Why Did Mark Wahlberg Kill Matt Damon

The Departed is a 2006 American crime thriller movie, coordinated by Martin Scorsi and composed by William Manohan. This is a remake of the 2002 Hong Kong film Hell. Including Best Picture, It won four Academy Awards.

An energizing action thriller with an All-Star cast is probably the greatest hit in the cinema world. The late stars Mark Wahlberg, Leonardo DiCaprio, Jack Nicholson, and Matt Damon, near to Martin Shane, Ray Winston, Vera Farmiga, and Alec Baldwin, maintain occupations. So, why did mark Wahlberg kill matt damon?

The Departed was a fundamental and business accomplishment and won a couple of praises, including four Oscars at the 69th Academy Awards for Best Picture, Best Director, Best Film Editing and Best Adaptive Screenplay. Scorsese only wins for Best Director; Wahlberg is the best supporting actor.

Why Did Mark Wahlberg Kill Matt Damon

The Movies Main Cast

  • Leonardo DiCaprio (Billy Costigan)
  • Mark Wahlberg (Staff Sgt. Sean Dignam)
  • Matt Damon (Colin Sullivan)
  • Martin Sheen (Captain Queenan)
  • Jack Nicholson (Frank Costello)
  • Vera Farmiga (Madolyn Madden)
  • Alec Baldwin (Captain Ellerby)

The Main Reason Of “Why Did Mark Wahlberg Kill Matt Damon”

The Main Reason Of Why Did Mark Wahlberg Kill Matt Damon

The Departed is set in Boston. Colin Sullivan (played by Matt Damon) is the performer of Irish American boss Frank Costello (Jack Nicholson), and she joined the state police power as sesame for Costello.

Billy Costigan (Leonardo DiCaprio) hired a policeman who selected him as Captain Quinan (Martin Shin) and Staff Sergeant. Shawn Dignam (Mark Wahlberg) was recruited as a secret official, known distinctly to them, to penetrate Costello’s association.

Sullivan and Costigan both have associations with police specialist Madeleine Madden (Vera Farmiga). As each company became aware that it had infiltrated, Sullivan and Costigan tried to prevent them from finding their similarities to determine the sesame’s identity.

They are involved in a game of cat and mouse, each often within one hair’s width to discover the other. In the wake of taking an additional turn, it arose that Costello was likewise a FBI source.

After learning of the issue, Sullivan murders Costello. Costigan at that point attempted to surrender his mystery job, uncovering himself to Sullivan, yet he found that Sullivan was Costello’s sesame.

A second dirty cop kills Costigan at the peak of violence, and Sullivan kills that cop and leaves them free. He got back to his home, just to be assaulted and killed by Dignam.

Mark Wahlberg killed Matt Damon because he realized Matt Damon was working with Frank, and he killed all the cops. Just as Matt Damon killed them for revenge with Wahlberg when he took charge, so did Mark Wahlberg kill Damon for revenge.

The real guess is that Wahlberg found out about Damon’s betrayal from an envelope given to Daman’s doctor friend Vera Farmiga. It could also be revenge, but Wahlberg knew there were rats when Damon killed them.

Let’s Talk About That Ending Of The Movie

DiCaprio is a lingerie officer in Boston and plays a rat inside Nicholson’s Frank Costello’s inner circle. In a similar situation, Damon plays Colin Sullivan, Frank’s sesame, in Boston’s Special Investigation Unit. Both men infiltrate their enemy organization.

After an all-out blood bath where almost everyone in the film died, Sullivan was with his ex-girlfriend Dr. Madeline Madden, starring in the fantastic Vera Farmiga.

We last saw Madeline when she found out that her perfect boyfriend Sullivan was a good rat and an extra dirty cop. Also, she is pregnant with Sullivan or Castigan’s baby.

At the end of Costigan’s funeral, Sullivan called Madeline and asked, “What will happen to the baby?” A common trope that was used as a symbol of starting life anew. In the next shot, Sullivan is shot and killed by Sergeant Sean Dignam (Mark Wahlberg).

Now the question is, did Madeline tell Dignam the truth about Sullivan? And did you start the journey at any moment with this massive truth bomb? Or did Dignum kill Sullivan by acting alone because he had all the suspicions with him?

Madeleine told Dignam about the final act of love for Costigan. The scene’s reluctance after Costigan’s funeral has something to say, but then again, it may be time for Scorsese to manipulate.

Popularity of the Departed Movie

Popularity of the Departed Movie

The Departed is one of those rare movies that I would go see again in a theater if I could! Consider this paragraph high praise coming from someone who sat through Slumdog Millionaire again!

If you have seen the movie in a theater, go see it again. If you have not seen it yet but plan to, go see it now before Hollywood starts releasing the DVDs and taking over with their hype machine.

Trust me, I can hardly wait for December when Australia releases their version of this brilliant film from down under called, “The Proposition.”

 Frequently Asked Questions

1.How Are Mark Wahlberg And Matt Damon Related?

Ans: Mark Wahlberg’s sister is married to actor Ben Affleck which makes Matt Damon his brother-in-law.

2.How Are Matt Damon And Ben Affleck Related?

Ans: Matt Damon was the best man at Ben Affleck’s wedding to Jennifer Garner, which makes him his brother-in-law by marriage.

3.Why Do People Like The Departed So Much?

Ans: The Departed has received great reviews from critics and viewers alike. It’s already won Best Picture at the Golden Globes, an award usually given to a movie with mass appeal such as “Crash” and “Titanic.”

4.Why Was Mark Wahlberg The Smarter Rat In The Departed?

Ans: In the Departed, Matt Damon’s character of Billy Costigan wants to be a rat and rise up through the ranks of the mob. In reality, Mark Wahlberg’s character of Donnie was the smart rat who ratted out his boss knowing that he would be accepted into the police department.

5.What Was The Movie Mark Wahlberg Was In?

Ans: Mark Wahlberg was in the blockbuster movie, The Departed, which also stars Matt Damon and Jack Nicholson. He was nominated for a 2005 MTV Movie Award as Best Breakthrough Performance for his role in this movie.

6.What Did Mark Wahlberg Go To Jail For?

Ans: Mark Wahlberg went to jail for 45 days in 1987 after being convicted of assault. He was arrested during a fight outside his high school after he hit a Vietnamese man after being harassed, according to his attorney.

Final Verdict

In this version, the original movie is a Japanese one (I don’t think so, I think so), but the film is called Infernal Affairs. Although I liked the end of the exit. (why did mark Wahlberg kill Matt Damon) because of this part I like this movie more. I’ve even seen it before it even came up in theaters.

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