to take many necessary things with us. To carry our things, a suitcase is a must.

Here in this article, we will talk about your suitcase and Air travel. There are many things that you must obey before you can get onboard an Airplane. The weight and size measurement of your suitcase is a must procedure before you can get a green light for flying on an Airplane.

Do you know how to measure the weight of your suitcase? Do you know how can you measure the linear size of your suitcase? Continue reading. You will get all the answers. Here we will walk you through these processes and share some important tips regarding your suitcase. Again, some people ask the question, how to measure suitcase wheels? We will enlighten you with the answer below and try to find the usefulness of this particular answer.

How to Measure Suitcase Wheels

How to Measure Suitcase Wheels?

How to Measure Suitcase Wheels1

This one is a strange question. Many people may wonder why on earth someone needs to measure suitcase wheels. But we can tell you that, sometimes, you need to measure suitcase wheels. Suppose, one of your suitcase wheels is broken. Now your suitcase is somewhat useless. You are thinking to throw it away. Wait, you can easily repair the suitcase wheel. Remember the question?

Yes, the answer comes into play here. If you know the measurement of your suitcase wheels, you can easily repair it and revive your suitcase. We guess now you know why you need to measure your suitcase wheels. Now the question remains, how to measure it? You can measure your suitcase wheels in two ways. Check those out below.

  • First, you can use a flexible measuring tape to measure the wheels. You do not necessarily need to measure all the wheels. Because all the wheels are of the same size in a suitcase. It is a matter of common sense. Run the measuring tape through the middle of the wheel so that it can cover the entire diameter. In this way, you can measure the suitcase wheels.
  • If you follow this step, the above step is not necessary. You do not need to measure the wheels if you learn the measure. You can contact your suitcase brand to learn the measure of the wheels. Furthermore, you can google it. If you are lucky, the exact size of the wheels will be in front of you in seconds.

The exact size of the wheel is very essential. If you alter it with the wrong size, the suitcase might not roll along the ground. In the next section, we will quickly discuss the steps of repairing the suitcase wheels. After that, we will move to the next questions.

3 Ways to Replace Luggage Wheels

Most of us have experienced the inconvenience and expense of having to replace a broken wheel on our luggage.

With just a few tools, you may be able to repair your own suitcase wheels and save yourself the time and money it would take for an expensive trip to the luggage store! Read on for some helpful tips on how to repair your own luggage.

  1. Remove the Broken Wheel

Use a screwdriver to unscrew the wheel from the rest of the suitcase, or use pliers to “pop” off plastic wheels by wedging them between two flat surfaces and then twisting back and forth until it snaps off (for metal wheels, you may need to drill out the rivets and leave the wheel in place).

  1. Inspect the Wheel’s Condition

If you are trying to save money by doing repairs yourself, check your suitcase for any other damage it may have before starting the project! If the area around where the wheel attaches is damaged (see photo above), consider buying a new suitcase since there is no way to repair this damage.

  1. Attach an Extension to the Metal Frame of the Wheel Assembly

You will need access to a metal bar, either with one end that can be attached or with two ends that are slightly curved (see photo above). The attachment should be glued onto the wheel itself for maximum security.

How To Repair Suitcase Wheels?

How to Repair Suitcase Wheels

It is a simple process. The days of throwing your suitcases away are over. Repair them with a minimal cost and save a whole lot of pennies. To get started with the repairing process, you need some tools. The tools are screws, screwdriver, clip, bolt, and replacement wheel. Now follow the steps below to do the repairwork.

  • First, clan your damaged wheel properly. Look for debris and things like hairs spinning around the wheel-core. They can stop your wheels from rolling along the ground. Clean them properly and if you are lucky, your wheels are good to roll.
  • Choose the rightsize wheels. Measure the size of the wheels of your suitcase and purchase the suitable one. You can search online or contact the manufacturers of the wheels.
  • For the repair work, place the suitcase in that position where you can comfortably work with the damaged wheel.
  • Maybe the wheel is attached to the suitcase with screws and a center clip to roll. Use your screwdriver to remove the screws. Keep the screws for use again if they are not damaged. Though you should find new screws with the new wheels.
  • After removing the screws, the only thing that keeps the wheel attached to the suitcase is a center clip. Remove the clip out from the center hole of the wheel and the wheel-attaching suitcase holes. You can use the clip again if it is not damaged.
  • Now use the new wheel. Put bolts on both sides of the wheel hole. Then run the clip through the suitcase and wheel holes. Now the new wheel is attached to the suitcase with this clip.
  • Now screw the wheel back with the suitcase. Roll it back and forth to check if it is alright. So that is it. The wheel of your suitcase is now replaced.

Please note that the right-size wheel is essential. If you find it too hard to do the repair work, you can fix it by taking it to the repair store. You may find a repair store around the corner of your street. Moreover, you can contact the suitcase manufacturers to get more information about the repair work. Your wheel can be damaged by being overweight.

So, avoid overpacking your suitcase. Roll the wheels only on smooth paths to avoid further wheel issues. We hope, now you understand the necessity of knowing the measurement of Suitcase Wheels. Do you know how to measure the weight of a suitcase? Look below and get the answer.

How to Measure the Weight of Suitcase?

How to Measure the Weight of Suitcase

You may wonder, why you should measure the weight of a suitcase. Seems unnecessary, right? Measuring the weight of your suitcase is a must if you are an Air traveler. There are lots of rules and regulations before you can get permission to get onboard an Airplane. Every airline in the world puts some conditions on your suitcase.

The TSA agents check the weight of your suitcase to determine if it is overweight or not. If your suitcase is overweight, you have to pay extra money or throw your stuff out. So, it is mighty necessary to weigh your suitcase before you go to the Airport. It saves you time and trouble too. So, back to the question now. You can measure the weight of your suitcase by two processes. With a handheld hanging scale and with a common standing scale. Let’s learn it below.

  • You can measure the weight of your suitcase using a common standing scale. We use this very scale to weigh ourselves. Now, you may find it difficult to place your suitcase on the scale. Because, it is maybe wider to stand only on the scale without touching the ground, or it may roll down from the scale.
  • But the measuring technique is simple. First, you have to weigh yourself holding and lifting the suitcase in your hand. Then, weigh yourself again, but this time without the suitcase. Already got it, right? The difference between the two weights is the weight of your suitcase.
  • You can purchase a handheld hanging scale to measure your suitcase easily. Hang the suitcase with the scale and lift it above the surface. You can see the weight of your suitcase right on the screen of this machine.

Now you know the weight of your suitcase. Do check the conditions given by the Airline you want to fly with. Always check the Airline’s official website to get the latest news. Know the maximum allowed weight and obey it. Please note that the weight of your suitcase means the weight of your suitcase after you pack it with stuff. Maintaining the conditions might keep you away from any troubles.

Feeling relaxed? There are some more conditions regarding your suitcase. Airlines around the world put conditions on the size of a suitcase you can carry. Do you know how to measure the size of a suitcase? The answer to this question is given below.

How to Measure a Suitcase?

How to Measure a Suitcase

After the events of 9/11, the tragedy of the world trade center, the aviation authorities around the world put a lot of restrictions on Air traveling. There are restrictions on the size of your suitcase that you can carry while Air traveling. This allowed size may vary from Airline to Airline. Do check the website of the Airline you are traveling with to know the allowed size of your suitcase. You can measure the size of your suitcase by following the processes below.

  • You have to measure the suitcase after you have done loading. There may be some extendable parts. First, extend them at full-lengths and then start your measuring. Because the TSA will extend all parts and then measure them at the Airport.
  • You do not have to measure the size of it if you buy a carry-on compliant suitcase. Carry-on baggage is such a kind of baggage that you can take with you inside an Airplane. Before you purchase a suitcase, try finding out if that is carry-on compliant or not. You may find this information on the suitcase brands’ website.
  • Measuring the size of your suitcase is the best solution. Because the suitcase brand could give you the wrong information about the size of it.
  • Airlines determine the size by measuring the total linear inches or centimeters. So, you have to measure the total linear of your suitcase.
  • Measure the height, width, and depth of your suitcase. To get the height, run your measuring tape from bottom to top. You have to measure it including your wheels and extended handle.
  • To measure the depth, run the tape from the back of your suitcase to the front side.
  • To measure the width, lay your suitcase on the ground so that it faces you (not standing on the wheels). Now run the tape across one side to another (do not measure the height side). You have to include if there is any side handle.
  • After measuring height, width, and depth, sum up the numbers and make a total. This total is your linear measurement or the size measurement of your suitcase.

We hope, now you know the size-measuring process. Pack your stuff up and measure the size of your suitcase. This will save you valuable time and trouble at the Airport. Please maintain the rules and regulations to ensure safety for you and all passengers.

The Bottom Lines

A suitcase is our integral travel companion. It is necessary to know the measurement process of suitcase wheels, should we need to repair it. It is more necessary to know the weight and size of your loadedsuitcase before you travel with an Airplane. It will keep away any troubles regarding the Airlines’ conditions on your suitcase. Maintain the safety rules and keep everybody safe.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How Do You Measure A Suitcase Wheel?
A: To measure your bag, place it upright with the wheels (if it has them) on the bottom and the extension handle on top, but don’t extend it. Measure from the bottom of the wheels up to the tallest part, which is likely to be the handle.
Q. Do You Include The Wheels When Measuring Checked Luggage?
A: Yes, you do. Always include wheels and handles in your measurements. Some luggage brands don’t include wheels and handles in their product dimensions. However, at many airports, you are required to place your bags into a box that fits the correct dimensions for travel.
Q: What Size Is A 62 Inch Suitcase?
A: Linear inches simply means adding the height, width, and depth together. Here is an example of a 62 inch bag. This AmazonBasics suitcase is 30.9 x 17.5 x 12.9 inches including the wheels. If you add those three numbers together you get 61.3 inches.
Q: Do Spinner Wheels Break Easily?
A: Spinner luggage is more susceptible to breakage because the wheels move in different directions. This is especially true when you’re rolling over uneven surfaces like cobblestone.
The wheels on upright luggage, on the other hand, tend to be more durable because they don’t move around as much.
Q: What Are Spinning Rims Called?
A: Spinning rims, also called spinners, are custom wheels for your car, pickup, van or sports utility vehicle (SUV). Spinning rims set themselves apart from other custom wheels in that the rim spins even when the car is temporarily at rest.

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