How To Measure Handbag Size [Effective Tips]

There was a time when people used to consider themselves smart just by wearing beautiful clothes. But now time changed. Now you have to ensure that you are completely dressed up, You have to ensure the smartest gadgets and, most importantly, carry them in a very appropriate way.

That’s why now it’s the perfect time to talk about how you should measure your handbag size. Once, handbags were just like another thing in their daily life. But now, smart people mean smart handbag. If you are carrying a normal handbag, then you will look weird. Most importantly, if you buy the perfect size handbag for you, you won’t pick your things on it. So before you know the measurement technique, we will give a slight idea about why it is important to know.

How To Measure Handbag Size

Reasons for Knowing the Measurement Technique

Reasons for knowing the measurement techn

  1. For picking the perfect size– Let’s talk about a situation. You went to a shop and bought a handbag but when you came home and tried to carry something you realized you couldn’t carry them all. Do you know why that happened? That happened because you didn’t know how to measure a handbag. If you knew, then you could have been buying the accurate one for you.
  2. To look smart:You might be thinking, how is it related? Yes, it’s very related. If you own a bold personality and carry a bag that doesn’t suit you, you will look funny. As we said earlier, time changed. You have to satisfy the demand of time.
  3. For enough comfort– Comfort doesn’t depend on your dress-up. It also depends a lot on your handbag. If you have to carry a gadget in your hand just because you don’t have enough space in your handbag, then it’s a matter of sorry for you. So to ensure your comfort, you should buy the perfect size.

These are the very common reasons. As we have to focus on the techniques of measuring handbag so moving on to that.

Techniques of Measuring Handbag

Techniques of measuring handbag

  1. The smallest one– these kinds of handbags are usually found in people hands who want to carry only a few things with them. Or you can say, who has to carry a single gadget and one or two cosmetic products. So how can you realize that it’s a small handbag? If the handbag is about 5-13 inches, you can consider it a small handbag. Sometimes you can’t measure how many inches it is. So for that thing, you can put your gadget and few things on it. Thus you will realize the exact size of it.
  2. The middle one:If you think you have to carry some extra things, apart from a gadget and few cosmetics, then it’s for you. But yes, these kinds of bags are tough to find because people usually buy them regularly. So what is the exact measurement? The middle kind of handbags will be approximately 14-16 inches.
  3. The largest one:Here we come with the very last option for you. If you are someone who used to travel a lot and have to carry many things along with you, it’s always better to buy the largest handbag. If you have kids and are also a working woman, you should select this one. Do you want to know the measurement? The thing is, this kind of bag usually is about 17-20 inches. For ensuring you can try to put few gadgets your cosmetics products and some other things according to your needs. In that way, you can be assured about the fact.

That’s all about the techniques of measuring the handbag size. If you follow these techniques, then you won’t have to face any unwanted situations.

How to Measure a Handbag Length

The length of a handbag can tell you a lot about the style and how it will fit under different circumstances. It’s also something you should pay attention to when you’re buying a new bag. First, let’s talk about the measurements for a handbag – it’s not as easy as measuring from handle to handle or across both handles. We need to know which end of the bag we should be checking the length on!

All you have to do is find where the top of your purse starts. This is where the flap or “lip” meets up with the body of your bag. The length is measured from this point to the base of your purse, which can be anywhere depending on what type of handbag you’re looking for (messenger vs. shoulder vs. top handle). To measure across both handles: From one end of the handle to the other. To measure from handle to handle: From one end of your strap across both handles and onto the other side.

How to Measure Width of a Bag

In order to find out how wide your bag is you need to measure from the outside edge of one side seam of your shoulder bag or from the outer edge of a purse’s top flap.  It’ll be less confusing if you choose a consistent measurement point so decide whether you want to use the width across from top-clip to bottom-clip or width of the vertical side seam and stick with that.

When measuring the width your bag is widest across from top-clip to bottom-clip, you’ll need to add about 3 inches (7,5cm) to allow for the frame of the bagWhen measuring width according to side seam or purse’s flap, you’ll need to add about 1, 5 inches (4cm) to allow for the depth of the bag’s design. Again, it’ll be easier to simply stick with only one way to measure the width.

Frequently Asked Questions:

We know it’s tough to make you know about every single fact of this issue. That’s why we always keep this section for ensuring the fact that you know everything. So here we go-

1.What Are The Dimensions Of A Handbag?

Ans: Handbags are not something that came from out of the world. So their measurement policy is also almost the same. For measuring a handbag, you have to check the length of the bag. If it meets your demand, then check the Width and finally go for the Height. That’s it.

2.What Is Considered A Small Bag?

Ans: A small bag is a kind of bag where you can pack only your gadget and one or two cosmetics. This kind of bag is smart and easy to carry. That’s the best thing about a small bag. But the problem is that you can’t carry a lot of things on it.

3.What Is The Best Size Purse? 

Ans: The best one depends on your personality. So we can’t say which one is the perfect one for you. But from a neutral point of view, if a bag is about 5-7 inches, you can consider it the best size purse.

4.Can A Purse Be Too Big?

Ans: If you search a bit, then you will find a lot of big-size purses. But the issue is, it’s not a smart idea to buy a big purse. You have to carry those in your hand, so if it’s heavy, you will face problems. So that’s why we always suggest not buying the big ones.

5.Can I Take A Purse And Backpack On A Plane?

Ans: If we check the airline’s law, we see that purses and backpacks are considered personal items. But there is an issue. If your purse is big, then it will be an issue. The authority might not allow you to carry it with you. So from that point of view, it’s always better to carry a small bag.

6.Is 28-inch Luggage Considered Oversized?

Ans: If it is exactly 28inch, then it’s not an issue at all. So, in short, no one will consider your 28inch bag as an oversized one.

7.How Do You Fit Everything In A Small Purse?

Ans: Just make sure you pick up those things which are small in size. Then try to carry only one gadget and if you are planning to carry cosmetics, then make sure you are picking the most important one. If it’s possible for you then carry another purse also. Thus you will carry everything you want. Done with the answers. Still, if you think anything more you want to know, then contact us. We will try to answer those in our further articles.

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